99+ Funny Duck Dynasty Uncle Si Quotes And Sayings

Duck Dynasty is one of the most popular American series that is responsible for illustrating the amazing life of the great Robertson family, which not only flourished but also became prosperous because of their family business.

The main characters of this television series include the men of the family- Si and Phil, Phil’s three sons, Jep, Jase, and William.

They are particularly popular because of their long beards and the mentality of orthodox protestant Christians. Dynasty is one of the best and most famous television series that has gained immense popularity over the years.

Funny Duck Dynasty Uncle Si Quotes And Sayings

-Never turn your swagger off!

-Ignore the one who notices your pain, as they do not notice when your tear, says duck dynasty

-Hey! I Feel lucky if I said this(hey) to you! Because I don’t say that to all!

-God is father to Jesus, and Jesus is father to us; we are his children, says duck dynasty!

-Can’t talk; watching Duck dynasty

-Hey! You will love me if you watch duck dynasty with me.

Funny Duck Dynasty Uncle Si Quotes And Sayings

-I wish if my boyfriend had a beard like men of the Robertson family.

-Do you know, I watch duck dynasty because I m in love with their beard?

-Hey! Robertson family loves animals, as they find them delicious

-If you don’t believe that old is gold, then just look at Uncle Si once.

-We are responsible for whatever we choose, evil or good, says duck dynasty.

-We should always be precise when we make our choices between good and bad, says duck dynasty

-Duck dynasty= dynasty of beard people

-If you ask what makes me happy, the answer would never change i.e., duck dynasty

Funny Duck Dynasty Uncle Si Quotes And Sayings

-Be cool! Be a duck commander like Willi Robertson

-Be cool like Uncle Si.

-Uncle Si is the best.

-We love Uncle Si the most.

-Uncle Si should be your favorite person. 

-Old men are not always only men; see Uncle Si, he is always a lady’s man!

-Uncle Si is the caretaker of every lady around, be like him!!

-Every time the duck dynasty fulfills its agenda and makes me happy!

-Hey! Do you know why I am happy? Because I  just watched duck dynasty!

-Believe in god if you are a fan of the Duck dynasty

-All duck dynasty fans, give me cheers!

Funny Duck Dynasty Uncle Si Quotes And Sayings

-Sting like a butterfly and hit like flea, says Jase Robertson

-Be sophisticated like willie Robertson; he was the one to begin this in his family

-Be humble to everyone around , says Willie Robertson

-Both ducks and wives hate mud on their butts, so better keep it away

-When you speak of Duck Dynasty, remember Si Robertson is my favorite.

-As wine becomes costlier with age, uncle Si seems to be the same

-Don’t be a runner behind money and fame, be like Robertson

-Build your relationship with god to have a peaceful mind, says duck dynasty

-Escalate your confidence that even if you lose, you will succeed one day, says duck dynasty

-All should have faith in themselves says duck dynasty

-If you love duck dynasty, then you will love football too

Funny Duck Dynasty Uncle Si Quotes And Sayings

-I not only watch duck dynasty, but I adore them

-Hey, partner! Let’s watch duck dynasty

-Do not dare to disturb! This is me when I watch duck dynasty

-If you say that I am a disturbing one, then remember that I m a duck dynasty freak, and they always be the master of distractions

-Hey sweetheart! Get me some popcorn and let’s watch duck dynasty together

-Dare you to disturb me while I watch duck dynasty and see me turning into a monster!

-When you talk of beard! It’s only the duck dynasty that comes to my mind

-If you want to be my friend, then you need to be a dunk dynasty maniac

-Custom-made tea glass holder is the best part of the duck dynasty

-The one who will love me will definitely gift me a tea glass holder

-Faith+ family+ ducks makes Duck dynasty

Funny Duck Dynasty Uncle Si Quotes And Sayings

-If you have ever watched duck dynasty, then you will know me better

-Willie Robertson influences my attitude!

-Parenting is a steady battle, says duck dynasty

-Be like Uncle Si, do not hate a player rather, you should hate the team itself!

-Parenthood remains a regular struggle, betwixt(between) making your kid’s life better and wrecking your own

-If you don’t know what BEHEMOTH means, then just disturb me while I watch duck dynasty, and you will understand that

-Hey, remember! Every scene of Uncle Si has to be replayed!

-Be a hairy marshmallow, be like the duck dynasty

-I am fascinated by the duck dynasty

-Yes, I am a duck dynasty fan! Do you have a problem with that?

-When you say ‘hey’ and ‘jack’ together! You remind me of Uncle Si.

-The perfect storyteller, like uncle Si

-If you be a duck dynasty fan, then be in the woods to soothe your soul

-Be obsessive about your manhood, like Jase Robertson!

Funny Duck Dynasty Uncle Si Quotes And Sayings

-I Wanna be a duck dynasty fan! Where is your tea glass

-Be a duck dynasty fan! Have your own personalized tea glass

-Talking to a mannequin! Only uncle Si can be the one!

-Always keep faith at the top of your list, as all your marriages, your families, your businesses revolve around it!- Jase Robertson

-Be extraordinary! Be like Robertsons!

-Robertsons never have a normal idea!

-The duck dynasty loves ducks as they find them delicious

-Wine, for me, is similar to like tea for Uncle Si

-Follow the principles and beliefs of your founding fathers to make your land a better place to live in, says the Duck dynasty

-Follow the words of the duck dynasty and have faith in god and in yourself

-If I were to choose between a date with you or watching duck dynasty, I would always prefer the latter!

-My attitude! Credits- Duck dynasty

-Never be behind Yuppie girl, says duck dynasty

-Do not apply moisturizer! Be a man.

-Keep your lady friends away from Si Robertson because he is a Casanova

Funny Duck Dynasty Uncle Si Quotes And Sayings

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