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Every year on the 21st April, World Poetry Day is celebrated. It was started in 1999 by UNESCO.

This day is a celebration of the art of poetry and focuses on promoting reading, writing, publishing, and teaching poetry.

It is the day to “give fresh recognition and impetus to national, regional and international poetry movements”.

Poetry Day Messages

– Each and every person can become a poet with just a touch of love. Write your feelings and spread love on this day. Wish you a very happy World Poetry Day.

– “Poetry looking in the mirror sees art and art looking in a mirror sings poetry.” Best wishes to you on this World Poetry Day.

– Sprinkle the magic of your love and feelings on people and win their hearts on this day. Wish you a very happy World Poetry Day.

– “We ache with the yearning that turns half into whole an offer no excuses for the beauty of our souls.” Wish you a very happy World Poetry Day.

– Poetry has the power in itself to make distorted things beautiful and pretty. Wish you a very happy World Poetry Day.

– Poetry is the language of souls, the way two souls communicate. Spread love and celebrate this World Poetry Day.

– If you want to put your emotions into words, wrote a poem. Best wishes on this World Poetry Day.

– On this occasion of World Poetry Day we must all remember that poetry is a skill that has the power itself to move people’s souls. Happy World Poetry Day.

– Write a poem and let your emotions flow on this day. Wish you a very happy World Poetry Day.

– Breathe in experience and breathe out poetry on this day. Celebrate by spreading love on this day. Wish you a very happy World Poetry Day.

– Poetry is the only thing that matters; it is what brings your soul peace. Write a poem and celebrate this day. Best wishes to you on this World Poetry Day.

– Without poetry in this world it suffers from an intolerable hunger of emotions. Speak out your feelings on this day. Wish you a very happy World Poetry Day.

– Celebrate this occasion of World Poetry Day by writing poetry for all your friends and family and communicating to them how you feel about them. Happy World Poetry Day.

– Poetry is a language at its most distilled and powerful. Best wishes on this World Poetry Day.

– All you need to change the world is a pen. Write and speak out your feelings on this day. Best wishes on this World Poetry Day.

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– Remember on this occasion of World Poetry Day that poetry is the lifeblood of rebellion, revolution, and the raising of consciousness. Happy World Poetry Day.

– The only language of the heart is poetry. Write a poem and speak your heart out on this day. Wish you a very happy World Poetry Day.

– Poetry is an emotion founding a thought and the thought finding words. Wish you a very happy World Poetry Day.

– “A poet is a verb that blossoms light in gardens of dawn, or sometimes midnight.” Wish you a very happy World Poetry Day.

– A clear expression of mixed feelings is what is called poetry. Express your emotions and feelings through words on this day. Wish you a very happy World Poetry Day.

– Poetry is not just words, it is a feeling. The feeling between hearts and souls. Best wishes on this World Poetry Day.

– Poetry is like the mother’s arms. A place where even every soul can find comfort and live. Wish you a very happy World Poetry Day.

– Rise out of the ashes and come out like a winner. Express your emotions and never back down. Wish you a very happy World Poetry Day.

– A poet gathers the past, the present, and the future and spills them into poetry that can survive an eternity. Wish you a very happy World Poetry Day.

– Communicating a huge, big, heartfelt message with just a few words is the specialty of poetry. Express your emotions on this day. Best wishes on this World Poetry Day.

– Poetry can always help to deliver more than expected. Cherish your life with a poem on this day. Wish you a very happy World Poetry Day.

– “Poetry comes from the highest happiness or the deepest sorrow.” Wish you a very happy World Poetry Day.

– She has worn herself down to nothing, trying to erase the mistakes she’s made, with her other side, she writes. Happy World Poetry Day.

– A ghost can know its shadow by getting in touch with your feelings by poetry. Wish you a very happy World Poetry Day.

– “There’s never a reason not to chase the ones who make you feel something.” Best wishes on this World Poetry Day.

– Poetry can help to heal the wounds inflicted on a person for any reason. Share the pain and express your emotions on this day. Wish you a very happy World Poetry Day.

– Poetry is like an echo of hearts. Let your heart echo and share your feelings on this day. Wish you a very happy World Poetry Day.

– Express your feelings, wrote a poem, let the shadows dance. Wish you a very happy World Poetry Day.

– Poetry is like a painting that speaks the language of your soul. Wish you a very happy World Poetry Day.

– Tell the truth, speak your heart out. Let your emotions fly and heart free. Write a poem. Wish you a very happy World Poetry Day.

