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Below is a list of the best quotes and comments for editors and writers, along with the names of every speaker or author. This list has been arranged by popularity, and so at the top are the most famous quotes from the editors.

The list consists of noteworthy editing quotations from different writers, authors, athletes, speakers, playwrights, politicians, poets, and so on.

Editors Quotes

-Almost all can do movie edits right now and appreciate them at a basic level, but taking it to a higher standard takes the same commitment and determination as to any other art form. – Walter Murch

-I thought I wanted to do TV production in my adolescent days. I enjoyed the cameras, editing, and producing, all related to TV production. – Joel Osteen

-I feel like I could be a designer or a stylist – or I feel like a director -because I always wanted to shoot and edit videos. – Billie Eilish

-It is impossible to imagine the best moments. I’ve been in editing rooms a long time, and a scene with a flawless look, facial feel, and timing can be technically impressive. – Brad Pitt

Editors Quotes

-The idea of making a film is the formation of critique – the whole intellect of cinema is accomplished in the editorial room. – Orson Welles

-I’ve got a wonderful team, incredible producers, and awesome writers, but it’s me deciding at the end of the day, the tone, the editing, and the writing! – Ellen DeGeneres

-I love to produce. That’s what I want. I believe this is my most natural business space. I love to produce or edit, and I excel there. – Will Smith

-Obviously, writing is writing, the theater is acting, and photography comes from filmmaking. Editing makes the film unique. – Stanley Kubrick

-I enjoy editing. This is one of my preferred parts of moviemaking. – Steven Spielberg

-I don’t like the deception of the camera as well as editing and doubling. – Drew Barrymore

-Sometimes, you just get to the point where you do not know whether you can make it anymore when you are heavily involved in the production or editing of a film. – Martin Scorsese

-The other day, I said jokingly I like to edit films, I know how to copy a file, and I guess I know how to shoot them. However, I don’t know how to light them. – Martin Scorsese

-When I edit and shoot, I go through phases of seeing just old movies. – Martin Scorsese

-In the editing room, a lot of things can change. – Diane Lane

-Neither of my children wants to become an actor. In fact, they are very interested in being musicians. Mad prefers editing. Pax loves deejaying and music. – Angelina Jolie

-Editing now is the smartest thing to do on earth, and everything that has evolved through word processing is ubiquitous in movies and also in music. – Brian Eno

-It’s everything about film that I like and enjoy – composing, shooting, recording, creating music, and even performing. – Werner Herzog

-I directed a film, and now I will edit it. – Salma Hayek

-Great poets become great editors of copies. – Dejan Stojanovic

-Be a great editor. God knows the planet requires better editors. – Kurt Vonnegut

-Anxiety exists, but after you have made a film, it comes because it’s out of your hands; it’s edited, customized, and marketed by people. – Hugh Jackman

Editors Quotes

-Editing is somewhat distinct from films. The best books are collaborations just like the best films. – Viggo Mortensen

-People follow me as they like to meet me. So why does Instagram edit them? – Chelsea Handler

-All I do is Superwoman related. Either I make conference calls, write a script, edit a video, shoot a video or read a script. – Lilly Singh

-I’m astounded by producers like the Coen brothers who can film and edit their script, and that is the film. They edit the script that they shot. – Spike Jonze

-I will still make studio films; however, my editing system will be removed from the film industry much further. Because I do not comprehend it. – Spike Jonze

-I do not have a film background. I haven’t managed to learn anything about films or photography. But I’m involved in photography, editing, music recording, plus post-production.

-I was able to edit Joan Crawford’s book many years ago; she’s indeed a big star, like Norma Desmond. – Michael Korda

-While editing my content, I put myself in the listener’s position. – Macklemore

-I took Yoko Ono to Nyc and offered her her first job there. I had been editing the ‘Film Culture’ journal. – Jonas Mekas

-When you do a Television show, it’s not just filming for six weeks, and all the footage is in an editing room. – Chris Pratt

-The very same thing with film, you’ve touched everything in your editing room by the time you’re done shooting, and you’ve really been into it all. – Ridley Scott

-The terrifying thing when you are in the editing room is it becomes like repeating a joke repeatedly. – Ridley Scott

-I understood – and I’m literally the only individual on the planet to know this – that there’s no editing in our lives. – Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

-We exist in a Steadicam form from the moment we open our minds, and the only editing would be when we think regarding our lives or remember stuff. – Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

-After editing, motion pictures become an art. They juxtapose pictures of it rather than just reproducing facts. – Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

