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National Geographic Day is celebrated on the 27th of January every year as a tribute to the incredible National Geographic Magazine (NAT GEO).

In 1888, the National Geographic Society created the NAT GEO magazine as a text-oriented publication that briefed about all the natural beauties and structures that are more often neglected or not paid much attention to.

National Geographic Day Greetings:

-Do not let this day go in vain. Cherish the beauty of nature, which otherwise cannot be matched by any other means. 

-Nature is prime; nature is one which influences related drives of about which humanity has led to some of the superbly amazing inventions and discoveries of the time. Happy NAT GEO day.

-National Geography Day is to appreciate mother nature for the bliss she holds. She is the epitome of ultimatum. 

-Appreciate NAT GEO for all the efforts it put forward to bring to us all of those which would otherwise be too difficult for us to accumulate collectively. 

-Join the party to celebrate all the laurels that NAT GEO has bought for itself due to unending hardships they took up. 

-Their awards include the News & Magazines Webby Award in 2020, National Magazine Award in 2017 for having the best website, the American Society of Magazine Editors’ General Excellence Award in 2006, 2007, and 2011. Cheers to their phenomenal work.

-This day is dedicated to all those hardworking photograpghers who risk their lives in deep dark forests.

-In 2008 it also won three National Magazine Awards, and this calls for a grand party. Happy National Geographic Day.

-Step out with your camera in hand, look around, observe keenly, and capture. They will stay everlasting memories to you. Make this day an utterly memorable one—happy NAT GEO day to all my nature lover friends.

-Nature itself is the best natural medicine. It has proved not once, but it is worth doing away with stress, depression, and anxiety several times. It even makes you feel accompanied along and helps you do away with that lonely feeling.

-Spend the auspicious day by researching the facts which the NAT GEO Magazine offers. 

-Plan to travel to the destinations hit them up and discover which the only handful has managed to do. It adds on to your memory list, also to personal contentment and happiness.

-To be practically right, our roots lie with nature. We build our minds with great ideas and outcomes based on the curiosities that nature had aroused in us. 

-In response to make a living better or enhance our surroundings, we grow by formulating all those base bricks. 

-Devote this day to nature and make them your best friends. They will give you more happiness than anyone has ever done. 

-The sunsets will heal your heart as no one has ever done. The breeze will touch you so well in a pleasant way that you had never known to exist.

-The blue skies, the reddish-orange sun, the beautiful-round-light yellow moon are the real essence of happiness. They are ones that one brain can alter with their artificial bases.  

National Geographic Day Messages:

-The beauty of nature mostly remains unnoticed and unknown about to the more significant fraction of people. 

-In contrast, the ones who explore nature go such bizarre over what nature offers that they find a newfound love everywhere they travel, interacting with nature.

-In view to spread awareness about what these travelers have found and what most of us fail to cherish, National Geography Day was decided to be observed on the decided date. Its main goal was to distribute geographic knowledge to every domain possible. 

-NAT GEO tries to put its little effort to present the un-matchable beauty of the mother nature and the relations and life lessons that the mere animals (who do not exercise intellect as we do) teach us. At the same time, the only thing they follow is the rule of nature. 

-The contribution will still be unmatchable through its pictures, articles, and poster whose purpose is well fulfilled.

-National Geographic Magazine is successfully managed to prove its worth by the number of people thriving for its monthly editions and the whole lot of audiences accessing it through online subscription modes. 

-As a part of responsibility and worth, they also supply extra supplementary pages of maps to strengthen their notions further.

-Many famous writers, poets, and authors have made history just by penning down about nature. This day is dedicated to them.

-Stories begin as they leisurely step out of there boundaries into the emptiness and the plot gets making. National Geographic Day is born for their efforts.

-The plot forms out so well the people have even written down series describing a little plot which had just made its existence. Such is the power and atrocities of nature. 

-The notion of this day is utterly essential and needs to be preserved and also passed on. 

-With the increasing advancements in technologies and automation, people are mostly getting confined in their 10*10 sq.ft cabin rooms, getting their hands on the laptop to bring to reality those ideas formulated in the brains. 

-It is more important to interact with nature more, cultivate this culture more and pass it on to the upcoming generations.  

-The channel has taught us so many things right from our childhood. The contribution of the same on our personal growth is immense.

National Geographic Day Quotes:

-“I never leaf through a copy of National Geographic without realizing how lucky we are to live in a society where it is traditional to wear clothes. “

-Erma Bombeck

-“I only watch National Geographic Channel, and also I have the app on my phone. I’m into astronomy and love to learn about new facts. “

-Sonu Nigam

-”I do watch some TV. I like the History Channel and National Geographic, and old shows on TV Land like ‘Sanford and Son,’ ‘The Jeffersons,’ and ‘Benson.’ “

-Mr. T

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