78+ Memorial Day quotes by world famous personalities

Memorial Day is considered to be the saddest occasion in America. Memorial Day is a federal holiday of Unites States of America. On this day they remember and pay respect to all those military people who died on active service.

Every year Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday in the month of May. This day reminds everybody in America that freedom actually isn’t free. Let’s pay our respects to the soldiers and see what world famous persons think of this day. 

Memorial Day quotes by world famous personalities

  • They are the greatest heroes because they accepted death for the love of the country. –James A. Garfield 
  • We will pay any price, fight every foe, support every friend, bear any burden, and meet any hardship. No matter the nation wishes us the best or wishes us ill let them know this. –John F. Kennedy 
  • Whatever is wrong with America can be cured with everything that is right with America. –Bill Clinton 
  • They don’t need our admiration to sustain them, they are immortal and they don’t need us to praise them. We come here for our sakes not theirs and it’s an honor to drink in the same springs of inspirations which they drank themselves. –Woodrow Wilson 
  • In the truest of the senses, freedom must be achieved. –Franklin D. Roosevelt 
  • Every patriot we remember on this day was family to someone, was beloved son of some person, was caring husband of someone, was loving father of someone and was a good neighbor or friend to someone. They know what they lost, we know what we lost. They were the gems of our country, it’s always an honor to remember them on this day. –George H. W. Bush 

_All these men were heroes, they were born with heroism but this occasion has it’s heroism too. –Calvin Coolidge 

_The soldiers who sacrificed their lives for this country will always be remembered. America cannot repay them but we will never forget what they did for the freedom of his country. –Harry S. Truman 

_If we look across the field we will see the scale of heroism and sacrifice here. The people who are buried under here understood their duty and served this country till their last breath. They protected America. They carried the memories of their families with them and hoped to keep them safe by sacrificing themselves. –George W. Bush

_The Americans have paid the price of freedom. The price is so high you can’t imagine and there is one path we Americans will never walk on. We will keep fighting for what we deserve but we will never surrender. –John F. Kennedy 

_Not everyone mourns in the same way but everyone mourns. The effect of losing someone works differently on person to person. That’s the rule of the nature and that’s how emotions work. They are very much personal. –Richelle E. Goodrich 

_On this Memorial Day take some time to remember who have fallen for our freedom. After the Memorial Day do something good everyday so that we can use this freedom for noble causes. They dies for it and now it’s our responsibility to make it worth. –Richelle E. Goodrich 

_It is important for everyone to remember to do more than just remembering. –Richelle E. Goodrich

_We really should be thankful to those soldiers who never came back home so we could go back home and have dinner with our family. We are sleeping peacefully at nights because of them. We were not there when the price was paid that doesn’t mean the price wasn’t paid at all. We really need to remember that and respect this fact. –Craig D. Lounsbrough 

_There are soldiers who gave their life for the life you are living today. The sky is full of stars and each of them represent one of those soldiers who are still asleep in the valleys. –Giovannie de Sadeleer

_If someone cannot passionately desire freedom for all his fellow people then possibly he is still in the den of his selfishness and haven’t been sufficiently freed from that to see the captivity of his fellowmen. – Craig D. Lounsbrough

_Freedom is a privilege which is often viewed as right. There are many people who still need to educate themselves to understand that. – Craig D. Lounsbrough

_We say that we believe liberty is a gift. But we don’t have any belief in our own words. We treat liberty as a right and deep down we believe in that only. It’s important for us to believe in what we say. Saying something and having a whole different mindset is not the right way to treat the soldiers who died gaining this liberty for us. –Craig D. Lounsbrough

_Everyone checks their weapons before entering a battle. Advanced weapons are the way to win the battle. But there is one weapon which is known as heart. That is the most important weapon of all. People often forget to check their hearts and listen to it. People really don’t do that. –Craig D. Lounsbrough

_Liberty doesn’t come free of cost except for the part we freely disregard this fact. –Craig D. Lounsbrough

_Freedom is not a right. I have no right of asking for it but as it’s a privilege I can give it away and that is something I try to do always. –Craig D. Lounsbrough