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– Create an imaginary garden with real toads. Create a new world with your words about your real feelings with a poem. Best wishes on this World Poetry Day.

Poetry day Captions:

-Celebrating the Poetry day with tiny pieces of poems. Happy Poetry day! #prosepoetry #poetrydaily #worldpoetryday2022

-If anything can speak to the soul and mind is a poem. Happy Poetry day! #worldpoetryday #poetry #poetryday2022 

-Understanding poetry means understanding the nature and meaning of life. #poetrycommunity #poem #poet

-Poems are inevitable, unpredictable, and smack in the face of society. Happy Poetry day! #worldpoetryday #poetry #realpoetry

-When a simple man gets hurt, he becomes the most powerful poet of all. Happy Poetry day! #poetrycommunity #poem #poet

-A simple love story is enough to transform a man into a heartbroken poet. Happy Poetry day! #worldpoetryday #poetry #poetryday2022

-The beauty of life lies in the eyes of a poet. Only he can see it. Happy Poetry day! #prosepoetry #poetrydaily #worldpoetryday2022

-What can’t be expressed in eyes can be expressed through words. Happy Poetry day! #poetrycommunity #poem #poet

-A romantic poem can soothe the mind of a disturbed. Happy Poetry day! #worldpoetryday #poetry #poetryday2022

-Poetry seems like a soothing opera, a relaxing element to the mind. Happy Poetry day! #prosepoetry #poetrydaily #worldpoetryday2022

-There is no special occasion for heartful poetry. Happy Poetry day. #prosepoetry #poetrydaily #worldpoetryday2022

-The night is the best time to celebrate the spark of poetry. Happy Poetry day. #poetrycommunity #poem #poet

-When you read the poems, it feels like a bird’s humming. Happy Poetry day. #prosepoetry #poetrydaily #worldpoetryday2022

-On this special poetry day, I with your life gets magical too. Happy Poetry day. #prosepoetry #poetrydaily #worldpoetryday2022

Poetry day Wishes:

-Poetry has something extraordinary and extremely beautiful to exhibit. Let’s celebrate this extraness of poetry. Happy Poetry day. 

-Sending you my warm wishes to let you know a happy Poetry day. May you continue your poetry. 

-On the event of Poetry day, let’s not forget the beauty and glory of poems, which we all must keep alive. Happy Poetry day.

-WIshing you all a happy Poetry day. We must celebrate the creativity and magic of poems in healing a person. 

-Sending you my warm greetings on this Poetry day. We all should make society aware to appreciate the beauty of poems. 

-If anything can express the beauty of nature and a lady in a unique way, it’s only poetry. Happy Poetry day. 

-Poems have the power and vibrance to influence society in a special way. Let’s celebrate the existence of poetry. Happy Poetry day. 

-Let us encourage the world to empathize with poetry to live life better. Happy Poetry day. 

-When poetry inspires humans to live a better life, it can never get boring. Happy Poetry day. 

-Sending you warm wishes on this Poetry day to let you know that your poetry inspires my soul and melts my heart. Best wishes. 

-I want to wake up with your poetry every morning. I wish your treasure fills with more poems and rhythm. Happy Poetry day. 

-Wishing you a Happy Poetry day. I hope you continue to charge up humankind with your superior poems. 

Poetry day Quotes:

-“Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words.” – Edgar Allan Poe

-“There is no Frigate like a Book / To take us Lands away, / Nor any Coursers like a Page / Of prancing Poetry.” – Emily Dickinson

-“Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood.” – T. S. Eliot

-“As a poet, I would say everything should be able to come into a poem, but I can’t put toothbrushes in a poem. I really can’t.” – Sylvia Plath

-“Poetry is a religion with no hope.” – Jean Cocteau

-“Poetry is a way of taking life by the throat.” – Robert Frost

-“Poetry is thoughts that breathe and words that burn.” – Thomas Gray

-“Poetry is to prose as dancing is to walking.” – John Wain

-“Poetry is play. I’d even rather have you think of it as a sport. For instance, like football.” – Robert Frost

-“Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.” – Carl Sandburg

-“Poetry is life distilled.” – Gwendolyn Brooks

-“Painting is silent poetry & poetry is eloquent painting.” – Simonides

-“Poetry is talking on tiptoe.” – George Meredith

Poetry day Status:

-Once poetry enters your life, you will never get bored. Wishing you all a Happy Poetry day! 

