A Speech on Fun Games to Play with Friends

The best opportunity to play games is when a group of friends hang out together. And finding the right game to play that everyone enjoys, is the tricky part. A perfect game could be the best treatment for a boring day. Games can be played indoors and outdoors, each has it’s own way of enjoying it. Here are few such fun games:

Tug of War

Equal number of members are divided into two teams. In the middle to a rope we tie a knot with a ribbon or a big handkerchief. Leaving a distance of 2 to 3 meters on either side of the rope from the middle knot, both the teams would assemble in a line holding the rope. As the whistle is blown by the coordinator, both the teams are supposed to pull the rope to either of their sides. The team who pulls the rope until the center knot crosses their line, wins!!! 


An all time challenging and fun game ever played among a group of friends which will surely generate some laughs.

Split the group into 2-4 teams. A player from one of the teams is chosen to start. He should write down what he thinks to act out; it can be a movie or song title, a famous person, saying or even book title. After which they must give their team clues to guess the name or whatever they are thinking of. Clues should be the commonly used kinds and  in the form of gestures or mime. The team gets 60 second to guess the word or phrase; and gain one point if they guess correctly. Team who scores the maximum, are the winners.

Freeze Dance

One of the most hilarious games playing with a group of friends. It’s a simple game, one of them is chosen to be the DJ, and he /she will be in control of the  music. As the music is played everyone is supposed to dance and jump around. Whenever the music stops, everyone is supposed to freeze in whatever position or action they got to be. The player who fails to freeze quickly, is eliminated. The last one standing, wins!!


It is one of the most popular games in the world. It tests one’s artistic talents. Nowadays we could purchase a Pictionary game set and the board. 

Those who don’t have the set, this game is just similar to the ones like Charades. The group is divided into 2-3 teams with a minimum of two members in a team. Make a random person make a few dozen clue cards that carry the name of a movie, an object, action, location or even songs. Now by taking turns, one player from both the teams is given a clue card. On a piece of paper or a whiteboard they must draw a visual representation of the clue. Each team is given 60 seconds to guess the drawing. If they guess right, the team gets a point. Team with the highest score wins!!  

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