Happy Mother’s Day to Aunt: 125+ Messages that Your Aunt Love

Throughout our life, most importantly during our childhood, we have enjoyed the love and care of the two most important women, our mother and our aunt.

Celebrate the love of your aunt by sending her some warm greetings on this special mother’s day to make her feel special.

The role of a mother can never be replaced, but with the love that your aunt has spent all these years, you have to appreciate her. Here are some of the best and perfect happy mother’s day aunt messages.

happy mother’s day to aunt Messages

May the blessings of the Lord fill your life with abundant happiness and joy. Happy Mother’s day to my favorite aunt.

Here I am sending you lots of hugs and kisses, which you make you feel special on this special day. Happy Mother’s day, aunt.

Sending you my warmest greetings and love to my beautiful aunt. Thank you for making my childhood great and awesome.

My childhood would have been a boring one without you in it. Sending you my love and special wishes to you from my heart.

You have added so much love and excitement to my life. I will be eternally grateful for your unbounded love. Thank you so much. Happiest Mother’s day wishes to you, auntie.

If there is anyone whom I can trust with all my heart after my mother, it has to be you, aunty. I am honored to be your nephew, and God has been so kind. Happy Mother’s day, aunt.

I want to send you my warmest wishes to you on this special mother’s day because you deserve that honor. Happy Mother’s day, wishes aunt.

You are one of my favorite aunts who doesn’t scold me and gives me my favorite chocolate whenever we meet. That’s what makes our bond more special. Happy Mother’s day to you, dear auntie.

Dear aunt, you are one of the most special people that God has blessed me with. Happy Mother’s day to my amazing aunt.

Whenever we talk, there is so much positivity and calmness. Talking to you gives me a different kind of relief and calmness. Happiest Mother’s day wishes to you, aunt.

You are such a jolly person who is so much special to me. You bring so much positivity into everyone’s life. Thank you for being so awesome. Happiest Mother’s day greetings.

May this day of yours be filled with lots of fun, excitement, and special moments to make your day perfect. Happy Mother’s day, dear auntie.

I have an aunt in you and one of my dearest friends with whom I can share everything without the fear of being judged. Happy Mother’s day, auntie.

One of the greatest gifts that God has blessed me with is you. Happy Mother’s Day, auntie. May God bless you with his best blessings.

It is beyond your imagination to understand how much I love you. Happy Mother’s Day, auntie. You have made our life so perfect and beautiful.

I hope that this mother’s day brings you lots of smiles and serenity, auntie. May you celebrate this day in a special way. Happy Mother’s Day to you.

I hope this special day is as cool as your personality. I love you, my dear auntie. Sending you my lovely wishes on this special day.

Dear aunt, I think I am one of the most fortunate people in the world to have got such a coolest aunt like you. Wishing you a very happy mother’s day.

You have always cared for me like my mother, auntie. You have always given me the best love and pampered me like your child. Thank you so much. Happy mother’s day wishes.

Thank you, aunt, for being so wonderful. I can’t explain how much you have supported me and showered me with your unconditional love. Wishing you a very happy mother’s day.

Dear aunt, thank you for being so encouraging and motivating in your life. You have been my greatest supporter. Happy mother’s day to you.

Dear aunt, you have always taken the best care whenever my mum was out of town. I still remember the games and pranks that we used to play. Those days were amazing. Happiest mother’s day to you.

Though I am not your daughter, you have always cared for me best. Wishing a very happy mother’s day to my incredible aunt.

Dearest aunt, you always remind me of my mother. Thank you for your care, affection, and love. Sending my warm greetings to you this mother’s day.

 You have been my favorite aunt since childhood because you are phenomenal. The real meaning of confidence I got is from you. Thank you for being yourself, and wishing you a very happy mother’s day.

I still remember how you stood by my side during difficult times, just like my mother. I think you are fantastic. Lots of love and kisses on the way with a sweet happy mother’s day message.

I want to gift you all goodness and smiles on this very special mother’s day. Thank you for being my pillar system and my guiding light. Happy mother’s day to you, aunt.

You are a special aunt of mine who has added so much fun and beautiful memories to my childhood. Here is sending you a warm wish this mother’s day to you.

You are exactly like my mom, who is always there for me no matter my situation. Keep loving me the same way, and happy mother’s day to you, my dearest aunt.

With all my heart filled with emotions and memories, I want to wish you a very happy mother’s day to you, aunty. 

You have been a marvelous aunt of mine. My friends are always jealous of me for having the world’s best aunt. I hope your mother’s day is as special as my mother’s. Love you, auntie.

Happy mother’s day to one of my charming aunty. You have got all the qualities that one needs to be perfect. You are very special to our family. God bless you, aunty.

Happy mother’s day to the fabulous aunt of my life. Thank you for being so special and innocent. Your niece loves you a lot.

You are one of the most important parts of our family. Your love and care for my sister and me are unimaginable. You deserve to celebrate this mother’s day in your favorite way. Happy Mother’s day to you.

I admire your love, aunty. You have got it all by listening to my every problem with so much attention, providing me with all the best solutions, and saving me from my mom’s scolding. Stay the same always. Happiest mother’s day wishes.

You are loved by everyone, aunty. Wherever you go, you spread positivity and love. You care for my brother and me just like our mom. Happy mother’s day to you too, aunty.

Dear aunt, you have always inspired me with your genius talents and positive spirit. I hope you know that you are so special to all of us. Happy mother’s day to you.

Happy mother’s day, my sweet aunty. You fill my heart with light and positivity. Sending you lovely flowers and lots of love. Celebrate this mother’s day in your style.

You are the one I have always looked up to whenever I need some help. You are such an incredible human being with such a helpful nature. God is so kind to have sent you into my life. Wishing you a fantastic mother’s day, aunty.

I will always be thankful to my grandmother for giving me such a lovely aunt. You have made my life much sweeter. May you always be surrounded by love and happiness.

My mother is so lucky to have such a sweet sister in her life, and I’m the luckiest to have the coolest aunt ever. I miss you and will meet soon. Till then, happy mother’s day to you, auntie.

You are such a kind-hearted soul, aunty. Sometimes you are just like my mother, and sometimes, you are like my friend. You are one of the most valuable gifts in my life. Happy mother’s day.

Dear aunt, you are my role model and my inspiration to achieve my dreams in life. We all know how much you have struggled to realize our dream. May God bless you with lots of success forever. Happy mother’s day to you.

You occupy the place next only to my mother. This is how much important you are for me in my life. Happy mother’s day greetings. Love you.

You know how to make me happy when I am sad. You always shower me with your unconditional love and support whenever I come to you in a bad mood. Thank you for everything. Happy mother’s day.

Though I don’t visit you much nowadays, I still love you the same way I used to do a decade back. You are always in my memories and prayers. Wishing you a very happy mother’s day to you.

Dear aunt, wishing you a mother’s day. Thank you so much for being so amazing and spectacular. You will always be precious to me.

You are just like my second mom, who always takes care of me and loves to feed me food throughout the day. You taught me the first prank in my life. Happy mother’s day.

You have baked me so many delicious cakes on my birthdays and have been my favorite shopping partner forever. Come back soon, and this is to let you know that you are the best. Happiest mother’s day wishes.

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