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Walt Disney Day is celebrated on the 3rd of December every year. We all know the immense impact Disney has had on the animated entertainment domain.

Throughout the years, it has been the creativity of Disney that has brought about so many amazing characters and stories to keep us entertained and laughing.

Walt Disney day is meant to celebrate the amazing contribution of Disney and the brilliant stories and gallops of laughter he allowed every audience to have.

If you are looking for some great quotes and wishes for the day then this is the right place! Here they are-

_Every person, no matter children or adults, is entertained by Disney characters. It is an escape into an alternate reality. Happy Walt Disney day

_Life is full of stress and anxiety. It is the animations from Disney that allow us to find happiness and smile. Happy Walt Disney day

_Every character from Disney is relatable. The deepest human psychologies are etched to the lightest of the characters and this is what makes Disney special.

_Things we cannot do in our lives are brought in front of our eyes through the Disney animation! Glad to be part of an era when Disney arrived. Happy Walt Disney Day

_Oswald the lucky Rabbit and Mickey mouse taught us lessons greater than our moral science books ever did. THANK YOU DISNEY

_No matter what hardships we used to face in our lives, Disney cartoons always made us smile and laugh regardless of all the grimmest of life. Happy Walt Disney day

_It is a fact that my childhood would have been so boring without the creation of Mr. DISNEY. He added colours to my childhood and gave wings to my imaginations! Happy Walt Disney day

_Walt Disney is not a name but a brand which doesn’t deliver only cartoons but real emotions for people who have been watching it for decades now.

_The best memory in childhood was watching Disney cartoons regardless of time and any other freaking thing in the world.

_In our lives, there are incompetencies just like the Disney characters. Walt Disney teaches us through those characters to fight off the odds and emerge triumphant.

_The biggest life lessons are learnt through the smallest episodes of Disney cartoons. Happy Walt Disney Day

_Have you ever looked back at the cartoons that entertained us in childhood? If you would, then surely notice that it conveyed a lot to us and had layers very deep. Happy Walt Disney day

_Fantasy is our genre because reality is too tiring for young and adult all alike. Happy Walt Disney Day

_Happy Walt Disney day. Let us take a moment to thank all the characters that taught us a lot about life.

_Mickey mouse was more practical than anyone else. These cartoons taught us wisdom like none else. Happy Walt Disney day

_Princess from Frozen taught us how destructive power can be. Have you ever delved that deeper into human emotions? Happy Walt Disney day

_Telling lie is never a solution, taught us Pinocchio. Life lessons learnt the hard way by characters and presented to us in the simplest manner. Happy Walt Disney day

_Looking back at life, it is full of light and shadow. Walt Disney enabled us to understand that shadows are to be accepted and then only can we enjoy the light.

_The biggest wealth a country can share with others is “laughter”. Walt Disney did that with the entire world. Happy Walt Disney day

_If the world population is 7.7 billion then so is the fan base of Disney cartoons! Happy Walt Disney day

_Walt Disney is not just a cartoon production studio, it is an emotion that has connected millions with each other through threads of happiness.

_Let us take a moment to appreciate the immense creative of Disney to come up with cartoon that have made their place in our hearts forever and after. Happy Walt Disney day

_Walt Disney made us believe that dreams can surely come true if we have the courage to pursue it harder daily! Happy Walt Disney day

_Coming back from school and watching the favourite cartoon has to be the best memory of entire life. Thank you Walt Disney

_No matter how aged we become, the joy of watching a Disney animation will always be high. Happy Walt Disney day

_Cartoon were the only thing that I looked up to when I woke up each day during my childhood. Thank you Mr Disney for making our lives dreamy!

_What Mr. Disney did was magic. Such a magic which has its effect till date and shall be forever. Walt Disney is the greatest magician of all times.

_The only thing I regret now is not being able to watch cartoon because I have office! Miss those days. Happy Walt Disney day

_When life got tough, I switched on the cartoon and escaped from reality. It has a healing impact like nothing else. Happy Walt Disney day

_Worrying is not the solution to every problem rather taking our best action is. Walt Disney taught us life lessons in the best manner.

_Cannot keep calm because it is the Walt Disney day!!!

_Keep calm and watch cartoon all day because it is the Walt Disney day!

_Not only cartoons, Disney evolved the game of animation throughout the world. Truly, a leader of the market. Happy Walt Disney day

_If given a choice between money and Disney cartoon for entire life, I would surely select the latter because money is momentary fun while Disney is love for life.

_Walt Disney- Entertaining generations and yet appreciated by all alike. Happy Walt Disney day

_The way we can perceive things is just because of the realistic messages that Disney cartoon gave us in the childhood. Happy Walt Disney day

_Cartoons, animations or be it films, Disney is everywhere and rightfully the best entertainer ever. Happy WALT DISNEY DAY

_Congratulations to the vision of Walt Disney that cartoons can someday rule the world! Happy Walt Disney day.

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