-You sometimes have things you don’t anticipate when editing a film. – Wes Anderson

-My life has to be edited. – Mort Sahl

-I assume that overdesigning is due to insufficient editing. – Mark Parker

-The movie is produced in the editing room. The film shooting is practical regarding shopping. – Philip Seymour Hoffman

-A lot of Nashville citizens believe that the best song is the most catchy, the one which produces the most copies. They edit songs in such a way as to make them look more purchasable. – Jason Isbell

-Okay, you always find a lot in the editing room. – Christopher Nolan

-First, I am a writer, and second I am a singer. And then, when I was seventeen, I began editing my personal videos. – Lana Del Rey

-For me, rhythm controls my shooting, editing, and performance. – Donnie Yen

Editors Quotes

-Filmmaking, editing, and all the films have certainly transformed me as an actor. – James Franco

-I believe that editing is difficult for people to comprehend. It is like a sculpture entirely. – Thelma Schoonmaker

-Editing is like plumbing for a considerable span of time. – Thelma Schoonmaker

-I don’t think many directors are fully conscious of editing. – Thelma Schoonmaker

-I don’t think that you really are a talented director without a lot of editing experience. – Thelma Schoonmaker

-Females were editors at the very beginning since they were the individuals in the laboratory rolling the movie before it was edited. – Thelma Schoonmaker

-I can now produce many variants of a scene with the advent of digital editing. – Thelma Schoonmaker

-I’m not an individual that believes in the big difference in editorship between men and women. Yet I believe quality is important. – Thelma Schoonmaker

-Editing involves a lot of patience and concentration and sometimes banging off something. – Thelma Schoonmaker

-It is a privilege to acquire footage that was shot with editing in mind. – Thelma Schoonmaker

-Before I met Mr. Scorsese, I didn’t know anything about editing. – Thelma Schoonmaker

-In video editing, there’s a lot of mystery, and this is because you’re not expected to know a lot of it. – Thelma Schoonmaker

-Editing increasingly implies going out to lunch. It does imply editing using a credit card, not just a pencil. – Robert Gottlieb

Editors Quotes

-Editing requires that you are always open and always respond. – Robert Gottlieb

-Editing is literally a good reader’s implementation of common sense. – Robert Gottlieb

-Most young filmmakers bring their films to my father because he always provides lots of suggestions and notes for editing. – Sofia Coppola

-I can’t say I’m one who really enjoyed acting for a long period of time. I always censored it, edited it, or evaluated it, and did not just go with it. – Michael Douglas

-The ultimate master, while you’re editing, is Aristotle and his masterworks. – Ken Burns

-Until we begin editing, I record all my songs in a studio with genuine instruments, creating many versions. – Ken Burns

-Editing is what I don’t have in the theatre. – Julie Taymor

-You may edit an email for hours but deliver it as though you composed it in a second. – Sally Rooney

-I don’t usually sit at my table from 9 to 5 as I’m somewhat disturbed. It is often two hours per day, or it could be 14 hours per day when I am in the final phases of editing. – Rick Riordan

-When I arrived at ‘Gourmet,’ I didn’t know how to operate a magazine; on TV, I was intrigued to hear about editing. – Ruth Reichl

-I haven’t been raised with movies. And while Alain Resnais edited my first movie, he said, ‘You’re supposed to visit the Cinematheque.’ I had no idea we had one in Paris. – Agnes Varda

-Throughout this exported Plan 9, any editing, programming, and mail are produced. – Dennis Ritchie

-It’s very hard to write. I’m a perfect performer. And as an editor, I know I have a unique talent. – Ira Glass

-Sadly, I understand editing very well and stare too much at the computer. – Penelope Cruz

-I thought, “Ok, I can be at home to study, or I can be at home to edit a picture.” This was when I began editing on my computer at home. – Joseph Gordon-Levitt

-When we’re making the film, I don’t edit it. I sit back and watch it with my editor, and our work begins. – Christopher Guest

-One thing I learned while editing “Reagan Diaries” is never telling what Reagan would do since he surprised folks. – Douglas Brinkley

-The editing procedure is probably the most significant component in everyday routine. Exactly the same is with my work: errors are a portion of the decision-making procedure. – Maurizio Cattelan

-Needless to say, when you are creating a documentary, you have no actors; however, there’s a writing procedure that does occur in the editing room. – Rithy Panh

-Editing is not really an element of the filmmaking procedure I have ever been aware of as a celebrity. – Vera Farmiga

-Editing on your own is similar to an annoying coin toss. You need to deprive yourself of vanity and work from the id. – Vera Farmiga

Video Editing Quotes

“In editing, it’s the intention behind the cut that makes it effective.” – Zack Arnold

“Editing is not about the length of a shot; it’s about the rhythm, the pace, the tension, and the emotion.” – Walter Murch

“Editing is where movies are really made.” – Joseph Gordon-Levitt

“The best editing decisions are invisible.” – Roger Ebert

“Editing is like sculpting the story, chipping away the unnecessary parts to reveal the masterpiece within.”

