487+ Navratri Messages, Wishes, Quotes & Greetings (Images)

Navratri, meaning “nine nights” in Sanskrit, is a significant Hindu festival that honors the divine feminine. Celebrated during the Ashvin month, typically in September or October, it spans over nine days.

The festival concludes on the tenth day with the Dussehra (also known as Vijayadashami) celebration, extending the festivities to ten days in some regions.

Due to its reliance on the lunar calendar, Navratri’s duration can occasionally be eight days, with Dussehra falling on the ninth day.

Although there are four Navratri festivals throughout the year, the early autumn event, also known as Sharad Navratri, is the most celebrated.

This festival is a vibrant tribute to the divine feminine, marked by rituals and celebrations across many parts of India.

Navratri Messages

– I wish you an awesome nine evenings of commitment, otherworldliness, and joy. May Maa shower her choicest favors on you. Happy Navratri!

– May Maa light up the desire for cheerful occasions, and may your year turn out to be loaded with grins. Glad Navratri!

– This celebration gets a great deal of shading in our lives. May brilliant hues command your life.

– It’s Navratri today! However, I don’t have much to say for God to favor your direction.

– May the celebration of lights light up you and your precious lives. Glad Navaratri.

– May the peruser of this status be honored with affection and delight on Navratri.

– Nine days of celebration pull. nine days of Navratri festivities. May God bless you.

– Lakshmi gives the inner or celestial abundance of ideals or heavenly characteristics. Cheerful Navratri

– Maa Durga means She who is endless to reach. Cheerful Navratri

– On this auspicious day, may the heavenly light fill your existence with joy, love, and plentiful success. Glad Durga Ashtami

– Cherishing fresh starts with the landing of Maa Durga at home. Glad Navratri!

– God Durga is an exemplification of Shakti, who has defeated the shades of malice in the world. May this Navaratri, each one uses their gifts and capacity to defeat their issues in life. I wish all of you a happy Navaratri.

– Celebrate this day with your cherished family and companions. What’s more, I’m wishing you an extraordinary time. Upbeat Navratri!

– Good fortune, good health, a happy life—all these are my desires for you this Navratri! Have an incredible one!

– Navratri implies nine evenings of commitment. Otherworldliness. Festivities. Music. Move. Garba. Stuti. Expect the perfect gifts of Maa to dependably be with you. Cheerful Navratri!!

– May this Navratri light up for you. Any expectations of happy occasions and dreams for a year brimming with grins? I wish you a happy Navratri.

– May your Navratri be brimming with fun, skip, and great occasions you went through with loved ones. Cheerful Navratri!

– May Devi Durga Maata favor you with peace and prosperity. I wish all of you a happy Navratri!

– May Goddess Durga present it to you—her perfect favors today and dependably! Glad Navratri!

– May the hues and lights of Navratri fill your home with bliss and joy! Glad Navratri!

– May the brilliant soul of Navratri fill your heart with joy. Have a great festival!

– I wish you joy and favorable luck on this Shubh Navratri and dependably!

– May you be honored with prosperity and happiness on this Navratri and dependably!

– Jai Mata Di. Navratri ki shubh kamnaye aapko aur aapke parivar ko!

Navratri Wishes

– We are all sons and daughters of Maa Durga, and may she shower you and your family with the best of happiness and joy.

– I pray to the goddess Durga to bless all her devotees and believers. Happy Navratri.

– Navratri is the festival of positive power, spirit, and joyfulness. I wish you all a happy Navratri.

– I hope you enjoy this Navratri to the fullest and that the goddess fills your life with the utmost happiness.

– On this Navratri, may your life be showered with happiness and the blessings of the Goddess. Happy Navratri.

– On this pious occasion of Navratri, I hope the Lord keeps you under her blessings. Happy Navratri.

– On this colorful night of Navratri, let’s be together and play the Garba and Dandiya dances. Happy Navratri.

– Sending my warm wishes on the bright occasion of Navratri. Stay blessed!

– I wish you all and your families a joyous and prosperous Navratri.

– On this Navratri, I hope your life gets full of prosperity, happiness, and good health. Happy Navratri to you!

– May Goddess Durga always remain around you to protect you from evil powers in life. Happy Navratri.

– On this occasion, may you find peace, harmony, happiness, and good health in the blessings of Maa Durga!

– On this auspicious occasion of Navratri, I wish you a colorful nine days and a joyous festive time.

– May Maa Durga enlighten your life with joy, pleasure, and prosperity.

– May the luminosity all around you illuminate your life with delight and exuberance.

– This Navratri, may Maa Durga empower all the women in the world with more strength and endurance.

– I wish you and your family a healthy, happy, and pleasurable life ahead.

– May this Navratri bring lots of color into your world and wish you a long life.

– May Maa Durga bless everybody with health, wealth, delight, and prosperity.

– Let’s celebrate this Navratri by taking the oath to ensure women’s safety in our country in every possible way.

– We all await these nine days of immense joy that have come, and let’s celebrate this Navratri with great fun.

– On this pious event, enjoy magical nights of devotion and happiness. Happy Navratri.

– Navratri means a week full of crackers, happiness, food, and togetherness.

– On this Navratri, may people forget sorrows and live in harmony. Happy Navratri.

– I wish you all a prosperous and happy Navratri.

– May you all get a shine in life with Maa Durga’s blessings. Happy Navratri.

