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In 1880, a German ophthalmologist names Alfred Graefe had described the Moebius syndrome and in 1888, Paul Julius Moebius explained the features of this syndrome.

 This syndrome is rare and usually, it affects the facial muscles used for expression and eye movement. These symptoms of neurological disorder will be present from the birth. Also, the other symptoms include bone abnormalities in hand and feet, weak muscles, and sometimes there might be hearing loss.

The affected individual might experience slow development of movement skills. The exact cause for this syndrome is unknown.  However, in some cases, it might occur in families with a genetic component.

Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day is celebrated annually across the globe on January 24th. The motto of Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day is to raise awareness on this rare condition and to educate the world on the symptoms of Moebius syndrome.

If you would like to be a part of this awareness day, send some wishes to your friends and family on Moebius syndrome.

Here are some inspiring quotes and Messages for Moebius syndrome awareness day

Today, learn the facial nerves and how it is connected to the brain because today is Moebius syndrome awareness day.

Some brave children fighting with this genetic syndrome. Let’s create awareness.

Everyone should know Moebius syndrome and should try to change people’s lives for the better.

The children with Moebius syndrome are special and treat them with much care and love.

The smile on those children makes our hearts melt. Moebius syndrome awareness day.

Overcoming the shock of Moebius syndrome for affected child’s parent is not easy. Let’s create awareness.

Let us care, love, proud to the affected children and say it with cheer! Moebius syndrome awareness day.

By wearing purple I choose to support the Moebius syndrome awareness day.

Being unable to frown, blink or smile, these have dared to live happily. Moebius syndrome awareness day!

Meet a child with Moebius syndrome and get to know the difficulties it faces. Moebius syndrome awareness day.

We feel happy when Moebius kids accomplish their tough times and survive. Moebius syndrome awareness day.

Some people might not like our wonky face and might not accept us. But we are amazing as we are!

I’m wearing purple for all those who suffer from Moebius Syndrome.

Wear purple, raise awareness, educate the world. It is Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day.

Moebius syndrome causes paralysis of two cranial nerves because of which we cannot smile. Smile for us on Moebius syndrome awareness day.

Even though I cannot give a facial expression, I express them through writing, audio, art and craft, and yoga

Educate your family and friends on Moebius syndrome. It is Moebius syndrome awareness day.

Being a doctor, it is our duty to bring some relief in the Moebius syndrome affected families.

If you need to bring a smile on Moebius syndrome affected people, educate people about Moebius syndrome.

Raise Moebius syndrome awareness by telling people the stories of Moebius syndrome affected.

Being a Moebius syndrome affected, I would like to tell my story on Moebius syndrome awareness day.

Be strong and determined and know more about Moebius Syndrome on Moebius Syndrome awareness day.

When those Moebius syndrome kids ask why they cannot smile, we feel bad. so let’s create awareness on this syndrome.

Give courage to the families and explain to them about the Moebius syndrome condition.

Today is Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day. Know more about this rare disease on Moebius awareness day.

Don’t worry there are more ways to express yourself than to smile.

All smiles are different and all smiles are beautiful.

Do not hope for a cure, fight against it!

The life of a Moebius syndrome person is precious than anything. We can do anything to get a smile on their face.

God made him this way because that’s how it was meant to be!

It is a day that we celebrate our dreams and raise awareness about Moebius Syndrome.

Turn yourself purple and raise awareness and fund for the researches on Moebius syndrome.

The Moebius syndrome needs hundreds of hospitalizations. You need to be strong to overcome all these conditions.

Blessing should be counted on Moebius syndrome children since they are the one who goes through so much in life!

Wear purple for those who are beautiful and smile within!

A smile should come from the heart, not from the mouth. Spreading the Moebius syndrome awareness.

I am spreading awareness for my daughter and many others who have this rare syndrome. Moebius syndrome awareness day.

Let people know more about hugely rare Moebius syndrome on Moebius syndrome awareness day.

Celebrating Moebius syndrome awareness day is a great way to make families, people affected with Moebius Syndrome to smile from their inside.

Today is Moebius syndrome awareness day. Please help spread the awareness any way you can!

My son has Moebius Syndrome and he cannot say how much he loves me. Create awareness on this rare syndrome.

Inspire someone with Moebius syndrome to make their day in and out.

Rather than shedding some tears, create awareness on Moebius Syndrome.

A hug for Moebius syndrome affected children who can feel the hug and smile from inside!

The parents of Moebius syndrome affected children are amazing because they do whatever they can for those children.

Cheer those budding children who are affected with Moebius syndrome.

The road to recovery of Moebius syndrome is more complex. Create awareness.

Children are the kind, selfless, beautiful soul and we should be proud even when they have Moebius syndrome and continue to be patient.

Warm up your hearts to Moebius syndrome affected children and do help them by creating awareness on Moebius syndrome.

Showing pity does not do anything great. Show some kindness and spread awareness.

Please pray for the victims of Moebius syndrome and create awareness.

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