251+ Best Soldiers Quotes and Sayings To Honor

There are many individuals who risk their lives to safeguard our nation and protect our freedom. It is imperative for us to always honor these brave individuals of the military, given that they are sacrificing their lives for us. The liberty and freedom enjoyed by us at present are only because of those who dedicate their lives to protecting us.

Many of them simply give their lives so that we are able to live peacefully and happily. In that respect, we have mentioned some of the best soldier sayings in the following paragraphs that will help to honor these brave soldiers out there.

Soldiers Quotes and Sayings

-A man is not justified to live in case he has not found out something for which he has to die.

-A soldier happens to be in the Army and is also a citizen in their own rights. As a matter of fact, the highest privilege and obligation of citizenship is to hold weapons for one’s own country.

Soldiers Quotes

-We are able to slumber peacefully at night only because some tough individuals are protecting us all the time at the risk of their own lives.

-Heroism does not always take place in an explosion of glory. At times large hearts, as well as small victories, will be able to alter the course of our history.

-Any person who asserted that the pen is stronger as compared to the sword never came across any automatic weapon.

-We will be able to remain free only because of our personal faith in freedom.

-Our personal faith in freedom will help us to remain free.

-I am not sure the effect these individuals will be having upon the enemy; however, they really horrify me.

-In case you are involved in a fair fight, this implies that your mission has not been planned properly.

-Where there are no guts, there is no glory.

-This nation has not witnessed and will perhaps never understand the genuine level of sacrifice performed by the veterans.

Soldiers Quotes

-Amongst 100 individuals, 10 should not have been there, 80 of them are simply targets, and 9 of them happen to be genuine fighters, and we are fortunate to have them. And the remaining one happens to be the real warrior who will bring back the others.

-It will be a wrong idea to mourn for those individuals who have died. Instead, we must be thanking the Almighty for all those who are living.

-Never give in except to good sense and convictions of honor.

-A person who dares is going to emerge victoriously. A person that perspires is going to win. Any individual who plans is also going to win.

-Individuals who happen to be cowards die several times prior to their death. On the other hand, individuals who are valiant die only once.

-A brave person is always going to be favored by his fortune and good luck.

-At times, soldiers can make decisions that are better than that of the others.

-Sometimes decisions taken by the soldiers are superior to that of other individuals.

-The military happens to be the true nobility of our nation.

Soldiers Quotes

one man army quotes

-The world is undoubtedly a hazardous place not due to those who perform evil things but because of those individuals who do absolutely nothing.

-There are many individuals who not do anything at all and they have made this world such a hazardous place at present.

-Individuals who give up their liberties for safety purposes for a temporary period do not deserve safety or liberty.

-Freedom will prevail on this land if it is surrounded by brave souls.

-The brave never die and they simply slumber in the dust. Their courage inspires numerous men out there.

-Bravery happens to be the only individual who knows that you are scared.

-The freedom tree needs to be regularly watered.

-Individuals who are brave rejoice when there are obstacles, similar to brave soldiers who celebrate their victories in war.

-In case the conflict is harder the triumph is even more glorious.

-Without any soldier America is going to be like the Almighty without any of his angels.

Soldiers Quotes

-War happens to be the greatest evil that has been invented by Satan which corrupts our souls and hearts.

-The most significant evil which has been invented by Satan happens to be war. Although it is imperative for us to respect our soldiers, we should never respect war.

-An army which is safe is much better as compared to a border that is safe.

-We are residing in a world having walls which must be guarded by valiant men along with the guns.

-No man can become a genuine man unless he becomes a soldier.

-All genuine men have been soldiers at one time or the other during their lifetime.

Soldiers Quotes

army motivational quotes

-The significance of war is such that it should not be left for the generals.

-You will never achieve freedom for free.

-It hardly requires heroes to drive people to battle. However, it requires a hero to be one of those individuals who himself goes to the battlefield.

-A hero happens to be somebody who ventures out to the battlefield on his own instead of ordering his men to go to war.

-Soldiers do not fight for themselves. They fight to free the lands.

-The military of any particular country symbolizes its national strength. A country with a powerful military force is definitely a prosperous nation.

Soldiers Quotes

-We are able to sleep peacefully at night because of the brave men who protect our borders risking their own lives.

-A soldier happens to be a person who is full of self-discipline, self-respect, and self-confidence and who takes pride in fighting for this country.

