379+ Porky’s Quotes You’ve Never Heard Before (Images)

Porky Pig is one of the best characters in the Loony Tunes series of Warner Bros.

He had been the initial character that the studio created for drawing audiences, and numerous critically acclaimed shorts were likewise created by the animators that featured the character. We all know Porky for his stuttering attributes.

In fact, he happens to be the oldest continuing character of Loony Tunes that we are familiar with.

Here, we have mentioned some interesting Porky pig🐷 quotes that will surely draw your attention.

Best Porky’s Quotes

  • Shake your hands with none other than Friar Duck
  • That is all I have to say, folks
  • A major corporation tried to take a chance more than 50 years earlier
  • A word is not required by the wise; it is the stupid who needs words
  • That’s alright, wisdom.
  • Powerful porky Pig hunter
  • That’s all, guys! Please shut your mouth.
  • Please don’t disturb me. I am doing a job.
  • I say you, man, it seems that you do not understand the matter.
  • Porky Pig does what I say to him.
  • They all become full in the long run and leave the area.
  • Obviously, I am in need of expert advice, and so I want to talk to myself.
  • Can you concentrate on solving this all alone?
  • It is that boring Monday once again.
  • On Saturday mornings, cartoons seem to be rather interesting.
  • It’s day 12, and they still have not noticed that I am a pig.
  • While running after my dreams, I finally tipped over reality, and my dream broke.
  • I simply hate when folks are present in your residence.
  • He has already left out a bunch of stuff.
  •  So Porky pig is doing sit-ups.

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Short Porky’s Quotes

  • Have you counted the wrinkles in an asshole? But I am going to count them.
  • Can I hold this barrel where both of us can hide in?
  • Porky Pig, why don’t you listen to what I am telling you to do?
  • I am so sorry for what I have done.
  • I am not 100% sanguine.
  • Please, take care of yourself.
  • This comes off rather straightforward.
  • Don’t ask me this stupid question. I am not here to answer them.
  • You were absolutely correct, Sylvester.
  • Please be my companion. I am here to guide you.
  • I think that I have already shown that turnip has been overstuffed.
  • Don’t try to hide your feelings in front of me.
  • No, who said I am doing anything?
  • Prepare me a cup of coffee, and I will present you with 2 dollars.
  • Now, you ought to pay the bill before leaving.
  • No, I mean that my partner Daffy Duck will be right back very shortly. He is out there cashing a check.
  • Come on! Be kind to Daffy! Do not fail me this time.
  • Currently, you are just a helpless and lifeless Duckiiee!!
  • There is no need for you to be concerned about it. Daffy is going to be here very shortly with the cash.
  • Fatso, I object to this! You are causing an insult to my integrity.
  • Hello, look. It is Pruneface, the Dick Tracy character.
  • You are insulting me! 
  • Robespierre, you already had your share of coffee this week. Don’t ask for more.
  • You insulted me! I will not let you go!
  • One for the cash, 2 for the show, and 3 to become ready. And 4 to Geronimo!

Porky Pig Sayings

  • Only if Bugs Bunny had been present here!
  • Bugs Bunny is my hero. He can get out of any damn spot.
  • I had the privilege of watching him once in a Leon Schlessinger cartoon.
  • The hunter has already covered him.
  • And he got hold of the gun.
  • And the hunter fell down! Bang! What a man! None can hold the hunter! He is going to get all of us out of here.

  • I just find it so annoying to tolerate this! I am becoming a bit crazy. Cooler cuckoo! Bastille batty! I have become black, just like a sheet.
  • You think that I love this? Well, I am just proud to dictate that you are totally wrong. When will you stop this?
  • Eh, what is the matter, duck?
  • We have been locked up in a hotel by the palooka manager. We believe that you might unlock us and make us free.
  • Have you tried the elevator? Yes.

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  • Have you thrown him down the staircase? Yes.
  • Would you like to make use of the sheets?
  • Yap. We have tried every single way.
  • Ok, we are going to pay, we are going to pay. 
  • Is there any similarity between this particular hotel and the hotels nearby?
  • It is a fact that life happens to be a weird thing. Can you guess what makes it so weird in the long run? Folks.
 Porky Pig Sayings & Quotes
  • She was always riding a cruise while she was dreaming in her sleep. 
  • Changing the future is quite tough. The future alters its direction depending on the human soul and also the action.
  • To be precise, you are on the right track when making the proper decisions.
  • Try to make it happen what you are dreaming about.
  • An intelligence service happens to be the right vehicle when it comes to conspiracy.
  • I am forced to use the word “insurgent” because no better word is now coming to my mind.
  • Although folks dream of many things, a few of them become true.
  • My mom used to love feature films. And I started loving movies because of her. 
  • She did not believe in identity and said that a man would be smart if he could get rid of his identity.
  • I am of the same notion as my mom.
  • According to her, getting rid of the skin color was extremely tough. It is surely true, but it is even harder to remove the DNA of anyone’s social class.
  • What has been delivered to us by Mother Nature is never stale. Use it fully and freely.
  • I will not be holding my breast for one more invitation.
  • Our task is to make others happy and feel better. This way, we will achieve our purpose.

Porky’s Movie Quotes

“Are you kidding? This is the most fun I’ve had without lubricant.”

“We’re gonna get laid. We’re gonna get laid. We’re gonna get laid!”

“What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue? Yeah, along with the rest of the cat!”

“I told my old man I’m going to study at Wendy’s. I am studying. Wendy’s!”

“Keep your P.E. short, ’cause we got a lot of drinking to do tonight.”

“Ah, life is a hideous thing, and from the background behind what we know of it peer demon figures, ‘evil’ in every sense of the word.”

“This has been the best night of my life, and it’s not over yet!”

“You’re just a great big dick with a little man hanging off of it.”

“Sometimes it’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.”

“You better stick that finger up your ass and get a good grip!”

“I’m tellin’ ya, every time I get near one of them hot chicks, I get a hard-on.”

“What’s a nice Jewish boy like you doing in a place like this?”

“I’ve heard of such things, but I’ve never seen a man’s penis turn into a corkscrew!”

“I think the world’s greatest man is Christ, followed by John Wayne and then Ronald Reagan.”

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