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Bastille day is also one of the renowned days for it is the famous day when the first step towards the french revolution commenced for the abolition of unrighteous rulers by the french people, a step towards the liberty of the french people on 1bastille day 1789 . the date when the french people rose up and fought back ton their oppressors and hence this day is greatly celebrated commemorating the martyr of this act or we can say the revolutionaries.

This day is basically an anniversary of this behalf, and it is spend just like a republic day where people commemorate the great deeds of history.

Here are some quotes and wishes for Bastille Day

_this great day shall never be forgotten fir this day, we know what we are and what we can do, we are not less, but we can be more than we imagine

_winning every battle is not important, but winning the war is, hence we wish to celebrate this noble day with our noble brothers

_let’s commemorate this wonderful act and step which carved the name of our country on ti the pages of history with golden letters

_men fight for glory and become warriors of honour as history shows only the language of the sun, the true victor rewrites history so these brave men did once

_never shall you witness a day such as this as the french people today got their day of liberation, and hence on this behalf we wish happy Bastille day

_with great deeds comes greater accomplishments so is what history has taught us over time and hence happy Bastille day

_every person in earth has the right to stay free no matter what and the moment we steal their freedom we steal their most precious right

_freedom doesn’t come free, it has a price to pay, so has paid all the revolutionaries during the Bastille storing in 1789   and hence we have liberty today

_we wish a generous Bastille day on behalf of all the martyrs of our nation and all the sacrifices they made in order to let us stay in peace

we wish a happy ans wish for our country’s welfare as we invite you to the cerebration of Bastille day and hence feel proud to be a part of it

_be a part of this proud moment , when martyrs stood for shier country in need on Bastille day on the day of 14th July

_lets wave our flags up in sky , let them sail as we high as possible and feel proud as we are a part of the liberty given long ago

_show the world that we people can change the world by giving our best and hence stop the wars before war stops us

_People of a country are the country’s heart, and a country is made by not the land but the people

_  the day our country git freed, as we invite you to celebrate the independence day of french revolution on 14th July

We are lucky to be the ones who can give rather than the ones in need. So lets give our gratitude to out country which we live in, 

_lets make a better world for the people who live in it alongside us and hence remember those act of valour, for which we are free, 

_never shall you feel so proud and happy as when you show gratitude towards your country  and people, and over all, to your country

_come be a part and witness as we all contrition to the noble moment of french revolutions first step of liberty  and hence on Bastille day to celebrate with us

_we all do feel proud to share a bit of what we have done for your country ans lets wish we can do more 

_lets make our martyrs proud b of us by giving gratitude towards their efforts and our beloved France as we invite you top celebrate Bastille day with us

_  being part of a noble cause as this makes us whole from inside, as we are all contributing our parts in this country 

_come and spend your day with us as we contribute for the noble cause of our legendary french revolution commencement on Bastille day and hence feel proud to be a part of it

_watch our country’s flag up in the sky on Bastille day , and hence we wish you to be on 14th July with all our hearts

_all the people of France or I would say my country men, lend me out hands as we wish a happy Bastille day to commemorate the first step of a millionth of our great French revolution

_f commemorate our our beloved martyrs on Bastille day and lets make sure their could stay happy ion the heavens or in whichever corner of the world they are in 

_contribution to ones’s country is none less noble act than worshiping god himself and hence is this day of french revolution, which taught us that if there is a will there is a way

_a day like this, a day when our country realized what its worth, recognized its true citizens, realized that it is a part of something better, is the day the french revolution started with the Bastille storming

_even the mightiest forts can be blown to pieces if we can fight as one, a lesson we learn from the Bastille day and hence we shall always stay united, because united we stand and divided we fall

_falling doesn’t mean any failure unless and until you have the courage to stand back up on your feet, carve your broken bones into deadly weapons and throw off the enemy, and the victory shall be yours

_victory always comes to the victor or the more powerful but it always comes with a price, so did history prove it on 14th July 1789, hence wishing a happy Bastille day 

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