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The national anthem day is mostly celebrated on 3rd of March every year by most of the countries in the world. This day pays respect to the national anthems of different countries.

It is a mean to bring the feeling of patriotism and nationalism in oneself. This day is believed to have its origin from America and is celebrated all around the globe.

Anthem Day Greetings:

-Happy greetings on the very auspicious occasion of Anthem Day. Let us all proudly celebrate this day with great enthusiasm and spread the feeling of oneness in each others heart. 

-National anthem of our country is our pride. Many many best wishes to you and your family for this day. Hope you would celebrate this day with utmost love and passion.

-Sing all, Sing loud, Sing passionately. Today, let our National Anthem be a part of every corner of our country. Sending best wishes to you and hopefully this day would be memorable for all of us.

-Let us bring up the feeling of patriotism and respect in our heart and unitedly come up to celebrate the anthem day. Don’t forget to keep the essence of this day alive. Wishing you and your family a joyful anthem day.

-The anthem of our country is not just a song but something that binds us together as a whole. So this anthem day let everyone of us happily sing our anthem and pay our respect to our motherland. Lots and lots of good wishes and a very happy anthem day to you.

-Every word of our anthem hold a great meaning in it. So this anthem day make yourself a part in celebrating the pureness of our song and hope that this stays in our heart forever. With lots of happiness wishing you a great anthem day.

-Today let all of us feel blessed to be a part of this beautiful county. Our national anthem should be our pride. With best wishes I hope you would also be a part of this very special day. Happy and joyful anthem day to you and your family.

-A great nation and a great national anthem is what brings out the true sense of patriotism in us. We should be proud of our country and its national anthem. Cheers to such a glorious day. Happy National Anthem day.

-A country’s true power is in its people and the national anthem is what holds everyone together. So this national day let us all sing our national anthem loud and let us all feel proud of this incredible country.

-A glorious song of a victorious nation – this is what our national anthem should mean to us. All the good wishes to you and your family on this patriotic day.

-Let us all be feel proud because of the great nation that we are born into and let us all be grateful to all the things our nation provides us. This day could be a perfect day to be thankful to our country. Happy national anthem day. 

-A nation’s glory and triumphs can be heard though its national anthem. On this auspicious day I want you to remember and admire the glorious history of our nation and celebrate national anthem day proudly. Cheers to our greaqt nation.

Anthem Day Messages:

-We all need to understand that our primary duty is to serve our motherland. We, the citizens have all the power and courage to make a change. Cheers to our great nation and let us all have a good time celebrating this glorious day.

-Unless and until we have not brought the feeling of patriotism within ourselves, our country can not develop properly. So on this national anthem day let us all bring the feel of patriotism within ourselves and celebrate this day proudly.

-A country’s national anthem represents the glory and power of that country. This national anthem day let us all promise to contribute something to this great nation and let us all celebrate this day with utmost pride.

-We should always try to carry forward our actions in the direction of well being and prosperity and help our country to grow. Let us celebrate this national anthem day by helping the under privileged section of the society.

-This national anthem day let us make a promise to always show respect while reciting our national anthem and hold its worth higher than anything else.

-Our national anthem is a symbol of freedom and bravery. We should stand together and remind ourselves the true meaning of our national anthem and pay our respect to our incredible nation.

-National anthem holds a significant place in the hearts of all the people of the country. This national anthem day, let us all come together by singing out our national anthem. Have a great national anthem day.

-Our glorious national anthem has also got an acclaimed history which, many of us are unaware of. On this national anthem day, let us all celebrate this day by knowing about the admirable history of our national anthem. Happy national anthem to you and your family.

-This national anthem day let us all know about our country’s glorious and victorious history and let us all pay our respect to our nation and to our national anthem.

-It is our duty to learn our national anthem as it is a part of all of us and let us all make our country proud by holding it within us forever.

Anthem Day Quotes:

-“Freedom and bravery – there is a reason we sing of them in our national anthem. We are free because we are brave.”   ~ Ali Master

-“If every citizen should recite their national anthem daily, you will develop love to serve your country better.” ~ Lailah Gifty Akita

-“If you forget the words to your own song, you can always claim artistic license. Forget the words to the national anthem and you are screwed.”  ~ Lyle Lovett

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