48+ Best Super Bowl Invite Wording Ideas

Super Bowl is the popular name used to describe the championship game of the National Football league (NFL). With over 110 million viewers, it is the most-watched single-day television event in the United States annually.

What to Write on Super Bowl Party Invitation?

  • Mention that the super bowl is finally happening
  • Let them know that you are looking forward to meeting them
  • There’s more to it than eyes can ever see
  • Tell everyone that their presence is important
  • Don’t let anyone go before having the food

How to Respond to Super Bowl Party Invitation?

  • Congratulate the host
  • Mention that you ae looking forward to it
  • Don’t forget to bring your fair share of snacks
  • Before you leave, make sure that shower them with love

As the occasion of the Super Bowl comes only once a year, the people of America, as well as the fans of the NFL, tend to celebrate this day with a Super Bowl Party in the comfort of their homes.

While many people finish the process of invitation over a phone, but for those who like to keep the human touch alive.

Super Bowl Invitation Wording Ideas

-While the winner takes it all in the biggest of the games occurring this Sunday, we have decided to throw a super bowl party. So come down with your family to our place for a thrilling evening ahead.

-Well, it started off as a one-day holiday party, and now it has become a tradition for us. Hence, we’d like to invite you and your family to the Geller’s 10th Super Bowl watch party on (date, time & location).

-Our life has always revolved around numerous sports and the favorite of them all is the NFL. So no prizes for guessing that we would like to have you at our place for the annual super bowl party.

-The most anticipated evening for all the Americans in this world is finally upon us, and yes, I am talking about the Super Bowl. Your presence is very much requested at our Super Bowl watch party.

-You know that there is a super bowl party at our place, but yet on my wife’s insistence I have to write an official invitation to my best friend as well. Also, bring some snacks if you can.

-Earlier, I used to hate January for the extreme cold weather and so many happy people but now the only thing that keeps me going is the super bowl. So, please try to be there for my super bowl party.

-It’s time to shift ourselves from never-ending everyday stress to the happiest self for the special occasion of the super bowl. We are having a party that day and you and the family are invited.

-Well it is safe to say that the upcoming super bowl Sunday is the most treasured Sunday of our lives. So we have decided to celebrate it with a party. As you’ve guessed it already, you are being invited to it.

Super Bowl Party Invitation Wording

super bowl invite wording

-To be honest, I know that you are not a fan of football but I also know that you are one big fan of parties, food and commercials. Hence, I think I can expect your presence at our place this Sunday.

-When we were younger, the super bowl was all about betting on the winning team. Now since we’re old, I and my wife like to commemorate this occasion with a party. I hope to see you at our place then.

-Today all Americans eagerly wait for the month of January and it is impossible to imagine how people lived before the era of the Super Bowl. So let’s discuss this at my Super Bowl party this Sunday.

-I started throwing super bowl parties to get people to like me and it worked, and since then, I’ve never looked back. As the cycle continues, I request you to grace your presence at my 12th Super Bowl party.

-Hey Mr. Introvert, you don’t have to worry about coming to my super bowl party because all you need to do is to bring my supportive friend who also happens to be an NFL fan. See you this Sunday, mate.

-Football: it’s the only sport where we get to blow our aggressions off without having to go to jail for it. All jokes aside, there’s a super bowl party at my place this Sunday and your presence is expected.

-We Americans are born ready to watch the most anticipating NFL game of the year. As a passionate football lover, I would like to invite you to join the gang this Sunday for the Super Bowl party.

-I am glad that super bowl comes at the month of January because that is the only day I get a feeling that this is going to be my year. Anyway, I am throwing a Super Bowl party, so please be there on time.

-For our 12th super bowl party, we have decided to reward the person who comes up with the most creative slogan for the winning team. So use your brains to the fullest but come for the party as well.

-I am not going to say “are you ready for some football” on this super bowl party invitation but I am going to say that there will be some penalty if you miss it. So tread carefully and see you Sunday.

-As the kickoff time is drawing near, we have to let out our biggest cheer. On the eve of Super bowl Sunday, we would like you and your family to join us for a whole lot of fun.

super bowl party invitation wording

-The best Super Bowl party will be held at the residence of Thompson’s. There will be beers for the adults and a bounce house for the kids. Please be there from (time).

-Be it rain, sleet, or snow. We have decided that we are going to throw a super bowl party for our friends and NFL enthusiasts even if hell breaks loose. I hope you can join us this Sunday.

-It is certainly more rewarding to see the super bowl live in a stadium but believe me we are going to try and make it more fun at our Super Bowl Sunday party. Don’t forget to bring your game face on.

-We know that one of the teams will play really well and win the NFL but what we don’t know is how’s my  Sunday meals for the Super Bowl will turn out. So please come and be the judge of it.

-Super Bowl Day is the only day when we willingly come out in the cold winter to visit our friend and celebrate this humongous occasion with a party. I am happy to be that friend for you this Sunday.

-”Pass”, “run” and “score” will be the most repetitive words on the occasion of Super Bowl. It is for this day that I have a soundproof house. So come and cheer your lungs out  at my Super Bowl party.

-The officials have conferred and the weather is pleasant. Hence, we are going to have a great Super Bowl game ahead. The watch party is at our place and we request your presence in it.

-After a hiatus of 3 years, I have won the bet against my wife to have a backyard Super Bowl Barbeque party at our own place. You know it is going to be special so don’t hesitate and visit us from (time).

-I wanted to hire a guy and he would practically invite you to our Super Bowl party using only the referee signals but apparently nobody does that. So I hope this written invitation would do the trick.

-As the Super Bowl Sunday is close by, the Flemings would like to invite you and the family for the party held in honor of the day itself. The party starts from (time).

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