“Editing is the art of storytelling through the manipulation of time and space.” – Tariq Anwar

“Editing is where the magic happens, where the story comes to life in its final form.” – Anne V. Coates

“Editing is the process of adding life to raw footage, breathing soul into every frame.”

“In the edit, you discover the truth behind the footage.” – Ira Glass

“Editing is the orchestration of thoughts, emotions, and visuals into a harmonious cinematic experience.”

“An editor doesn’t just cut footage; they sculpt emotions and construct stories.” – Sally Menke

“The magic of editing is that it allows you to rewrite, rearrange, and reimagine the narrative possibilities.” – Christopher Rouse

“Editing is the art of manipulating time, compressing it, expanding it, and ultimately bending it to the filmmaker’s will.” – Walter Murch

“Editing is the invisible art that turns disconnected shots into a seamless visual masterpiece.” – Joel Cox

“Editing is where you make the final rewrite of the script.” – Kimberly Ray

“A film is never truly finished until it’s been through the editing process.” – John Frankenheimer

“Editing is where reality meets imagination and dreams are transformed into tangible stories.” – Marcia Lucas

“The edit suite is a laboratory where the alchemy of storytelling happens.” – Alan Heim

Film Editor Quotes

“Editing is the art of sculpting emotions.” – David Lean

“An editor is like a chef, crafting the ingredients of footage into a delicious cinematic experience.” – Thelma Schoonmaker

“Editing is where the real magic happens, where the story finds its true form.” – Sally Menke

“The power of editing lies in its ability to control the audience’s perception of time and emotion.” – Walter Murch

“Editing is the process of selecting the best moments and creating a rhythm that guides the audience.” – Anne Coates

“Film editing is the only art that is unique to cinema, separating it from other art forms.” – Michael Kahn

“Editing is all about making choices that serve the story, while still honoring the performances.” – Tim Squyres

“An editor is a storyteller who uses time and rhythm as their tools.” – Richard Marks

“Editing is the dance of moments, where every cut contributes to the choreography of the film.” – Alan Heim

“Editing is where I get to rewrite the script, shaping the narrative in the most compelling way.” – Thelma Schoonmaker

“Editing is not just about removing the bad parts, but about enhancing the good ones.” – Joe Walker

“Film editing is about finding the invisible thread that connects each frame.” – Pietro Scalia

“Editing is the bridge between the chaos of production and the clarity of the final film.” – Andrew Weisblum

“In the editing room, you have the power to manipulate time, creating a world that captivates.” – Stephen Mirrione

“Editing is where creativity meets problem-solving, resulting in a seamless cinematic experience.” – Dede Allen

Quotes About Photo Editing

“Photo editing is the art of revealing the beauty within every pixel.”

“In the hands of a skilled editor, a photograph transforms into a visual symphony.” – Ansel Adams

“Editing photos is like adding brush strokes to a canvas, each adjustment enhancing the masterpiece.”

“Photo editing is where imagination meets reality, and creativity knows no bounds.”

“A photograph is captured in a moment; photo editing extends that moment into eternity.” – Dorothea Lange

“The edit room for a photo is like a darkroom for a painter—a place to develop and refine the image.”

“Photo editing is where the camera’s capture becomes the photographer’s vision.” – Steve McCurry

“Editing photos is the act of curating memories, selecting the hues of emotion and saturation of life.”

“Just as a sculptor molds clay, a photo editor sculpts light and color to shape reality.”

“Photo editing is the silent dialogue between the photographer’s lens and the editor’s software.”

“Editing a photo is not about changing reality, but about revealing the essence of the moment.”

“A photograph is the canvas, and photo editing is the palette of emotions.”

“The edit transforms the photo, and the photo transforms the viewer.” – Peter Lindbergh

“Photo editing is where technical prowess dances with creative intuition.”

“Editing photos is the fine art of refining perfection.”

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