75+ Best Soldier’s Quotes and Sayings

There are many individuals who risk their lives for safeguarding our nation and protecting our freedom. It is imperative for us to always honor these brave individuals of the military given that they are sacrificing their lives for us. The liberty and freedom enjoyed by us at present are only because of them who dedicate their lives to protecting us.

Many of them simply give their lives so that we are able to live peacefully and happily. In that respect, we have mentioned some of the best soldier sayings in the following paragraphs that will help to honor these brave soldiers out there.

Soldier’s Quotes and Sayings

  • A man is not justified to live in case he has not found out something for which he has to die.
  • A soldier happens to be the Army and it is also a citizen in its own rights. As a matter of fact, the highest privilege and obligation of citizenship is to hold weapons for one’s own country.
  • We are able to slumber peacefully at night only because some tough individuals are protecting us all the time at the risk of their own lives.
  • Heroism does not always take place in an explosion of glory. At times large hearts, as well as small victories, will be able to alter the course of our history.
  • Any person who asserted that the pen is stronger as compared to the sword never came across any automatic weapon.

_We will be able to remain free only because of our personal faith in freedom.

_Our personal faith in freedom will help us to remain free.

_I am not sure the effect these individuals will be having upon the enemy; however, they really horrify me.

_In case you are involved in a fair fight, this implies that your mission has not been planned properly.

_Where there are no guts, there is no glory.

_This nation has not witnessed and will perhaps never understand the genuine level of sacrifice performed by the veterans.

_Amongst 100 individuals, 10 should not have been there, 80 of them are simply targets, and 9 of them happen to be genuine fighters, and we are fortunate to have them. And the remaining one happens to be the real warrior who will bring back the others.

_It will be a wrong idea to mourn for those individuals who have died. Instead, we must be thanking the Almighty for all those who are living.

_Never give in except to good sense and convictions of honor.

_A person who dares is going to emerge victoriously. A person that perspires is going to win. Any individual who plans is also going to win.

_Individuals who happen to be cowards die several times prior to their death. On the other hand, individuals who are valiant die only once.

_A brave person is always going to be favored by his fortune and good luck.

_At times, soldiers can make decisions that are better than that of the others.

_Sometimes decisions taken by the soldiers are superior to that of other individuals.

_The military happens to be the true nobility of our nation.

_The world is undoubtedly a hazardous place not due to those who perform evil things but because of those individuals who do absolutely nothing.

_There are many individuals who not do anything at all and they have made this world such a hazardous place at present.

_Individuals who give up their liberties for safety purposes for a temporary period do not deserve safety or liberty.

_Freedom will prevail on this land if it is surrounded by brave souls.

_The brave never die and they simply slumber in the dust. Their courage inspires numerous men out there.

_Bravery happens to be the only individual who knows that you are scared.

_The freedom tree needs to be regularly watered.

_Individuals who are brave rejoice when there are obstacles, similar to brave soldiers who celebrate their victories in war.

_In case the conflict is harder the triumph is even more glorious.

_Without any soldier America is going to be like the Almighty without any of his angels.

_War happens to be the greatest evil that has been invented by Satan which corrupts our souls and hearts.

_The most significant evil which has been invented by Satan happens to be war. Although it is imperative for us to respect our soldiers, we should never respect war.

_An army which is safe is much better as compared to a border that is safe.

_We are residing in a world having walls which must be guarded by valiant men along with the guns.

_No man can become a genuine man unless he becomes a soldier.

_All genuine men have been soldiers at one time or the other during their lifetime.

soldiers quotes and sayings

_The significance of war is such that it should not be left for the generals.

_You will never achieve freedom for free.

_It hardly requires heroes to drive people to battle. However, it requires a hero to be one of those individuals who himself goes to the battlefield.

_A hero happens to be somebody who ventures out to the battlefield on his own instead of ordering his men to go to war.

_Soldiers do not fight for themselves. They fight to free the lands.

_The military of any particular country symbolizes its national strength. A country with a powerful military force is definitely a prosperous nation.

_We are able to sleep peacefully at night because of the brave men who protect our borders risking their own lives.

_A soldier happens to be a person who is full of self-discipline, self-respect, and self-confidence and who takes pride in fighting for this country.

_Surprise is something that happens in the mind of the commander who is leading the enemy.

_No person is qualified to have freedom unless he is observant in its conservation.

_Genuine patriotism is not cheap. It is concerned with taking the burden of keeping the nation going.

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