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Celebrated on the second Saturday of August every year, National Bowling day is some sort of jackpot win for people who loves bowling.

The reason behind this is you will not have to pay a penny on National Bowling Day. In some areas, this privilege lasts not only for one day but for the whole month of August.

Bowling Day Greetings

  • Happy Bowling day to all my friends and relatives. Let’s take some time from our busy schedule and bowl free in this day.
  • Bowling is one of the fewest things that has zero haters. Let’s indulge ourselves in everyone’s favorite past-time in this day.
  • People are getting busier by the day and everyone needs a break and what’s a better break than bowling together! Leave home all your worries and let’s enjoy this national bowling day by bowling together with our loved ones.
  • The word free excites everyone, add bowling to it and it is of no doubt that you are in for all treats. Don’t let this chance of free bowling go to a waste and go out to your favorite bowling alley with your friends now!
  • Grab your bowling shoes and bowl away all your stress of the week and enjoy your weekend full of free bowling!
  • Bowling day celebrates the true spirit of bowling and hence gives the gift of free bowling to every dedicated bowler out there. Get with this spirit and tag along with your friends to enjoy a free bowling match!
  • I hope, this bowling day gives you the break and relaxation you needed at the end of the week. Happy Bowling day to you!
  • Bowling Day encourages us to get into the gaming spirit and bond with our friends and family. Let’s set up our pins and throw strikes in this day.
  • Roll up with your friends and family to celebrate the bowling day . Don’t forget to put on your favorite bowling shoes!
  • Too much Bowling never hurt anyone! Keep wearing those bowling shoes as long as you can and make sure you get the maximum strikes.
  • Don’t only boast about your bowling skills, show it off on this bowling day! Happy National Bowling day to you.
  • Take a break and indulge yourself in an exciting game of bowling with your friend in this bowling day. Happy National Bowling day to all my friends and family.
  • Prove your skills of bowling without spending a penny in this bowling day! Don’t lose this opportunity and show off your bowling skills.
  • Bond with your old friends over a friendly match of bowling just like the old times in this bowling day.

Bowling Day messages

  • Bowling brings people closer and helps them to enjoy a good time. Let’s enjoy this bowling day with our friends and family to the fullest.
  • We, all should take a break from our busy life and have fun sometimes. Let’s get into the spirit of bowling and keep away our work for a moment.
  • In this National bowling day, I hope we all get into the spirit of bowling and not let our work drain the fun from our life.
  • I hope this National Bowling day brings out your gaming spirit and give you your needed break from your hectic lifestyle.
  • It’s time for putting on your best bowling shoes and show off your bowling skills without the worry of paying money. Don’t loose this wonderful opportunity and pick your favorite bowling ball and enjoy your bowling day to the fullest
  • This day is a celebration of one of the most fun-filled game called bowling and we should honour this day by bowling with our dear ones for as long as I can.
  • As we spend this day with our friends and family, let’s thank the Germans for bringing this wonderful game into our life.
  • There is nothing more fun than going our bowling with your friends and having a friendly competition with them. Let’s show off our bowling skills to our friends and challenge them for friendly competition of bowling!
  • A day to have fun and just relax with your friends is a day that never goes wrong. Let’s have fun this weekend and let go of our work-stress while playing bowling with our dear ones.
  • Celebrations of National Bowling day is incomplete without bringing out our game spirit and fun-side. Have lots of fun in this National Bowling Day.
  • A person needs a break from all the stress for leading a healthy and happy life. Remember the saying “ All Work and No Play Makes Jake A Dull Boy”, with respect to that one should not be uptight and should have fun once in a while and what better way to have fun than a bowling game! Have a fun-filled Bowling Day.
  • Bowling day gives us the opportunity to have fun to the fullest without the worry of money. Let’s not lose this opportunity and call all our old friends and family to bond over a bowling match.
  • A dream of every bowler is to bowl as much as they can without spending a penny! Bowling day fulfills this wish of the bowlers and it brings happiness not only to the bowlers but also for every person out there who thrives for having fun!
  • Let’s get into the spirit of bowling in this bowling day and forget about our stress for a little while.

