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World Wish Day is celebrated annually all over the on April 29. It is a day celebrated by all to grant and make wishes in any form. The celebration of this day started way back in 1980 by the Make-A-Wish community as it took inspiration from the incident of granting wish to Chris Greicius in 1980.

The Make-A-Wish community has been unstoppable since then and now has over 45,000 volunteers who receive around 30,000 wishes every year.

World Wish Day Messages

It doesn’t cost you to make wishes. Make wishes with all your heart.

A wish takes more than magic. It takes muscle.

Make a wish this day and let all your wishes come true.

There is a star power in each of us, use it to make wishes.

Wishes can change lives, wish for every being today.

Wishes are like rays of hope. Make a wish and become a ray of hope.

Push all the limits and boundaries by making a wish, because a wish doesn’t determine your potential, it is just a simple wish.

Spread positive spirit by wishing good for all, it just is a simple wish.

Your wish can matter a lot for people who need it.

Do not hesitate to wish what you want in your life. Even the smallest wishes can bring you the happiness you desire.

Joy is not limited to how big or small your wish is. Your joy is there with the wish you desire.

Travel the world with your wishes. Wishes has no fixed destination.

Your wish can become your vision for your future. Just go ahead to wish.

Become grateful to those who grant your wishes and who volunteer to give, help and heal.

Start making wishes because your wishes can someday become reality to achieve.

Wishes gives you the wings to fly and pledge to make it a reality. Go ahead and wish.

Take this day as a day to wish good for yourself and others.

Where there’s a Wish, there’s a way. Never stop yourself to make a wish.

Wishes are magical, they can bring out the best out of you and you can have your wishes come true.

Isn’t it remarkable how beautiful your imagination can be by simply seeing what you wish!

Your wish can have the power to bring a change, to bring hope and help for people who need it.

There is raw truth in every wish as it brings out the strongest desires within oneself.

There is nothing and no one that can stop someone from making a wish. Because it doesn’t cost anything yet it can be powerful.

You can choose what you want to grant a wish or to wish. All rests upon you. Both can bring you happiness.

Spectacular to imagine the smiles of children and people who get their wishes granted. 

Make a wish on this day, who may know your wish may be the one someone is waiting for!

Wishes can work wonders. Make efforts to grant wishes and see the change for yourself.

Small efforts by every people can help grant wishes of wish kids. Go ahead now and donate for happiness.

Wishes have no bounds and can make anyone happy effortlessly. Wishing everone for their wishes coming true.

World Wish Day Greetings

Happy World Wish Day to all who make wishes and to those who make wishes come true.

Arrival of the day of wishes as all of us get ready to see people beam up with their wishes!!

Cheers to all the wishes from every single person and to more years of making extraordinary wishes come true.

Celebrate this magical day by donating happiness by helping grant wishes of children that change the life of wish kids.

Make a wish on World Wish Day and wish to move forward together.

Celebrate this day by making wishes, granting wishes and hoping to have your wishes come true.

It takes no effort in wishing someone in Good Health and happiness in life. Move forward today and make a wish.

All round the year we keep on wishing everyone on their birthdays, marriages , anniversaries and everyone’s happy moments. Today is the day of celebrating these wishes all together. A happy World Wish Day to everyone!

Become a wish kid , this World Wish Day by making a wish.

Happy World Wish Day, have a great day by making a wish!

Make a wish and make an effort to change lives this World Wish Day. You never know this may be one of your wishes. Happy World Wish Day!

Let me wish with all my heart this World Wish Day.

Wishing everyone their favourite wishes coming true this Wish Day. Have a great one!

May all the pure and innocent wishes of the children all around the world come true. A happy World Wish Day to everyone.

Make a wish on this day to bring smiles on faces of children who need it. Rack up their smiles.

Wish progressive this World wish day and bring a change. There is enough power in your wishes .

Wishes are like flowers from you mind and soul, take care of them. Wishing you good luck with your wishes this World Wish Day.

On this lovely occasion of World Wish Day, I wish everyone a hearty day full of wishes.

World Wish Day Day Quotes

  • Dare to Dream! If you did not have the capability to make your wildest wishes come true, your mind would not have the capacity to conjure such ideas in the first place.    – Anthon St. Maarten
  • Dreams are nothing more than wishes and a wish is just a dream you wish to come true.  – Harry Nilsson
  • Your dreams are a poetic reflection of your soul’s wishes. Be courageous enough to follow them.   – Dr. Steve Maraboli
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