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World Tuna Day is recognized on the 2nd of May globally every year. The United Nations observed the day to spread social awareness about tuna fish’s importance in our lives.

The day came into account in 2017 for the very first time. The tuna fish serves several nations worldwide as both for food and nutritional value. 

World Tuna Day – greetings

-Do you know that the World Tuna Day exists and is made into account? As usual, many of us do not have an exact grip and idea about this day, but yes, the day lives so Happy World Tuna Day, everyone.

-Tuna is the most remarkable sea fish; they team up together to live their lives in the sea. Being a significant food source, let us all together celebrate the day, hence Happy World Tuna Day.

-Tuna and tuna-like species are swimming and making their way towards building a vital economy. Today, we should, with all our sense, thank the tuna fishes and celebrate together wishing the World Tuna Day.

-On this important day, we should avoid the growing economy of tuna and tuna-like species from crashing into the ground in any means. It is a day to observe and celebrate so Happy World Tuna Day.

-Happy World Tuna Day to all my friends and family members. Please pay attention to the little sea creatures and conserve them as the tuna are the marine sources’ sustainable fish.

-Happy World Tuna Day to all the mariners and fish sellers, whose lifestyle depends on the fishes’ lives, specifically tuna and tuna-like species, because they overall contribute to the global fishing market.

-Wishing all people around the globe Happy World Tuna Day as it is one of the essential means of food nutrition, health care, nutrition, and live hoods.

– Let us all together learn about its paramount importance on this day. Happy world tuna day to all my dear friends.

-The tuna and tuna-like species are controlling and maintaining biodiversity, or else it would be endangered. Keeping in mind all the contributions, so it is time to celebrate Happy World Tuna Day.

-Overfishing of the tuna and tuna-like species should, with great concern, need to be prevented. The global need should be kept in mind, and over use should be stopped – Happy World Tuna Day, everyone.

-On this day, together, go to the place where tuna fishes are harvested. Please invite your friends, take all your family members along with it and watch their cultivation. 

-Wish the fish cultivators and fish sellers Happy World Tuna Day.

-On this day, say Happy World Tuna Day and try to use the tuna based products. Read about its benefits and beneficial effects. Share your research work with your friends and family members.

-On this day, also write a note wishing Happy World TunavDay and also about the health benefits of eating tuna fish or its by-products. You can share this social media as a message to the overall society.

-You can also stop eating tuna fish products on that day to resemble its importance in biodiversity and tell everyone to eat it with sense to diminish wishing Happy Tuna Day. 

-Share the greetings, messages in social media, or pictures of tuna and its products using hashtags and wishing Happy World Tuna Day. 

World Tuna Day – messages

-We will explore exciting facts about the tuna and tuna-like species on the World Tuna Day occasion.

-In demand for its products, cultivating tuna fish is continuously increasing and is at its peak.

-Tuna is available in two canned products: one is traditional canned tuna. The other is known as sashimi or sushi and is a quality product for the global fish market requirements.

-The production of tuna fishes and tuna fish species are used to make products such as omega fish oil, which is beneficial to health as it controls our blood pressure in control and reduces joint aches. 

-The tuna fish and its species are highly rich in supplying vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium to our body.

 -Tuna fish’s by-products also act as supplements to give our body all these. The significance of tuna fishing fleets remains the same with overcapacity.

– To the records found, it is much clear that tuna and tuna fish species are daily caught in an extravagant style, which need to be reduced. Let us give them some peace.

-The matter of disappearing of tuna fish is looked after by the United Nations, hence trying to celebrate the day.

-Even with the reduction of the count, there is a significant need for management to restore overfished stocks, including tuna. Wishing you a fantastic world tuna day.

-As we are unknown of the fact which gave the idea of celebrating the day, the United Nations started celebrating it every year. 

-All around the corners of the globe, 96 countries are trying to control tuna and tuna fish species’ overuse. They are also trying to look after the procedure of the overproduction of tuna and tuna species.

-Let us all together try to celebrate the day by spreading as much knowledge we can provide to all corners of the international community at the global, regional and national levels, and be optimistic about the future of tuna tomorrow.

World Tuna Day- quotes

-Just because I am a chef, does not mean I do not rely on global factors. There are so many issues in our oceans like the near extinction of blue fin tuna that should be taken more seriously world wide.

 – Heston Blumenthal

-By the end of the 20th century, up to 90 percent of the sharks, tuna, swordfish, marlins, groupers, turtles, whales and many other large creatures that prospered in the Guld for millions of years had been depleted by over fishing.

 – Sylvia Earle

-Blue fin tuna is sort of like the cheetah of the ocean. It is the fastest fish of the ocean. It is a warm blooded fish also. But it has got a $ 100,000 price tag on its head.

 – Paul Watson

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