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World plumbing day is celebrated on 11th march worldwide. It was started to celebrate in 2010 by the world plumbing council.

The main aim was to make the world aware of all those plumbers who help maintain hygiene, cleanliness,safety, and sustainability of our society and make this world a better place to live.

World Plumbing Day greetings:

– You should have proper drainage in your house and your mind, then you will concentrate better.

– If your plumber is cheap, then they aren’t skilled because skilled plumbers aren’t affordable. Happy world plumber day.

– Someone who said finding a god isn’t easy indeed haven’t tried finding a plumber during weekends.

– Not all superheroes wear a cap; some carry plumbing kits with them. Happy world plumbing day.

– Plumbers are no less than an artist; they should be paid well, treated well. Happy world plumber day.

– If not plumbers, our world would have lost its beauty by now. Happy world plumber day.

– The way the doctor performs surgery to save our lives, in the same way, plumber saves our environment from being messed up.

-Respect plumber because our homes would be lie in a pile of water and shit if they weren’t there. Happy world plumber day.

– Nothing is more adventurous for a plumber than leaky pipes. Happy world plumber day.

– When the pipes get clogged, the plumber changes it, removes the clog in the same way whatever is blocking your path to success, remove it, or change the course.

– If you think plumbing is an easy job, try repairing a leaking pipe or drain. Happy world plumbing day.

– If plumbing was not an important job, they could have invented something to replace it. Happy world plumbing day.

– Your husband fixes the drainage, and the plumber repairs the drainage to know the difference. Happy world plumbing day.

– The plumbing art is more slippery than simple art. Happy world plumbing day.

– What art is to the artist, dance is to dancer, acting is to the actor, is plumbing to plumber.

– Can you imagine a day in your life without a plumber? Yeah, me neither.

– Plumbing is the only job that doesn’t get affected by the recession. Happy world plumbing day.

– The plumbers are the surgeon of the house. Only they know-how, and only they can fix it. Happy world plumbing day.

World Plumbing Day messages:

-To keep yourself calm, stop the leakage of overthinking in your brain, and drain your mind’s negative thoughts, you have to be your plumber for your thoughts.

-Plumbers, the only heroes’ world needs right now to fix humanity’s drainage from humans.

– Never trust a man who mistreats a plumber if he can’t respect the man who takes the shit out of his house; he won’t respect anyone.

– It doesn’t matter how beautiful, expensive your home a lousy plumber with bad plumbing skills can ruin.

– A skilled plumber is way better than an actor with zero skills.

– If the fixing of drainage seems more accessible to you, than you have probably done it wrong.

– Pipes are the reputation of the house. If leaked, only a plumber can save it.

– The only plumber can save you from the blunder.

-No matter how expensive material you use to build houses, it’s of no use if the plumber is unskilled.

– If you don’t get succeed at first, keep flushing.

– Plumbing job is like sarcasm. Not everyone can tackle it.

– Never offend a plumber; it may result in drainage in your house. You had no idea even existed.

– To see the things clearly, plumber digs a hole, in the same one should widen their vision to see the problems.

– No sight is more beautiful than seeing the plumber unclogging the clog, and you see all the water drain away.

– If not plumber, we could have died of leaking pipes till now.

– Be like plumber, your boss.

– Be like a plumber. No one can tell him what to do.

– Between searching a plumber on weekends and searching an alien, the chances to meet an alien are still high.

– No drain, no gain.

– Tell me a better love story than a plumber and leaked pipe. I will wait.

– Plumbing is like a sophisticated art; ordinary people can only admire and think about how the hell happened.

– Plumbers are like magic only they know how it can be done; all we can do is wonder while clapping for them.

– Plumbers have all the right to get paid well; if it’s not them, none of them would have taken a bath in hot showers.

– Being a plumber is as typical as being in any other profession, and people should respect that.

– An army man saves you from enemies on the border, a plumber saves you from the enemies sitting inside your house, respect them, treat them.

– Ask a plumber about a leaking wall, and he will explain it like it’s the most beautiful feeling in the world.

– Unlike doctors, firefighters, army men, plumbers, too, save us from being dead.

-All other professions will start to fade away its charm if it starts looking at plumbing significance.

– I wish we have plumbers for our talent too so that it could be stopped from going into the drain.

-The speed world is losing its sensitivity for humans; soon, we will need a plumber to save the draining’s sensitivity.

World Plumbing Day Quotes:

-Television is like indoor plumbing it does not change their habits, it keeps inside the home.

 – By  Alfred Hitchcock.

-A guy digging ditches or plumber whipping joints it solves problem you know? You have to dig this hole like so wide so deep that you can see it properly and solve it. 

-By Lee Marvin.

-A human being – an ingenious assembly of portable plumbing.

-By Christopher Morley.

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