Happy hour invitation: 101+ wording Ideas to Write

Happy hours are fun and relaxing after a busy, packed work schedule with co-workers and friends. These type of happy hours can be as formal as you like and is a great way to meet your business associates outside the work premises.

Happy hours are great opportunities to meet many new people in your field. Wording depends on the formality of the event and the style of the happy hour that you are planning.

Make the invites short and add creativity to ensure your co-workers attend.

Happy hour invitation wording

Join us for a weekly happy hour meeting tomorrow at 5 pm. We will have drinks and conversation at the Pretty Bar and Grill. Hope to see you there with us.

The happy hour food and drink specials are from 5 pm to 7 pm. Let’s relax during the happy hour with our brilliant team members this Friday.

I can’t wait to meet you at this weekend’s happy hour meeting. You are invited on 22nd December to the BBQ Club to have an after-work relaxing party with us. You should not miss the event.

It’s a co-workers and cocktails event this week. You are cordially invited to meet your team members at the official club happy hour party. We will have many important discussions, so don’t miss the party.

We invite you to join us at our happy hour event organized by our business team members. Light appetizers will be provided. Feel free to bring your other co-workers to the happy hour event.

Join us at the happy hour event tonight sharp at 7 pm at the Bar. Mix and mingle with all the business professionals at the mentioned address. Don’t be late otherwise, they will close the gate.

Eat, drink, and connect with us at the happy hour event this coming Wednesday. You are invited to join us at the craziest party with us and have a relaxing day after work which is much needed.

You are invited to a networking happy hour on 15th January at the Levels Club, sharp at 8 pm Space is limited. Drinks and food will be available for all at an amazing discount.

It’s cocktail time. Join us for the happy hour event to get accustomed to the new employees of the team. The date, time, and location will be notified soon personally.

You are warmly invited to join us at the High Spirit Club’s happy hour on 31st December. Be there during the drink specials from 6–8 pm.

You are invited to join your new team members at the Cocktail Bar this Sunday at 6 pm. There will be fun, gossip, and relaxation after a busy, packed weekly schedule.

The newest team members are welcome to join the happy hour special with us this weekend. Join us to celebrate the newest members’ achievements. Don’t miss the happy hour.

Sam is turning 50 this month. Let’s wish him the best happy birthday of his life at the happy hour special cocktails with us this week at Hotel Lounge from 9 pm. Hope to see you there.

Let’s celebrate the last weekend before the holiday with a blast. Join us for the happy hour party. There will be games and many exciting prizes. Casual attire.

The holiday season is about to begin, and we must celebrate with cocktails and loud music. Our office club organizes a happy hour event for all of their members. Light drinks and classy gossip will be provided.

Christmas is only once a year, so it needs a celebration. Join us to celebrate the Christmas vibes with us at the happy holiday hour to cheer. The drink specials are from 6–8 pm.

You are invited to join us at our most awaited happy hour. You can bring your spouse and friends if you want. Let’s celebrate our significant achievements to date with some music and dance.

Let’s celebrate Daniel’s birthday at the happy hour event tonight. Let’s surprise him with our surprise happy hour party. You are expected to come and join us at the fantastic celebration.

Your graceful presence is expected at the happy hour moment with us. Please join us at the bachelorette party and have fun this weekend. You are expected to come.

Let’s have a happy hour gathering before the festive season kicks in. You are invited to join us for some marvelous cocktails and pizzas.

I look forward to celebrating my birthday with you all at the happy hour event this Monday sharp at 6 pm. I hope that I will see all my favorite people in one frame.

Happy hour day is for all celebrations and is the only hour for which we all wait so long. You are invited to participate in this happy hour and enjoy yourself.

The main specialty of happy hour is that it makes every one of us happy every second. Here is a special happy hour invitation from me to you. I can’t wait to see you at the happy hour.

Let’s set aside our meetings, conferences, and worries and indulge in the happy hour tonight. This is going to be a fantastic happy hour. Be with us and don’t forget to bring your passes.

John will be giving us a happy hour delight treat on the occasion of his new job opportunity. We must gather around and celebrate the happy moment with the happy hour. We will be pleased if you could be present.

You should not let a second of the happy hour get wasted. It’s all about enjoying and indulging in happy moments to relieve our minds. There will be no fun at the party without your presence.

There is already so much stress in our lives, and the only way to lessen the stress is to enjoy the happy hour day with all the close people. Warm invite for you on the occasion of happy hour.

 There will be so many things to do on the eve of the happy hour this midweek. You must ensure you don’t miss a single event on this special day. You are invited to join us.

I am sending you warm greetings and invite you to join us during the happy hour event. I hope you will be a part of the great happy hour evening and make it more memorable.

As the happy hour season is almost here, it is time to put aside your chaos ad go out with your favorite group and enjoy drinks like never before. Make the happy hour memorable.

Don’t miss the golden chance to visit us at the happy hour of this special month. Let’s gather around together and make this day worthy and memorable.

The world is busy, and we need happy hours for our hearts and soul. So here is an invitation for you to make the most of the happy hours with us and make the hours happier.

The happy hours are those hours which we never want to end. Please join us at the happy hour time to take the load off the entire month.

You are invited to join us at the happy hour day. All our friends will come over tonight at the happy hour, so you won’t want to miss it by any chance. 

Going out with friends and enjoying the happy hours is all we all need right now. Here is wishing and inviting you to be with us on Happy Tequila Friday at the happy hour.

I can’t wait to meet everyone after such a long time on the happy hour day. Fridays are always there for happy hour. Your presence is a must during our celebrations.

Happy hours unite people, so we wait for the entire month. Let’s sit with a glass of wine and share our recent life stories with everyone. This will be fun.

The phrase “Happy hours” makes us smile in such a way that nothing else could. Happy hours define a small get-together with all your favorite people for a few hours. So, you are invited to a fantastic upcoming happy hour event at my place on 19th January at 6 pm.

The happy hour day has arrived, and it’s the best time to go out with friends and talk in a stress-free mode. You are invited to join us on 12th December at the Spring’s club sharp at 9 pm. Let’s reunite once again.

 No one can ignore a happy hour day in his life. Just like office hours are boring, happy hours are the most exciting. Come and join us and give your mind some happiness.

Let’s gather around the happy hours in our old-time pajamas and read our favorite stories one by one, just like in the old days. These happy hours can rejuvenate our souls with some fresh air.

Happiness is found when you go out with your friends during happy hours. Happy hours never hurt anyone, and it unites old times with old friends. You are most welcome to join us on the eve of happy hour.

The word “Happy hour” can make us smile. Enjoy with us and shake off the life load from your mind and shoulders. You are requested to join us and relish your favorite beverages with us.

Celebrate the happy hour season with us on 15th February at Chilling Bar at 5 pm Light drinks and food will be provided to all at reasonable prices. You are expected to visit us and enjoy yourself just like in the old times.

The happy hour party is on. We all are eagerly waiting for the day to come. Please be on time and let’s celebrate.

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