Bowling Day Captions

-Tonight is my first bowling league. #bowlingnight

-On this fantastic Friday, I’m racking up some strikes. #fridaybowlingnight

-It doesn’t get any better than this. Visit your local bowling alley for a fresh new appearance. #happybowling #happynight

-Get your name in lights every Monday, no matter how you shake it. #Happymondaybowling

-Bowling brings you back to your childhood. #bowlingandchildren

-With our elevated, fast-paced bowling experience, you can turn up the volume. #bowlingweek

-Join us on the lanes. You’ll be glad you took the time to do so. #letsgobowling

-It’s time to pick up your ball and start playing. It’s bowling day this weekend, so get ready to have a good time with your friends. #bowlingfun #bowlingvibes 

-Not wine glasses, but smashed pins. Welcome to one lane of current bowling mayhem, reimagined as classic bowling day and night. #drinksandbowling

-Bowling is much more than a game. It’s a connection and camaraderie that can only be made when you’re smack in the center of ten pins, waiting for that perfect hit. #bowlingislife

-While we all like to try bowling for the very first time, we also want to hit a home run every time. #teambowling

-That’s why we went bowling with him this week. He’s been by our team through every one of life’s ups and downs. #weekendvibes

-It’s the ideal chance to bring it in and start pinning. Before the end of the night, bowl it over! #pinandwin

-Bowling with family and friends is a great way to spend time together. #fambowlingnight

-Life is similar to bowling. You won’t be able to knock down all of the pins on every throw, but if you continue going, you’ll get a strike someday. #pinking #bowlingrocks

Bowling Day Wishes

-All of my friends and family have a wonderful bowling day. Let’s take a break from our hectic schedules today and bowl for free.

-Bowling is among the few sports with no detractors. Let’s enjoy ourselves in everyone’s favorite past-time in this day.

-People are becoming busier by the day, and everyone requires a break. What better way to unwind than bowling together? Leave home all your concerns and let’s celebrate this international bowling day by playing together with our family members.

-When you combine the word “free” with the word “bowling,” you know you’re in for a treat. Don’t let this free bowling opportunity pass you by; go out with your pals to your favorite bowling alley right now!

-Grab your bowling sneakers and spin away all of your week’s stress while enjoying a free weekend of bowling!

-Bowling Day honors the true essence of bowling by providing free bowling to all passionate bowlers. Join in the fun by tagging together with your friends for a free bowling game!

-I pray this bowling day brings you the relaxation and leisure you want at the conclusion of the week. You have a great bowling day!

-Show off your abilities without having to spend any money on this bowling day! Don’t miss out on your moment to demonstrate your bowling talents.

-Bowling Day inspires us to get into the spirit of gaming while also allowing us to join with our family and friends. On this day, let’s set up our pegs and throw strikes.

-Bring your family and friends to the bowling alley to enjoy the bowling day. Remember to wear your favorite bowling shoes!

-Too much of anything is never a good thing! Keep wearing your bowling boots as much as you can and ensure you obtain the maximum strikes.

-Don’t just brag about your bowling abilities; demonstrate them on this bowling day! I wish you a happy National Bowling Day.

-On this bowling day, take a break and engage in an exhilarating session of bowling with a friend. To all of my friends and family, I wish you a happy National Bowling Day.

Bowling Day Quotes

-“We’re going bowling. If we don’t come back, avenge our deaths.” -Homer Simpson, in “The Simpsons”

-“The bowling alley is the poor man’s country club.”- Sanford Hansell

-“Bowling would be more interesting if it were slightly uphill.”- Demetri Martin

-“If I had been on ‘Bowling for Dollars’ I’d end up owing them money.”- Ricki Lake

-“Bowling is not a sport because you have to rent the shoes.”- George Carlin

-“Every bowling center should have a house pro.”- Don Johnson

-“I’m a bowling pin, even when I fall I’ll always stand back up.”- Jay Park

-“One of the advantages bowling has over golf is that you seldom lose a bowling ball.” -Don Carter

-“In bowling and in life, if a person made the spares, the strikes would take care of themselves.” – Stephen King

-“Life is like a bowling ball. If you shoot it carefully you might get a strike”      -Anonymous

-“Bowling is a sport for people who have talent to spare”      -Anonymous

-“ In Bowling and in life if a person made the strikes, the strikes would take care of themselves”       -Stephen King.

Bowling Day Statuses

-Bowling is a nice pastime to do in your leisure time.

-Bowling is one of my favorite pastimes.

-Is there ever any spare time for bowlers?

-That’s how we do things around here.

-Bowling is a game for folks with a lot of talent.

-Bowlers keep their minds from descending into the abyss.

-There should be no pins left standing.

-Spare me if you don’t get a strike.

-Bowling and rocking.

-Because I consistently hit out with the ladies/men, bowling must be my favorite sport.

-There will be no smoking, only a Lucky Strike.

-Catching and throwing strikes.

-Your eyeballs are being bowled out.

-Thunder and bolt of lightning in a bowling fashion.

-If you give it a shot, you’ll succeed.

-Bowlers do not die; instead, they end up in a ditch.

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