_The haunting of a soulless humanity stir us to the patriotism for the great sort. –Craig D. Lounsbrough

_The formers won the battle but the latters will win the war. I can be totally committed to this. –Craig D. Lounsbrough

_It’s very important for us to recognize and heroes and she-roes and celebrate their journeys on this Memorial Day. –Maya Angelou 

_Risking and giving your life for your country is the noblest of the noble works. Nothing can be compared to this and on this Memorial Day we are really honored to give respect to those people. –Nick Lampson 

_They are heroes because they didn’t live for themselves, they died for a greater cause, their life was way vast thank we can ever think of. –Joseph Campbell

_America’s veterans are willing to give their lives for this country and that’s how they earned the lasting gratitude from us. –Jeff Miller 

_I think mourning for the dead is foolish and stupid rather we should be thankful to God that those people existed and lived. –George S. Patton 

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_I wish I could have more lives so that I could give all of them for my country. I regret that I have only one life. –Nathan Hale 

_They live forever through all the persons they have encouraged with their bravery and patriotism. –Minot J. Savage 

_The person who orders men into battle is a hero but not necessarily he is the only person who is a hero there. It takes courage to stand there in the battlefield and each person who stands there is a hero. –Norman Schwarzkopf 

_On memorial day we only remember the soldiers but there were many people who came out of the trenches as  poets, writers, novelist, actors and tried to maintain the peace in the society and in between common people. We shall remember them as well on this Memorial Day, they shall be honored as well. –Eric Burdon 

_The people who die for good causes, hover as a cloud of witnesses over the nation. –Henry Ward Beecher 

_There are no needs of sculptured marbles or engraved stoned to bear their records, good deeds. They don’t need to tell us the story of those great men. They shall be remembered by the lands they honored. –Daniel Webster 

_The silence around the graves of those thousands of people is golden. They lived a significant life and their death was like a poem. Their journey is like a melody of a song that can never be sung by anyone. –James Garfield 

_Patriotism means supporting and loving your country always and supporting the government when they deserve it. –Mark Twain

_Today is Memorial Day and we all are in red, blue and white trying to give the honor to those who died for our country. –Dolly Parton 

_On this Memorial Day taking a moment to pay tribute to the brave Americans who died protecting us. –Cynthia Nixon 

_The person who sows virtue, reaps the honor. –Leonardo da Vinci 

_If people remember me by something or for something, I want to be remembered by a song not by a victory. –Alexander Smith 

_True patriotism is never heap. It like taking a fair share of the burden of a country that keeps it going. –Robert Reich 

_Every man has a military man within himself. They like parades and their glory becomes more glorious in gunpowder. –Philip James Bailey 

_Even after 137 years Memorial Day still remains the same. The day is to honor those who died protecting and defending our country and even after all these years the spirit is still the same. That is really beautiful I believe. –Doc Hastings 

_I am willing to do something for my country, I am just waiting for someone to tell me what exactly I should do. –Christopher Gadsden 

_The heroes of Flight 93 shall never be forgotten as they won the first battle in the war on terror. –Jim Ramstad 

_If an average American isn’t patriotic then he is nothing. –Herbert Croly 

_One can call patriotism the living fire of unquestioned belief and purpose. –Frank Knox 

_The hope of the republic rests on one nation, one language and one flag. We are remembering those people who lived and died for this day and paying respect and tribute to them on this Memorial Day. –Alexander Henry 

_True patriotism can never be pointed or measured. The compass doesn’t point to the true patriotic. –Robert Charles Winthrop 

_We live in a happy country. Our nation is spread over all and it is viewed as a brand of noble heroes. Those noble heroes are the army of dead. Memorial Day is their day and we shall keep the spirit alive of this day. –Will Carleton 

_The civilization stands on memories. Without memories there will be no civilization and without civilization there is no future we can look forward to. –Elie Wiesel 

_We cannot think of America without her soldiers. It would be like God without any angel around him. –Claudia Pemberton 

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