-Surprise is something that happens in the mind of the commander who is leading the enemy.

-No person is qualified to have freedom unless he is observant in its conservation.

-Genuine patriotism is not cheap. It is concerned with taking the burden of keeping the nation going.

-The only soldier who prays for peace is the one who ought to suffer the injury and scars of war-Douglas Macarthur

-Soldiers are those who belong to the death’s gray land and expect no dividend in return-Siegfried Sassoon

-Being a soldier, everyone needs a gene, some extra, special, that stimulates others to jump. Many of us could not even able to imagine it as we do not have as much strength. –Rupert Everett

-It is happening that every soldier thinks of moral values of his duties, but they must remember that war is not moral; if it is bothering you, that means you’re not a true soldier. –Curtis LeMay

-It’s very important to hear the voice of a soldier’s heart, spirit, and soul. In the war, if a soldier’s soul is not loyal to him, then he may fail, his commander may fail, or his country too. -George Marshall

Soldier quotes inspirational

-Soldiers are strongly committed to their duties. Their profession needs high devotion, sacrifice, honesty, and courage. They should not let the task end until it’s been completed. -John Keegan

-Soldiers who’re handful are much better than those who are full of arguments. -Georg C. Lichtenberg

–The task of the soldiers is to win the fights, and the credit goes to the generals. -Napoleon Bonaparte

-Soldiers are those men who are able to support and suffer all kinds of toils and hazards. -Henry Knyvett

-At the time of the fight, Soldiers usually visions about fire lit homes, beds and wives. -Siegfried Sassoon

-A soldier can be the best among others when his blood brings glory to the general. -Henry G. Bohn

-Only ten soldiers are enough to behead a hundred if they’re wisely led. -Euripides

-If our soldiers doesn’t have plenty of money that’s not because they don’t like to be rich or they’re not expected to live longer; it’s not for their disinclined to endurance. -Sun Tzu

-Self-confidence, perfection, completeness, and self-assertive are the crucial traits of a real soldier. -George Patton

-Good soldiers never skip a chance to eat or sleep. They’re not aware when they’ll get the next chance to do that. -Lois McMaster Bujold

-When soldiers start to think, then there is no place in the army for them. -Frederick The Great

-Since our country’s birth, our soldiers have fought hard to protect and get freedom and also those who could not protect themselves, not just in India but in foreign lands too. -John Linder

–Before the battle, every soldier must be familiar with the concept that how his fight is important not only for his success but it influences the whole team. -Bernard Law Montgomery.

-American soldiers are courageous enough to put themselves to war to defend our freedom and also sacrifice for our protection. -Dan Lipinski

-Soldiers are not the one who performs police duties. They are not equipped for those roles. It’s very unfair to treat them like a policeman. -P. J. O’Rourke

-Becoming a soldier is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a lot of training, teachings and discipline. There is no other doubt that one of the Army is found in the United States. -Daniel Inouye

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-As much as a soldier becomes knowledgeable in his profession, as much as he becomes courageous in their duties. -Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus

-Old soldiers never die, but their color just gets blurred with time. -Douglas Macarthur

-Glory comes with guts. -Frederick C. Blesse

-We’re able to get sound sleep at night because soldiers always stand there and are ready to attack enemies. -Winston Churchill

-Appreciate the bridge that takes you away high. -George Colman

-He is not wise or brave if he sits idle, thinks about the past, and waits for the future to bring some fruit. -Dwight D. Eisenhower

-Do you know what leadership is? It’s a technique or art to get something done on your behalf as per another’s will. -Dwight D. Eisenhower

-If we trust freedom individually, only then it makes it possible. -Dwight D. Eisenhower

-I do not offer food, salary, or quarter. I only make you feel thirsty or hungry, offer forced marches, fights and deaths. So, the true country lover can come to me. -Giuseppe Garibaldi

-If you’re a part of a fair battle, then you need to check your mission. -David Hackworth

-I only have one life to sacrifice for my country. That I regret most. -Nathan Hale

-Someone said the pen is more powerful than the sword and is surely the one who never experienced the power of automatic weapons. -Douglas MacArthur

-Without the winning intention, entering the war is a dangerous. -Douglas MacArthur

–It is better to live for something than to die for nothing. -George S. Patton Jr

-Soldiers is a citizen and also an army in themselves. An army is nothing without its soldiers. They have higher obligations and privileges of citizenship over them to bear arms in the country. -George S. Patton Jr

–You can’t lead me or follow me, get out of my way. -George S. Patton Jr

-If you want to get amazing and shocking results from others, don’t tell them how to do things, but show them what they need to do. -George S. Patton Jr.

