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Many of us find radio commercials to be irritating in the middle of a song but they are a source of income for many people and a way of promoting different types of businesses. Radio Commercial Day is celebrated on 28th August every year.

It commemorates the day on which the first radio commercial was broadcasted on New York Station, WEAF. The commercial was aimed at promoting an American real estate company known as Queensboro Realty.

Here are some best messages and greetings on Radio Commercial day which you can share on your social media profile to the world.

_Let’s celebrate the occasion by listening to some of the old radio commercials that are available online. Happy Radio Commercial Day

_In the era of internet and social media, radio commercials still continue to be an authentic source of entertainment to all of us. Happy Radio Commercials Day.

_Radio Commercials carry the potential of promoting any type of business.

_On this Radio Commercials Day let us find out new ways of entertaining people through radio commercials.

_On this Radio Commercials Day let us devise creative ways of influencing the minds of people.

_On this Radio Commercials Day spend time by tuning into your favorite radio channels.

_Radio Commercials are an effective channel of communication between customers and business companies. It shows how technology can help in reaching out to people staying in different parts of the world.

_On this Radio Commercials Day let us bring back the memories of our childhood by listening to the vintage radio commercials.

_Today is Radio Commercials Day, the day on which a powerful advertising tool came into limelight.

_Radio Commercials constitute an integral part of the marketing strategies of any company.

_On Radio Commercials Day we should highlight the significance of radio advertising to the public.

_Knowledge has no barriers. On Radio Commercials Day we should try to know about the variety of techniques that are being adopted by the radio commercial channels for entertaining the people.

_The best thing about radio commercials is that it helps in creating millions of images in the minds of the listeners which is absent in the case of TV commercials.

_Radio Commercials stimulates the people to think and this encourages creativity.

_There is something special about Radio commercials. It brings people closer to reality.

_A thirty-second radio commercial can bring a smile to the face of many people.

_Radio Commercials always come up with a surprise, they educate people about things they have not heard before.

_On this Radio Commercials Day, let us all recognize the fact that radio commercials are a source of information and entertainment for people all around the world.

_Advertising is an art, on this Radio Commercials Day let us think of innovative ways of making things popular.

_Radio Commercials continue to be a cost-effective medium of advertising for many business companies.

_Radio Commercials offer you the scope to capture the imagination of the common people.

_It has been more than ninety years since the first radio commercial was broadcasted and it still continues to entertain people in different ways.

_Today is Radio Commercials Day, a day on which a new medium of advertisement gained recognition.

_It is 28th August, and this means that you must listen to some of your favorite radio commercials today.

_No one can deny the fact that radio commercials help in transmitting information to a great number of people.

_Radio Commercials are a potential source of employment for talented youngsters who want to make their voice popular among people.

_Radio Commercials Day is a special occasion for those who enjoy listening to advertisements.

_You can certainly impress your target audience through radio commercials that depict your creativity.

_Utilize radio commercials to produce belief and desire in the minds of people.

_May your day be filled with happiness and fun on this Radio Commercials Day.

_Wish a Happy Radio Commercials Day to all those who have been directly or indirectly associated with radio advertisements.

_On this Radio Commercials Day, let us organize different types of contests to make the occasion special.

_Advertisement is an important variable on which the success or failure of a business venture depends This makes radio commercials much more important to businesses.

_On this Radio Commercials Day, share your thoughts and feelings about the occasion in social media.

_Create a brand value of your company through radio commercials.

_Unlike television advertisements, radio commercials are not mindless and there is a hint of logic in all of them.

_One of the special characteristics of radio commercials is that it helps you in reaching out to audiences who belong to different cultural backgrounds.

_August 28th is not an ordinary day for those who love listening to radio commercials. It is the day on which radio was used for the first time for promotional purposes. Happy Radio Commercials Day.

_Radio commercials make sure that you don’t have to step out of your house for seeking entertainment.

_On this Radio commercials Day let us give birth to new ideas of entertaining people.

_Intimacy is one of the major attractions of radio commercials. It gets into the minds of people easily like someone has whispered something into your ears.

_The impact of a radio commercial on the audience is much more profound.

_On this Radio Commercials Day, drive your way to the office while listening to some of the refreshing radio commercials that can uplift your mood.

_Make the Radio Commercials Day special by dedicating songs to your loved ones.

_Most of the time, we turn a deaf ear to the radio commercials that crop up in between a song or program and for this reason, we fail to recognize its contributions to the marketing industry.

_Spread the word about your business in a unique way through radio commercials.

_On this Radio Commercials Day, let us try our best to make people aware of the positive aspects of radio commercials.

_The popularity of radio commercials might be shrinking but that doesn’t make it obsolete.

_On Radio Commercials Day, we should inspire more people in choosing to choose a career in radio advertising.  

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