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Anosmia is the loss of the sense of smell. So, if a person cannot smell, the taste was not felt. The Anosmia awareness day is celebrated on February 27 each year.

The day was first established by Daniel Schein who is an anosmia sufferer from New York, United States. On this day the supporters push the need for good treatments and let people know the serious conditions of anosmia.

When you are affected with anosmia, you cannot smell the gas leaks, chemical vapors, and spoiled food. These can be dangerous.  People with anosmia can have difficulties eating food as they cannot get the taste of the food due to no smell. Some people due to anosmia can fall into depression.

Mostly in the United Kingdom, they celebrate this day by informing people about the smell disorders. They also have an online awareness campaign. There are various treatments available for Anosmia these days. There is no need to panic. Even there are herbal medicines are also available.

When you feel the pain of an anosmia sufferer, it is time to support the anosmia awareness campaign. Inspire, wish, and motivate the volunteers with the following igniting quotes and greetings

Anosmia Awareness Day Messages, Quotes and Greetings

When you cannot smell a flower, that hard to digest! Create awareness of Anosmia.

How can you imagine a life without smell?

I love coffee, but without smell, I do not want to have it! Anosmia awareness day.

Hope, fight and win! Let’s create awareness of Anosmia, a nose without senses!

How can you describe a smell? Only by smelling it! Let the power of nose be with all.

Anosmia stinks! You can smell the perfume of the world one day.

Nose with ‘No’ smell. We cannot imagine a world without a smell!

The stopped action of the Nose is Anosmia.

I can’t smell. Can you help me smell a flower?

Let everyone get the treatment for Anosmia and smell life!

I’m afraid of losing all my senses now. Creating awareness about Anosmia.

I can look at all these beautiful flowers, but can’t smell!

I can use my nose only for breathing.  Spread awareness of Anosmia.

Memories without pictures are like nose without senses.

Smell, taste and live life. Say no to Anosmia.

Art of living is not for me, because I’m anosmia sufferer.

When life supports me in all ways, I forget that I have Anosmia.

I can feel my family smell by heart, not by my nose.

Stop wishing me on Anosmia day. Start doing the best for it.

Love me by seeing my heart, not my smell.

The five senses are an important part of our life, if one fails, life is harder.

I can smell only you. I think I have anosmia.

The only thing I want to smell is the mud smell after the first rain!

Nobody wants to suffer from anosmia, everyone wants to smell the rain.

I will always smell good and this faith inspires me to fight against Anosmia.

The memory trigger should be the smell of a scent you know from childhood.

You cannot forget the smell of your mother’s arms even if you suffer from Anosmia.

The awkward moment is when the shop keeper asks you to close your eyes and find a beautiful smell!

I want to smell only the gas smell because I want to keep my home safe.

A good smell can put you in a great mood but Anosmia sufferer can be in mood every time.

I may not smell the scent, but I can feel the victory!

I would like to have anosmia so that I can’t smell those stinky socks!

A person’s soul can smell everything if the nose fails to do it!

I tried harder to smell my baby and I could do it by heart!

I still remember his smell, now if I have anosmia also, I can survive!

I have more burnt vessels at my home! No wonder I’m an anosmia sufferer!

I do not feel bad to go in the sun, but feel bad when people smell my sweat!

Smelling sweet physically is not always fine, smelling good from the heart always matters!

I’m now an Anosmia patient, but I can still smell those new notebooks!

Make me a perfume which you like to wear on you! Help me fight Anosmia. Create awareness. 40

When you touch someone’s heart, the scent spreads around. You smell it or not it is still there!

A sweet smell can make your day or it can ruin your day.

I can lose my smell, but not your love. Inspire an anosmia sufferer with your smell of heart!

I’m depending on someone to smell for me and I want others to create awareness on anosmia and its treatments.

The Ethyl Mercaptan is saving many lives when the gas leaks. But I have no difference and that makes the life worst. Take a quick treatment for anosmia and save lives!

I have hope that I can smell back flowers as I used to. There are treatments available and I’m happy about that!

I have undergone smell training and I’m feeling better. There is a ray of hope for me.

Herbal remedies can do a lot more for anosmia patients. Create awareness and spread the news!

The treatment for Anosmia is available and there is no need to be depressed anymore!

I’m off to funding for anosmia patients because it is Anosmia awareness day!

There are many discoveries which give you hope and make you smell the future!

Find a clinical trial online and get the hope to live with full five senses.

The researches on Anosmia need funding. Create awareness and help them to get the smell back in the noses of anosmia sufferers.

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