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Given the sedentary and busy lifestyle that people have these days, it is often seen that they are stressed out the most. It is important that they take a day out to just relax and chill out.

Relaxation day is an annual event that is celebrated on the 15th of August and it aims to let people a day in which they can just take everything slow and relax. It helps to wind off the stress and feel the nature around them while they soak themselves in leisure activities.

Here are some of the quotes and wishes for the day which you can share on your social media profile to the world on that day-

We often complicate a lot of things and hence it is essential to make sure that today we simplify it all and just “relax”.

For relaxing, all you need is just a pool, sun and maybe a good book! Have a worthy relaxation day today.

Dealing with tress the 365 days is tough. Relaxation day is that window that lets you find yourself and get stable amidst all the rush of daily life.

Let yourself delve deeper into the chill mode today. The whirlwind of daily life stops just for this 24 hours of the relaxation day.

It’s officially the day when you can let go of yourself and just pamper yourself with all that you love to do in order to be relaxed. Happy relaxation day.

Life is busy and never easy. Happy relaxation day and hopefully you fuel yourself up for the hard work that comes ahead!

After a lot of work, people lose the sense of sanity and hence it is essential that they go into the full chill mode on this day and just have fun.

The effects of a good day are immense to keep a smile on your face for the upcoming hard days. Make the most of this relaxation day and just chill out.

It isn’t everyday that you are encouraged to relax. Enjoy to the fullest because this relaxation day is breath of fresh air amidst all the hustle and bustle of the daily life.

Happy relaxation day. Let your stress hormones go for a toss today and you make the most of the day with all the fun you can do.

Holidays are a journey that makes a person travel within himself. Get such a holiday in this relaxation and travel the deepest corners of yourself. It shall make you wiser and stronger.

When people do not relax, they choose to struggle and often they may not get the goal. Hence, it is important for them to relax so that they get the power to struggle again and make most of the power they have within themselves.

While swimming, if you try to struggle in the water then you shall drown and on the other hand if you relax and just stay calm then you shall float. Leave yourself to the water and you will just float through life. Have a great relaxation day.

Your mind is full of questions that cannot be answered in the grimmest of life. If you truly ever need the answers then relaxation day is just the right date for you. Just lay back and seek answers that shall come from within.

We all know that happiness is short lived while all the sadness and struggle in life is immense. Step aside from all of it and have a chilled out day1 Happy relaxation day my brother.

You earn a million and that also comes with a trillion worries, true right? Stop. Sit. Life is all good and worry is zero. Relaxation is the key to such thought!

Try out lying on the ground and watching the passing clouds. I bet you that nothing else will make you feel better than this. Have a great relaxation day friend.

Life means long patches of struggle and small parts with over-whelming joy. Balance the two and stay composed, it is the key to success. Have a good and calm relaxation day.

Ancient texts say that meditation is what keeps us grounded and yet on a higher plane of life. Relaxation is just that through which you can achieve calmness and stay grounded while being away from the dark thoughts of life. Relax the day!

Life is a chaos and existence is often painful, but isn’t that life for all?? Just take a deep breath and make sure that you stay at your peace on this relaxation day.

It is true that a day of relaxation can help you focus better on the goals that you gave in life. Make the most of this opportunity and relax yourself as much as you can.

At times, just doing nothing and being at your own zone relaxing can truly be rewarding! Try this out in thus relaxation day.

Five letters that can sort your life and all the thoughts that you have – R E L A X. Life is beautiful, have a good relaxation day ahead.

Hard work and preparation can be the key to success but the relaxation to line up all the learning is essential to assure the success! Relax yourself, today is the relaxation day!

If you keep thinking about the race then it is gonna stress you up. It is suggested that you sit aside for the day and just chill. Trust yourself and do not panic. Happy relaxation day.

You may have tried all the possibilities to make a thing work, but it hasn’t truly worked. Think no more and let it take its own course. You need to relax. Have a soothing relaxation day.

Turn your phones off, commit nothing for the day and eat all that you love. It’s the relaxation day and you deserve the much needed pamper!

A break from life makes life easy on us! Happy relaxation day, sit by your piano with a wine glass, rust me nothing feels better than this.

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