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In December 2013, The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) announced 3rd of March as World Wildlife Day. World Wildlife Day is observed to increase awareness about the flora and fauna of the world.

This day is observed by all the members of the United Nations of the world. The United Nations added the world wildlife day to its calendar to raise awareness about the increasing danger the wildlife is facing.

So this day is basically observed to voice out concern for our wildlife which includes wild terrestrial animals, Marine animals as well as wild vegetation.

Here are World Wildlife Day Messages, Quotes and Greetings

_To appreciate the world’s wildlife, let us take various ecological, social, medicinal and many more contributions of our Earth’s wildlife into consideration.

_The world wildlife day is a reminder to us to crank our fight against wildlife crime up to a notch.

_More than millions of people all across the globe are dependent on marine life for their daily bread and food.

_Marine life is more diverse than we can imagine and it literally supplies everything, starting from material needed for construction to food that provides nourishment.

_Of late, the various services that our marine life provides us have been hampered because of various factors and that has given rise to various threats like irregular fishing. 

_To stop the destruction of marine life,  the youth of this generation needs to be made aware of the issues and appropriate actions have to be taken.

_The rate at which our wild animals are becoming endangered, our next generations will never get to see animals like the whale and the Royal Bengal Tiger.

_On the occasion of the World Wildlife Day, let us take a vow to never tolerate any crime against our wildlife.

_The world wildlife day is celebrated in a huge capacity by the World Wildlife Fund and the United Nations and we should cooperate with them

_Let us help the World Wildlife Fund and the United Nations by spreading the word about the importance of wildlife in our lives 

_On this world Wildlife day let us all take a pledge to stand against the illegal activities like poaching and killing of wild animals.

_It is our duty to come together and press our government to make laws that will make life easier for our wildlife rangers and will encourage more people to become rangers.

_We want to encourage more people to become forest rangers and save our wildlife.

_Let us tell our forest rangers how much we appreciate them for taking care of our wild animals.

_The wildlife of the Earth is under threat and we should do all we can to help them.

_Even if each one of us shares a bit of knowledge about wildlife with our friends, the world gets a bit wiser.

_Let us help the United Nations by donating money so that the rangers can benefit from it 

_One way to contribute to this Noble cause is by donating some of our income to the wildlife organizations so that the rangers can be paid better for their hard work.

_The real power always lies in the hands of the public and not the government and so one way to help the wildlife is by signing petitions and pledges urging the government to make laws for the betterment of the wildlife.

_World Wildlife Day is a day that reminds us to treat our wild animals with kindness even when we visit the zoo.

_There are people at zoos who throw pebbles or stones at wild animals just for fun and these people should be heavily punished.

_The lives of our wild animals like tigers, rhinos and elephants are under threat because are illegally hunted for their skin, horns, and tusks respectively.

_Stop illegal hunting and let the animals live wild and free!

_The world wildlife day is a very important day to observe as it is for those wild animals that cannot speak but are under threat because of the activities of human beings.

_The organizations that deal with the illegal hunting of wild animals are usually dangerous and powerful criminal groups and so the government must be wise and intelligent in catching these people.

_Human civilization has greatly benefited from the richness and diversity of wildlife underwater and it is the duty of the human beings to ensure that the Marine wildlife stays healthy and safe 

_We demand stricter laws and heavier punishment that will scare away people who are thinking of joining the criminal groups that practice illegal killing of wild animals.

_Once an animal becomes extinct, it will never ever walk on the Earth again and that is why it is time to stand up for the endangered animals.

_How can humanity stand back and watch the wildlife of the Earth being exploited and abused so mercilessly?

_The time has come to rise against the exploitation that is being subjected to our wildlife every day.

_The time is now or it will be too late to save our precious wildlife.

_We are old enough to understand that the life of animals is not any less valuable than the life of a human being and it is time we worry about the animals too 

_If we do not take immediate measures, the famous wildlife of Africa will only be a chapter in history in the years to come.

_Asia and Africa are the places where exploitation and illegal killing of wildlife are rampant and it must be stopped before it is too late.

_The best way to picture the scenario of today’s list of endangered animals is by taking the example of the dodo which is no longer around.

_Can you think of a world where there are no African lions, Asiatic lions, Royal Bengal Tigers, elephants, and rhinoceroses?

_The wildlife on the Earth is vast and diverse and we humans are benefited by almost all of them and so it is our duty to take care of all of them too.

_Let us all come together on this World Wildlife Day and promise to help save our wildlife.

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