-Poetry infects the bloodstream and remains with one in the heart. Happy Poetry day! 

-Poems give us the true meaning of life. Happy Poetry day! 

-Let’s not underestimate the power of poetry. It’s so powerful that betters one’s life. 

-Poetry makes a poem better and better each and every day. Happy Poetry day! 

-A poem can create or destroy a society with its power. Wishing you all a Happy Poetry day! 

-Only a poet can invoke different feelings within humans with his poetry. 

-Each poem gives distinct experiences, sensations, and feelings you never experienced. 

-Wise people hold the liberty to celebrate poetry, but the ignorant will run away! 

-Poetry books are the treasure of this society that can bring change if opened. 

-To destroy the rhythm of justice and create a peaceful society, only a poem is enough! 

-Poems are the true magical elements of nature. Happy Poetry day.

Poetry Status for WhatsApp

  • Love does not have its voice. It can only be expressed by eyes.
  • Your love, my life on my unconsciousness. You are the greatest present I have ever obtained in my life.  

  • My love, how you became the sweetest memory of my life?

  • You asked, what is my life story? Well, it’s you, darling!

  • When I shut my eyes, I notice you. 

  • Yet I open them & I miss you!

  • Love, my heart would stop beating without your essence because it doesn’t wanna beat without you. 
Poetry Captions

  • Yes, I’m selfish. I’m selfish because I’m not prepared to share you with nobody else.

  • You are the most valuable person I have from almighty.

  • Without you, my love, living impossible as much as breathing impossible.

  • When I truly fell in love, I didn’t tell it – I showed it.

  • If I’m introduced to LOVE, it’s because of you!

  • You don’t know, my lover, how much your smile became my addiction.

  • Love + Loyalty + Trust = It’s an unbreakable relationship like ours!

  • I discovered the actual meaning of my life with your name. It will destroy in your arms.

  • Help me, my love, to make my life complete

  • Because it’s incomplete without you!

  • Looking deep into your eyes makes me forget all my sadness. 

  • I dunno what is there in your eyes, 

  • When I see your eyes, I get lost in them. 

  • Yes, I know I fail to express my feelings for you.

  • But I’m nothing without you!

  • Last night, a voice came from my heart

  • I can’t leave you & nobody can make us apart.

  • You became the lover of my life because you were my first wish!

  • Isn’t it natural to forget the entire world after looking at these eyes?

Poetry Captions
  • Love does not have its voice. The eyes are the sole means through which it may be communicated.

  • Your love has been the foundation of my existence while I have been asleep. You are the best gift I have ever received in my whole life. I cannot thank you enough.

  • My dearest love, can you explain how you become the most pleasant recollection of my life?

  • You inquired about the course of my life; what should I tell you? You, my dear, are the one in question!

  • When I close my eyes, I see you. When I open them, I don’t.
  • I am self-centered; that much is clear. I am self-centered because I am not willing to share you with anyone else. I do not care about anybody else.

  • You are the most significant person in my life, and I thank God for giving you to me.

  • If I were to lose you, my darling, it would be difficult to continue living in the same way as breathing would be hard.

  • When I finally realized that I was in love with someone, I did not verbalize it; rather, I exhibited it.

  • You are the one responsible for introducing me to love if that happens.
  • My beloved, you have no idea how much I have become dependent on your beautiful grin.

  • The true significance of my existence became clear to me when I was introduced to your name. You will feel the destruction as you hold it.

  • My life isn’t complete without your assistance, my love; please help me finish it.

  • My life seems to be lacking something essential when you’re not there!

  • Looking deep into your eyes lets me forget all my misery.

  • I have no idea what you’re seeing out of the corner of your eye.
  • Strong men know better than to mess with a woman’s feelings. It’s probably best to just walk away from her.

  • Someone dwells in my heart, and I can see them right here in front of my eyes. That someone is YOU!

  • Every time she speaks to me, I have the feeling that a piece of myself that was formerly missing is being filled in.

  • The ice melts when you beam your light, and my heart grows chilly when you are not there with me.

  • When we love, our hearts expand, and individuals often undergo a transformation when their capacity for expansion is increased.

Sad Poetry Whatsapp Status

Poetry that expresses our sorrow and deep misery is extremely beautiful. Thus, we will present some quotes that will be perfect for your sad poetry Whatsapp status.

  • When I look into your eyes, I can’t help but get completely immersed in them.

