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National rubber duckie day is celebrated on the 13th of January every year. It is considered one of the most classic creations of illustrious toys, making every kid’s childhood memories in western culture.

This toy is mainly made up of rubber and has a Duck shape, which can float in water and, when squeezed, can sound. 

National Rubber Duckie Day:-Messages 

-Rubber Duckie Day has been made to pay tribute to the iconic rubber duck toy that we all have a strong memory with!!

-These toys are soft and are easily compressed. They have a flat base, which makes them easy to float in water, and these are commonly made from plastics.

-Rubber duckies are yellow and squishy. On your bad days, they can be your innocent cute little best friends, with whom you can have endless arguments.

-If you have a toddler or have some childhood memories, you know how scared toddlers get when they are put into water and when they have to take a head bath. 

-Well, the rubber duckie makes them feel safe as they take it to them inside the water to take a bath with them.

-Even rubber duckies are among kids’ essential features, and adults love to jump in the water. It makes them comfortable seeing a happy and innocent rubber duckie chilling like a boss. 

-Florentijn Hofman created the most massive idol of Rubber Duckie in the world. She made the Rubber Duckie, which was almost 600kg and had a considerable length and width.

-Rubber duckies have untold histories. They are indeed a fantastic creation of everyone’s childhood memories. The duck of Mickey mouse inspired those rubber duckies.

-Previously, rubber duckies were made from rubber. During the era of world war, it became a valuable and mostly used commodity for making weapons. 

-From the later part of the century, vinyl plastic was used to make these kinds of toys, which were as equivalent as rubber.

-This toy was mainly toddler’s bath time as they can get comfortable seeing a companion chilling with them innocently.

-Landon Smart Lawrence was the first person to design these imaginary toys, buoyant in nature and standstill in the water. 

-The toy was originated from the idea of a real duck.they are voluminous and bouncy and float on water with ease.

-Rubber Duckies has also managed to be one of only 53 toys in the Toy Hall of Fame, which made a historical name and fame with other collections.

-Rubber duckies are excluded from gender stereotypes. They are being enjoyed both by males and females. Their smooth body and innocent face make anyone go flattered.

-They are a great friend to you in a warm bubbly bathtub. You can talk to them, and trust me; they will listen and answer back with a quack. You’ think it’s silly!! Do it today, and you will know.

-Unlike other toys, rubber duckies are low maintained and are very cool to have. You can have an extensive collection of rubber duckies to make your house a big duckie home.

##National Rubber Duckie Day: Greetings

-Happy rubber duckies day, all you duckies!!

-This day, pick your favorite duckie, may it be a pirate or a devil duckie. Please take it to your bathtub and bath together. And get nostalgic, remembering all your favorite childhood memories. Wouldn’t it be great!! 

 -You can use #RubberDuckyDay to post your thoughts and feelings all over social media. You can share a selfie with your favorite duckie and wish all your friends and family a happy rubber duckie day !!

-You can set a story instead of your favorite episodes of Sesame Street to remember that old song and go all jazz up.

-If you’re feeling more excited, you can get into more deep conversation with the loyal fans of duckies and build up or learn new facts about these iconic duckies of the hall of fame toys.

-You can get shocking results on the people and their reaction to their childhood experience and story. On this day, make a group and chat with people from all over the world.

-In the United States, on this day, many races are organized. Yes, the Rubber duckie race, where millions of people join to show their craze for these duckies. You can join the races along with your crazy friends.

-Races arranged are called derby duck races. Let’s go to one such race and enjoy the weekend there.

-Many noble people sponsor the duck race for kind reasons. These races are held to help raise funds for charitable organizations or organizations that need the capital most. 

-On the 13th of January, you can give your loved ones a devil duckie or pirate duckie. Or you can prank them by making unusual duckie sounds. That will be a fun one.

-People use it the race to win and donate the amount to the associations for human welfare.

-One of the most popular rubber duck races is the Halifax Duck Derby. People from all over the western world come together on this day to celebrate national rubber duckie day.

-The derby duck race gives away 1000 Canadian dollars to the winner. This is considered one of the most prestigious rubber duckies races, including more than 1000 duckies.

-The duck race also provide tv, cars, radios to the lucky winners.

-Who knew rubber duckie could be so profitable!! Wishing you an excellent rubber duckie day.

National Rubber Duckie Day:- Quotes

-“One is never alone with a rubber duck.” 

~ Douglas Adams

-“Some parents say it is toy guns that make boys warlike. But give a boy a rubber duck and he will seize its neck like the butt of a pistol and shout ‘Bang!'” 

~ George Will

-“People ask me about all sorts of sounds. There’s a sound of a screeching toy or a rubber duck and everybody asks me about that, but it was an absolutely random thing, just a cool sound.” 

~ Kieran Hebden

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