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Mario Day is a gamer holiday observed every year on 10th of March to honor the most popular game character named Mario from the 1980s. Mario, the Italian plumber first made his appearance as “Jumpman” in the year 1981 in a then-popular game called Donkey Kong.

Since the character was loved by most of the gamers back then, Mario got his own game named Mario bros. in the year 1983 alongside his brother Luigi. 

The history behind celebrating Mario Day specifically on 10th of March since 2016 is that the date “Mar. 10” resembles the word ‘Mario” is being spelled.

Happy Mario Day Best Messages, Quotes, and Greetings

_As Luigi said to Maria in the game “Anything is possible. You just got to believe in it”. I hope you believe the same on this Mario Day.

_For some people the knowledge of video games starts and ends with Mario from the Nintendo game. T those people I wish a great Mario Day.

_It is a fact that the Mario is a veteran game character now but you all should have seen him in his prime defeating creatures from sewers.

_If it wasn’t for the landlord of Nintendo’s U.S. Office we would have celebrated this Mario Day as the Jumpman Day.

_I assure you Dressing like the game character of Mario on the eve of Mario Day is not that stupid of a decision.

_Every day is great for playing the game of Nintendo and especially on a Mario Day. May you spend this day full of non-stop gaming.

_For the love of Mario, some people would travel all levels around the world to play the game of Nintendo. I hope you are ‘some people’

_The future looks pretty bright for all the Mario Lovers as there is a chance that Mario might wear metallic clothes.

_Most of us have been on a journey from being “Mario who?” to “That’s Mario baby”. So let’s  celebrate the occasion of Mario day together.

_If you are going to playing the one of a kind game of Nintendo on this Mario Day then you shall be playing with power.

_Now that we are grown up, there is a chance that nobody will be bugging us for continues gaming session of Nintendo on this Mario Day.

_If someone bugs you for loving Mario and playing Nintendo just say to them that even Robin Williams was addicted to that game.

_It is the memories of playing Nintendo with our childhood mates that have kept the love for Mario alive especially on this Mario Day.

_We have been neglected in the past for playing Nintendo and adoring Mario, but not anymore because today is Mario Day.

_You won’t know what it feels like to be Mario while playing the game of Nintendo until you actually play the game.

_The fact that we get to celebrate a day called Mario Day is what makes the game and the character so much special.

_There is a chance that half of the world won’t even celebrate the occasion of Mario Day but not us because we are the vintage gamers.

_One could only understand the importance of Mario in our lives when our moms used to forbid us from playing the game. 

_Conventional thinking wasn’t really what we applied while playing Mario bros and Nintendo and that has helped us immensely in life.

_You know why we Mario feel like an old game character because we have stopped playing it. So on this Mario Day, let’s feel young again.

__Mario always taught us to never go on an easy path to achieve something greater. On this Mario Day, may you teach your kids that as well. 

_It is extremely hilarious to us gamers when people say that playing a game where Mario is in it is equivalent to wasting our time.

_You can admit it now that we all wanted have a moustache like the Italian plumber Mario when we were growing up.

_Mario day is not just a day to play games rather it is an occasion where we get to pass on the mantle of Nintendo gaming to our next generation.

_While growing up we all wanted to have the same friendship like Mario and Luigi. Let’s celebrate their virtual bond on this Mario Day.

_Since Mario’s first appearance in the game Donkey Kong, who knew one day we will be celebrating a day in honoring our beloved game character.

_In life you may not get another chance but in a game where Mario is playing you can get plenty. Have a fun-filled Mario Day ahead.

_To the people who have missed out on playing Nintendo while growing up, don’t worry because there is an occasion of Mario day to fulfill that desire.

_Today’s children will never understand the feeling of getting to play every vintage game where Mario was the lead character.

_We might have become an old timer now but the enthusiasm of seeing our beloved Mario on a Mario Day is still unmatchable. 

_Life is no Nintendo game but there is a Mario Day where you can play this game with your childhood friends and no one will bug you for it.

_In this era of great looking video games, the experience of playing a numerous Mario games on arcade still remains the best.

_On the eve of Mario Day, I wish you make the same progress in life just like the ones you made while playing Nintendo.

_There is no shame in admitting that you were the kid who’d always freak out upon hearing the newer version of Mario games.

_Gaming has not been the same since us Mario lovers have grown up. But on this occasion of Mario Day, I wish you a joyous gaming session ahead.

_Mario and the game of Nintendo have taught us one thing in life, which is whatever we do we can do it better than our previous effort.

_Just like the avatar of Mario in Nintendo DS, we old timers will feel like flying on this amazing occasion of Mario Day.

_Never ever tell your child that gaming is bad for him/her because he/she might question your love for playing Mario bros. 

_As the admirers of old arcade games like Nintendo and Donkey Kong; it is our job to let this generation know why we celebrate Mario Day.

_Mario Day is for everyone to enjoy and especially for the ones who have grown up alongside with the different versions of Mario.

_It is absolutely delightful to be that kid whose house was near the arcade because eventually you end up loving every Mario game there is.

_I can’t wait to fall in love with Mario all over again on this special occasion of Mario Day. I hope you do as well.

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