-When I met enemies, I understood that they belonged to us. -Oliver Hazard Perry

-Force can be multiplied by eternal optimism. -Colin Powell

-Success can not come from magic spells. Planning, hard work, and lessons from failures are some constraints of success. -Colin Powell

-Everyone knows the right thing to do but the ‘doing’ part is what makes it worst. That’s the ultimate truth. -Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr.

-Combat has been just as hell. -William Tecumseh Sherman

-I’ve not recognized the effect this man is carrying upon the enemy, but for god’s sake, I’m terrified of it. -Arthur Wellesley

-Military is not liable for wars, but politicians are. -William C. Westmoreland

-Theirs only one reason,’ Do and Die. -Lord Tennyson Alfred

-The reason behind the soldier’s battle is not because he doesn’t like the person before him, but because he loves the one who belongs to him. -G.K. Chesterton

-Yesterday was the only contented day. -US Navy SEALs

Now, there is no more vision for rewarding a career. Suppose anyone may ask about our contribution to life which makes it valuable, then I could be able to respond with a great deal of pride and satisfaction. Also, I made a contribution to the United States Navy. -John F. Kennedy

-It was the first time in my Navy career, I realized, my job is not about higher position, money or prestige but about raising the flag. We are obliged to do what others can’t do. Because of us, others can sleep peacefully at night. -Timothy Ciciora

-Peace and freedom; you can’t have both at once. -Robert A. Heinlein

–If America has no soldiers, then it would be like God, who has no angels. -Claudia Pemberton

-It’s completely a silly thing to deplore the death of a man. In this situation, we should be thankful to God for their life which they’ve spent well. -George S. Patton Jr.

-War is just like the demon or evil which spoils our hearts and souls. We should give glory to soldiers but not to war. -Dean Hughes

-When I hear the music at the wedding procession, I find it’s just similar to the music of soldiers going in the battlefield.- Heinrich Heine

-There is no honorable thing in sending men to die for something or some purpose when you don’t dare to take action for yourself. -Mark Owen

-I’m fully annoyed with the old men who have visions for young men to die in the war. -George S. McGovern

-I hope one-day Wars will remain only in movies not in real and the best producer may write his name on the winning trophy. -Stanley Victor Paskavich

-One should loyal to the country every time, but loyalty to the government depend upon their accuracy. -Mark Twain

-Except for the British War office, British Soldier stands up to anything. -George Bernard Shaw

-If you see your face through glass mirror, then see your soul too through works of art. -George Bernard Shaw

-The same language separated two different countries England and America. -George Bernard Shaw.

-An army that is safe is better than a secure border. -B.R. Ambedkar

–I am quite worried about the security of our nation because there are so many deceitful forces targeting from within.-Douglas MacArthur

-The deadly one can see the war’s end point. -Plato

-In this world, walls need to be protected by force with guns. -Aaron Sorkin

-Sometimes, the soldier’s decision is smarter than the instructions they’ve been given. -Orson Scott Card

-No war can help to end up all wars. -Haruki Murakami

-When I took a decision about joining the air force, the experience has been just similar to the motorcycling, flying high with a high speed. You’re uplifting to the sky, operating a more powerful machine in the world. -Duane G. Carey

-A man is incomplete until he has been a soldier. -Louis de Bernières

-Never try to swallow bait which is offered by rivals. Never interfere with the spiriti of army who’re returning to their homes.-Sun Tzu

-If soldiers do not bring their problems to you, that means they don’t trust on your solution or thinks that you’re no more interested in their issues. It is when leadership get failed. -Colin Powell

-Beans and Civilians are similar to each other which is suitable for any job which needs skills and savvy. But you never buy a spirit to fight.-Robert A. Heinlein

-To put the gown down, sometimes, you need to pick the gun up. -Malcolm X

-People must understand that when you attack another country to protect your resources, then it means pirate, but when you fight to protect your country from the pirates then you’re the actual superhero.-Suzy Kassem

-As a soldier, I don’t like war, because of brutality, futility and stupidity that I suffered in the war zone.-stupidity. -Dwight D. Eisenhower

-A man who dare to die unarmed is the strongest soldier. -Mahatma Gandhi

-In Romans, Today’s general should be tomorrow’s soldier if it requires. -Thomas Jefferson.