Navratri Quotes

“May the goddess Durga bless you with strength, courage, and wisdom.” – Anonymous

“Navratri is a time to celebrate the divine feminine energy within us.” – Anonymous

“Let the colors of Navratri fill your life with joy and happiness.” – Anonymous

“During Navratri, may you find inner peace and spiritual fulfillment.” – Anonymous

“Wishing you nine nights of devotion, spirituality, and happiness.” – Anonymous

“May the goddess shower her blessings upon you and your loved ones.” – Anonymous

“Dance to the rhythm of devotion during Navratri.” – Anonymous

“The victory of good over evil is celebrated with great zeal during Navratri.” – Anonymous

“May Navratri bring prosperity and success to your life.” – Anonymous

“In the presence of the goddess, all fears and troubles vanish.” – Anonymous

“Navratri is a time to seek the divine and cleanse your soul.” – Anonymous

“The nine nights of Navratri remind us of the power of faith and prayer.” – Anonymous

“May you be blessed with strength like Goddess Durga.” – Anonymous

“Navratri is a reminder that the divine is always with us.” – Anonymous

“Invoke the goddess within and let her guide you on this Navratri.” – Anonymous

“Wishing you a Navratri filled with love, joy, and blessings.” – Anonymous

“Celebrate Navratri with a heart full of devotion and gratitude.” – Anonymous

“Goddess Durga’s grace can overcome any obstacle in life.” – Anonymous

“May this Navratri bring light to your darkest days.” – Anonymous

“During Navratri, let your soul dance to the divine tunes of spirituality.” – Anonymous

“Seek the blessings of the goddess to find inner strength and peace.” – Anonymous

“Navratri is a time to connect with the divine and your inner self.” – Anonymous

“The goddess is a symbol of strength and courage for all.” – Anonymous

“May the Navratri festival illuminate your path with positivity.” – Anonymous

“Celebrate Navratri with faith and devotion in your heart.” – Anonymous

“Embrace the nine nights of Navratri as a time of transformation.” – Anonymous

“During Navratri, may you be surrounded by love and blessings.” – Anonymous

“Goddess Durga teaches us to fight for what is right.” – Anonymous

“Navratri is a time to purify your mind, body, and soul.” – Anonymous

“Let the energy of Navratri empower you to overcome challenges.” – Anonymous

“Invoke the goddess and let her wisdom guide your path.” – Anonymous

“Navratri is a reminder that light always triumphs over darkness.” – Anonymous

“May the goddess bless you with peace and prosperity.” – Anonymous

“During Navratri, may your prayers be heard and answered.” – Anonymous

“Dance with devotion and celebrate the divine during Navratri.” – Anonymous

“May the goddess fill your life with love and happiness.” – Anonymous

“Navratri is a time to reconnect with your spiritual roots.” – Anonymous

“Wishing you a colorful and joyous Navratri festival.” – Anonymous

“The goddess’s grace is a beacon of hope in times of darkness.” – Anonymous

“Navratri reminds us of the power of faith, love, and devotion.” – Anonymous

​Navratri Greetings

– May Nav Durga favor you generally. I wish you and your family an exceptionally happy Navratri!

– May Maa Durga engage you and your family with her nine types of happiness: name, fame, health, wealth, happiness, humanity, education, bhakti, and shakti. Glad NAVRATRI!

– This celebration adds a great deal of shading to our lives. May brilliant hues rule in your life.

– May Maa Durga enable you with her nine gifts of name, notoriety, wellbeing, riches, satisfaction, harmony, humankind, learning, and otherworldliness.

– This navratri may be a gift for you every day, and you will get various WhatsApp messages.

– This Navratri light is the light of joy, flourishing, and learning. Happy Navratri

– May this Navratri be as brilliant as ever and satisfy every one of your wants and wishes. Enjoy the period of gaiety and love.

– Lakshmi gives the interior or heavenly abundance of temperances or perfect characteristics. Happy Navratri

– Devote yourself to the nine-day celebration of loving goddesses. Happy Navaratri

– Jiwan ek Aaradhna haiaur Aaradhna ‘Shakti MAA’ ki Upasna se Paripurn ho NAVRATRI SHUBH ho

– Happy Navratri! Let your house be loaded up with the upbeat soul of this heavenly event.

– Celebrate every day of Navrati by regularly developing energy and entertaining yourself with devout exercises, and God will support you in the coming year.

– May Maa Durga light up your existence with innumerable gifts of joy.

– It intends to accomplish otherworldly gains other than the gifts of the goddess. Happy Navratri

– With a lot of harmony and flourishing May your life be loaded with bliss on this devout celebration of Navratri. Happy Navratri

– Maa Durga means she who is boundless to achieve cheerful Navaratri.

– May this Navratri be as brilliant as ever. May this Navratri bring happiness, wellbeing, and riches to you.

– I hope this Navratri brings you good fortune and abounding happiness.

– Ma Durga evacuates all snags and imperfections. Happy Navratri

– May you be honored with adoration and bliss on Navratri.

– On this Navratri, I hope Durga Maa fills your life with joy, hope, aspiration, and divinity.

– Let’s celebrate this Navratri together and spread light and happiness.

– Happy Navratri to all of you! May Durga Maa fulfill your dreams.

– May Goddess Durga shower us with the resilience and courage to devastate all obstructions in life.

– Let’s fill our lives with tints of prosperity and happiness. Happy Navratri.

– I hope we all receive the energy of Durga Maa and the poise of Saraswati Maa. Happy Navratri.

– It’s Navratri, guys. It’s the event to heighten your spirit to the fullest.

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