99+ Inspirational Saint Patrick’s Day Quotes, Wishes For Everyone

St. Patrick was one of the members of the Christian missionary who credited Christianity to Ireland. 17th March is widely celebrated as St. Patrick’s Day all over the world. It is his death anniversary which is celebrated.

The blue color used to signify the whole event but now that has been changed to green. Parades are held, and there is a ritual of planting peas on this particular day. There are many funny sayings about this day too.

Let’s take a mini tour of Ireland and see what famous people say about this day. 

Inspirational Saint Patrick’s Day Quotes, Wishes For Everyone

-I am Irish, and that is a part of me; I carry it wherever I go. –Collin Farrell

-St. Patrick’s day is to celebrate our history, our origin, and our greenery. It’s a day of our heritage. –Anthony T. Hicks 

-We all are Irish Tonight. –Norman Reedus 

-It really doesn’t matter if I drink often or if I drink once in a while; I am always ready to raise a glass on St. Patrick’s Day! –Pat Maloney 

-I wish I could be an Irish girl and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland. –Saoirse Ronan 

-You are in Ireland, so get yourself a drink and enjoy! –Matthew Goode 

-I am from Ireland, and I will stay in Ireland only till my last breath. –Tom Cruise 

– When I feel… Well, when I feel good, I feel better than anyone else, and when I’m dead, I will be deader than anyone else. –Morgan Llywelyn

-There is free beer in Irish paradise, and everyone is jealous of that! –Kevin Hearne 

st patricks day quotes

-A person tells a story and another person disputes them. That’s the Irish way of celebrating holidays. –Lara Flynn Boyle 

-The luck you made for yourself is the best luck of all. –Douglas MacArthur 

-Ireland is a place where you can find poets, Legends, artists, dreamers, and rebels altogether. –Nora Roberts 

– St. Patrick’s Day is a day of enchantments and changes. It’s the day when you turn your winter dreams into the magic of summer. –Adrienne Cook 

-The heart of an Irishman is full of his imagination. -George Bernard Shaw 

-The perk of being Irish is you can find a family anywhere you go. –Victoria Smurfit 

-May the blessings of St. Patrick shower on you and the luck of the Irish enfold you. –Irish Blessing 

-You have to believe that you are lucky. The real luck lies in there. –Tennessee Williams 

-Sometimes, you could be going around lucky all day without even knowing it, so the best you can do is, try your luck at least once a day. –Jimmy Dean 

-Your willingness to act decides the amount of good luck coming in your way. –Barbara Sher

-The sun shines in the heart of all the people of Ireland and keeps us warm. So it doesn’t matter if we are having bad weather because we have the power to overcome that. –Marianne Williamson 

-Love can never be defeated, and I can tell you thousands of Irish proverbs about it. –Pope John Paul II 

-We cannot ever count all the saints of Ireland because they are so many, but I can assure you none of them are as friendly, as human, and as lovable as St. Patrick. –Stephen Gwynn 

-If it was raining soup then the Irish people would go out with forks! –Brendan Behan 

-If our deeds were not sufficient to earn freedom, then our children would do it better and earn it themselves. And for you, you cannot conquer Ireland or extinguish the spirit of the Irish people for freedom. –Patrick Henry Pearse

-If you hold a four-leafed shamrock on St. Patrick’s Day, then you will get what you have wanted for so long but didn’t wish for. –Patricia Lynch 

-Procrastination takes a sense of urgency here, and you can see this only in Ireland and nowhere else in this world. –Dave Allen 

-Ireland cultures will pop up everywhere. No matter whether you are traveling to realms of high or low culture, Ireland will keep on influencing you. –Robert Sullivan 

-If I ever want to know what the Irish people would have thought at this very moment, I look into my heart and I find every answer there. –Eamon De Valera 

-The Irish will prepare to fight to the death, and still, they wouldn’t know what they actually want. –Sidney Littlewood 

-The Irish were joking when they gave away the bagpipes to the schottisches, but the schottisches didn’t get the joke! –Oliver Herford 

-We found the Irish to be odd because they refused to be English. –Winston Churchill 

st patricks day quotes

-There is a specialty in Ireland.  The inevitable would never happen, and the unexpected would keep on occurring. Yes, that happens a lot in Ireland. –John Pentland Mahaffy

-We are Irish, and we can laugh at ourselves without any hesitation. I hope God Blesses us all. –Ann Kennedy 

-St. Patrick said the four leaves of the shamrock represent the trinity, the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. Thus the shamrock represents a religious symbol. –Stephen Colbert 