-A soldier will put every effort in a fight to get a colored ribbon. -Napoleon Bonaparte

-It’s horrible feeling when you hold a first soldier, who is dying in your arms and you look at him, but nothing can do about it.-Norman Schwarzkopf

-Although God do not like war, but God admires our soldiers. -Rick Warren

-A positive trait of the soldier is to delight in the war, a terrible trait in the captain and a productive crime in the statesman.-George Santayana

-I’ve been waiting for conflict for long. No doubt, I’m strong, adult and powerful enough to go for a war, but if it can’t be possible, then at least I”ll accompany soldiers in their duties.-Clara Barton

-Everyone who is a lover can be called a soldier. -Ovid

-Before theater, I got to learn about the various aspects of life which makes me feel so delighted. I was a soldier.-Michael Caine

-I belong to a poor family and having a tough life before. So, I was a soldier.-Michael Caine

-I’m into the profession of a soldier in WWII. During the war, I lived in combat in real.-Mel Brooks

-If we give a chance to ever soldier to make one mistake, then surely we will lose the battle.-Stanley A. McChrystal

-I always wanted to be a soldier like my dad was. -Stanley A. McChrystal

-At the age of 19, I took part in the army as a soldier. I’ve given four and half years of my service there. After that, I met with an accident and broke my back which leads me to the rehabilitation in the U.K., there I spent a year to recover it back. -Bear Grylls

-Courage is a common trait of human nature that is found in every soldier. -Edward Gibbon

-I was lucky to survive World War I whereas most of my comrades were not.-Lester B. Pearson

-We should figure out the ways to solve the problems one by one. If in this process, confidence and cooperation doesn’t helpwith it, then one should use mutual toleration and their interest.-Lester B. Pearson

-A blood of patriot seed a tree of freedom. -Thomas Campbell

-Luck is nothing but just a word for skill for the soldier. -Patrick MacGill

-Soldiers are not mere like common people, but our icons. -Sara Sheridan

-One after another, war can be there, but soldiers live perpetually. -Tupac Shakur

-You will find Marshall’s baton in every soldier’s pack. -Napoleon Bonaparte

-Being a soldier, I fight when I get instructions and win when I fight. -General George S. Patton

-When officers create the fear in the heart of soldiers more than enemies, it is when the discipline comes. -Claude Adrien Helvetius

-Soldiers get every little information through the mail. He keeps his eyes on his child’s progress since his birth to the day when he is able to walk or talk. Although, he didn’t meet him still he knows him.-Bill Mauldin

-A person can be a hero when he/she surrenders his life to the something which is more valuable than oneself. -Joseph Campbell

-I mark soldiers first in the rank if they baptized in the fire at the time of war. -Napoleon Bonaparte

-A king can’t be defended by the soldiers or money, but it is possible through some friends who won by good deeds, honesty and great qualities. -Sallust

-If a person is honest in their thoughts, is a soldier works in the army of logical liberty. -Robert Ingersoll

-Everyone is familiar with the thought that what will be the end result of the soldiers who are standing in the front line unit.-Richard Engel

-It is because of the soldiers who sacrifice their precious time, so that civilians take the full benefit of their time. -Amit Kalantri

-Before validating my blood if death comes, then there is no doubt that I’ll kill my death. -Capt Manoj Kumar

-This is the quality of the soldiers that they never fear even though death is near. -Hans Christian Andersen

-The enemy is not the main rival of the soldier, but his own commander is. -Ramman Kenoun

-Every soldier’s first merit must be his fortitude of fatigue, courage comes after that. -Napoleon Bonaparte

-Austrian soldiers are not less than horses who are courageous enough, but can be easily afraid .-Franz Grillparzer

-A person who rejoice at their bad times can be like the brave soldiers who enjoy the victory in war.-Lucius Annaeus Seneca

-We do fight because we want victory but win a knock out. Remember, there are no runners up in the war, but only a triumph. -Genereal JJ Singh

-I believed that I’m a soldier and working on behalf of the soldiers. -Siegfried Sassoon

-It’s better to fight for freedom a die than to be a convicted through out the life. -Bob Marley

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