  • Yes, I am well aware that I am unable to convey how I feel about you adequately.

  • On the other hand, I’d be nothing without you!

  • In the middle of the night, I heard a voice coming from deep inside my heart.

  • I am unable to part ways with you, and there is no one who can bring us two apart.

Romantic Poetry Status

There is no one in the world who does not admire romance. Romance in the form of poetry is even more beautiful. Here is some romantic poetry status for you.

  • When we begin to believe in love, we open ourselves up to the possibility of miracles.

  • A person who has eyes filled with dust but a heart filled with faith would constantly cry out in sorrow.

  • You won’t always be crushed by the blows that are dealt to you. It would seem that certain people can remove roadblocks from one’s life.

  • When we make life the focal point of our attention, it rewards us with a wealth of chances.

  • Today, people engage in behaviors they promise never to engage in again!
  • Today, we are together as humans. Centuries later, we will be together as ghosts.

  • There is no one in the world I love as much as I love you. Except for pizza.

  • Life without you is boring. You make my heart burst with joy through your existence.

  • My heart beats for you and only you.

  • When you are not with me, the sun becomes a little dimmer than usual.
  • Though we fell in love by fortune,

  • We will stay together by choice.

  • Your eyes are like the ocean, your face is like Moon, and your hair is like the last night!

  • In this world, true loves always come back!

  • My body starts smelling like a fresh rose when you touch my body. 

  • The pain in love is innocent. I feel no pain but the essence of its sweetness.

  • The pain in a beautiful relationship is what I desire.

  • To me, you are the best reason to sacrifice my sleep. I love you!

  • When life brings me closer to you, it seems greater than the Moon. 

  • The first day I saw you, I knew it; my life was gonna be a rollercoaster ride.

  • Darling, don’t you know about my condition? It’s lifeless without you!

  • Now come closer and give me some kisses because you became my lovely miss.

  • The fire you set in my whole body can only be extinguished by your touch.

  • When I first met you, I realized that God made you for me.

  • We only live once and die once, but our true love remains the same.

  • I got a completely new life with your companionship.

  • She loved life; he loved death. 
  • He lived for her, but she expired for him.
  • The strongest people don’t play with a woman’s heart… better leave her. 

  • In front of my eyes, there someone lives in my heart…. that’s YOU!

  • Whenever she talks to me, I feel a missing part of me adds in. 

  • Ice melts when you shine, my heart gets cold when you are not there beside me.

  • Our heart gets open when we love, and when it’s open, people usually change.

  • Miracles happen when we start believing in love. 

  • A heart with trust and eyes with dust always cries in pain. 

  • Not all blows come to crush you. Some appear to unblock obstacles in life. 

  • When we focus on life, life gives us lots of opportunities.

  • People do the things today that they won’t do someday!
Poetry Captions
  • In life, my dark days made me strong than my bright days couldn’t. 

  • Between the frozen lake and standing woods, I found the longest evening with you!

  • I gave my gear bells a slow shake to see if there were any of my mistakes.

  • How far can you go with fear? Your fear might be big yet very small to life. 

  • I tried hard to be a good person. Now I’m in the prayers of everyone in the world. 

  • Loving someone more than your existence is sad and stupidity. 

  • I pray and thank God for doing well with me, as he didn’t give me worse.

  • Society is never sad. It’s just people thinking of themselves being sad. 

  • The worst thing you can haul is hurt someone’s soul. 

  • Good and bad are two chapters of one book, like two personalities in one soul. 

  • We never realized when our feelings and emotions got replaced with emoticons.

  • I have replaced your voice with fronts and your face with profile pictures. 

  • And when my heart fills with joy, I feel like I’m dancing with the daffodils under the open sky. 

  • When he blinds himself with the shade of joy, the winged life makes him destroy!

  • When I kiss the joy when it flies, I experience living in eternity’s sunrise. 

  • I winged my hope with feathers, and my hope started to tune without words. 

  • Every mind is a meteor, the heart is a hurricane, and the soul is a starlit sea unbound by gravity. 

  • My mind is like a warbling bird

  • Whose den is in a spring shoot?

  • Work hard it in gold and silver grapes

  • In leaflets and silver fleurs-de-lys.

  • My mind is my kingdom, 

  • Such present I there find that shines all other bliss. 

  • I made my mind to mount up to the purest sky

  • Having the pleasure to fly so high.

  • I’m in my vacant with my, melancholy mood

  • Which is the pure grace of solitude.

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