– St. Patrick’s Day is a holy day for the Roman Catholics in Ireland and a day for vomiting with pants on for the drunkards of New Jersey.  –Margot Leitman 

-And that’s the day when I saw Leprechaun who told me to burn things! –Ralph Wiggum 

-St. Patrick’s Day is a great day for the people of Ireland but just an average day if you are looking for a white wine spritzer. –John Stewart 

-And on St. Patrick’s Day, I got lucky as a four-leafed shamrock; I met a Purdy Lassie, drunk enough to come on over. –Jimmy Fallon 

-I come from an Irish family where St. Patrick’s Day has been one of the biggest holidays. I remember we started out the night by wearing stockings and in the morning, they would be full of beer. –Sean Morey 

-It’s St. Patrick’s Day, so let’s get really drunk! –Homer Simpson 

-When Irish people smile, they can take your heart away; when Irish people are happy, they make the world brighter. In the laughter, you can hear angels singing and the pure joy of Irish people. –Chaucey Olcott George Graff, Jr. 

-Yes, that’s what we Irish people do. We take serious things as jokes, and sometimes we treat jokes as very serious matters. –Sean O’Casey 

-If you see geographically, you will notice that Ireland is a medium-sized island that is slowly but steadily being consumed by the sheep. –Dave Barry 

-He was Irish, and he had this abiding sense of tragedy. When he had to survive through the temporary periods of joy that helped him to sustain himself. –William Butler Yeats 

-Ever thought about where a man’s glory starts and when that glory comes to an end? Well, think and say that your glory was that you always had such friends who stayed with you. –William Butler Yeats 

-There is a secret behind being successful. You need to have these three bones; a backbone, a wishbone, and a funny bone. –Reba McEntire

-Luck is when an opportunity comes up, and you are already well prepared for it. –Denzel Washington 

st patricks day quotes

-I have an immense love for anything that is old; for instance, I can say I love old books, old wine, old manners, old friends, and old times. –Oliver Goldsmith 

-Fond memories really bring the light of other days to me. –Thomas Moore 

-The love of words I have always had is being Irish. –Kenneth Branagh

-Human connections are the most real connections you will ever have. Cherish them till your last breath. Cherish the relationship you have with your family and your friends. –Joseph Brodsky 

-Above everything else, I am an Irishwoman. That’s my identity; I am independent, tough, and Irish. –Maureen O’Hara 

-You have to think lucky. Even if you’re having a bad day, you have to keep the faith that you might get lucky anytime. Miracles happen all the time. You just have to keep believing. –Darrell Royal 

-The women in the old-fashioned Ireland were reared to be lonely. That’s what I experienced while growing up there. –Anne Enright 

-We are way luckier than we know or believe. We will get what we want or at least get something near enough that. –Roald Dahl 

-Just imagine living a life where you are a magical leprechaun, and every wish you make on a four-leaf clover obliges you to help others to obtain their wishes. And now think this is actually true. –Richelle E. Goodrich 

-Sometimes you don’t get what you want, and you consider yourself to be the unluckiest person ever, but trust me that’s the stroke of luck. Sometimes not getting what you want can be the luckiest thing that could ever happen to you. –Lorii Myers 

-A blessing is like a circle of light drawn around a person to protect him, strengthen him, and heal him. –John O’Donohue

-What I am today is what I established yesterday, and tomorrow or any day in the future, I will be something that is being established by me today. –James Joyce 

-God knows what is best for us. Our prayers should be blessings in general. –Socrates 

st patricks day quotes

-I am a New Yorker every day but I am also Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, just like I am an Italian on Columbus Day. –Tamara Tunie

– St. Patrick’s Day is a huge festival back in my hometown. You can imagine it, just think of Christmas but all in green. –J. Courtney Sullivan 

-I am not sure if St. Patrick’s Day was supposed to be all about drinking. It’s like a stupid and weird excuse for high school students to vomit. Who knows what this day is actually supposed to be about? –Frances McDormand

-I am the owner of an Irish passport and a British passport. I drop by to celebrate Christmas every year, and I can never afford to miss St. Patrick’s Day.–Stella Maxwell 

– St. Patrick brought Christianity into Ireland, and we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day every year on the seventeenth of march but the numbers of practicing Catholics or practicing Christians are very less than I know. –Katie Taylor 

-I have a few memories of St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago. They are very much vague but very much fond at the same time. –Joel Murray 

-We don’t really care. We say it how it is exactly and as we mean it. You have to deal with this. The truth is always the truth. The more I see Irish people, the more I understand it’s an Irish thing. –Conor McGregor  

st patricks day quotes

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