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Saint Lucia’s Day which is also known as the Feast of Saint Lucy is celebrated on 13th December every year in memory of Saint Lucy who was a martyr in the 3rd century under the Diocletianic Persecution.

Saint Lucia provided food and aid to the Christians who were hiding in the catacombs. She came with a candle that helped to find her way into the catacomb. Saint Lucy’s Day is regarded as an event that brings the Light of Christ with itself before the arrival of Christmas.

It is mostly celebrated in the Scandinavian countries as the winters are quite long and dark in these places.

Here are a few inspirational quotes on Saint Lucia’s Day which you can share on social media profile on that day to the world.

_Let no one pollute your mind on this pious occasion of Saint Lucia’s Day.

_Today is Saint Lucia’s Day, the day on which small girls will carry cookies and buns in procession and drive away the darkness of the world through the Light of Christianity.

_Your heart can be a temple for the Holy Spirit if it is filled with pure thoughts. Happy Saint Lucia’s Day.

_Saint Lucia’s Day is the occasion on which we should inspire people to follow the path of righteousness.

_May the candle of Saint Lucia drive away the darkness from our lives.

_Let us all pray and seek the blessings of Saint Lucia on her Feast Day.

_Pray to the Lord on Saint Lucia’s Day so that all your wishes come true.

_The best way to celebrate Saint Lucia’s Day is to provide food and aid to the needy.

_Saint Lucia’s Day should fill our lives with eternal joy and happiness.

_Let the Light of Christ illuminate our lives on Saint Lucia’s Day.

_Saint Lucia is regarded as one of the legends of Christianity. Let us show our respects to this wonderful personality and pray that her soul rests in peace.

_We should dedicate our lives in helping out the oppressed people as Saint Lucia did by providing food to those who were hiding in in the catacombs. Happy Saint Lucia’s Day.

_Serving humanity is equal to serving the Almighty Lord. So, all of us should abandon our selfish motives and find out different ways of serving humanity on Saint Lucia’s Day.

_Giving up is a sign of weakness, we should keep on fighting against all the odds until we reach our destination. Happy Saint Lucia’s Day.

_The journey towards greatness is filled with numerous challenges and obstacles. All you need to do is work hard and keep faith in God. Happy Saint Lucia’s Day.

_Always try to give your best in whatever you do and leave the rest on God. Happy Saint Lucia’s Day.

_Saint Lucia’s Day is back again as the winters are getting longer and darker in Norway. Let us all celebrate and welcome the Light of Christ into our lives.

_Any type of religious faith cannot be suppressed or dominated by violence. It occupies a very special place in the hearts of the people. Happy Saint Lucia’s Day.

_May your day be filled with love and happiness on Saint Lucia’s Day.

_Try to spread smiles and love to all the people who are in need of it on Saint Lucia’s Day.

_Let us take inspiration from the life of Saint Lucia and her contributions to the religion of Christianity on Saint Lucia’s Day.

_You should always fight for the right cause even if you are the only person to do so. This is one thing we should learn on Saint Lucia’s Day.

_Let us celebrate the martyrdom of a legendary personality in the history of Christianity on Saint Lucia’s Day.

_Your actions should be guided by the determination to bring positive changes in society. Happy Saint Lucia’s Day.

_Let us spread the message of peace and non-violence on Saint Lucia’s Day.

_All of us should remember one thing that in the battle between good and evil, the former will always prevail. Happy Saint Lucia’s Day.

_Always be grateful to God for whatever you have achieved in life as the Almighty Lord is the source of all kinds of success. Happy Saint Lucia’s Day.

_Let us be kind and compassionate to the needs of the fellow human beings on Saint Lucia’s Day.

_It is important to stay humble even if you have achieved the biggest success in your life. Happy Saint Lucia’s Day.

_Success comes before downfall, so never be complacent or overconfident in your life. Happy Saint Lucia’s Day.

_If you are going through a bad phase in your life then don’t be sad because nothing is permanent in this world. Happy Saint Lucia’s Day.

_On Saint Lucia’s Day, you should throw out all the evil thoughts from your mind and replace it with positive ones.

_If you are not honest to your own self, you can never be honest to anyone else in life. Wish you a happy Saint Lucia’s Day.

_If God has brought you to a tough situation then He will surely bring you out of it. Happy Saint Lucia’s Day.

_Let us spread the message of toleration on Saint Lucia’s Day. Intolerance and hatred towards other religions are the major sources of violence in the history of mankind.

_On Saint Lucia’s Day, let us help out the fellow human beings who are suffering from different types of problems.

_Life is like a mysterious cave that keeps on throwing surprises at your way. If you want to be successful in your life you have to find out ways of dealing with those surprises. Happy Saint Lucia’s Day.

_Never accept slavery in your life, fight until death to protect your freedom. Happy Saint Lucia’s Day.

_There is no point in reading the Gospel if you fail to follow its teachings. So, let your actions and thoughts be guided by the teachings of Lord Jesus on Saint Lucia’s Day.

_Each day comes with new hope and opportunity in life. Hence, every morning we should thank God for providing us a new opportunity to prove ourselves. Happy Saint Lucia’s Day.

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