A Speech on “My Favorite Film”

I am here today to speak about my favorite film. My favorite film is “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. It is an American musical fantasy film released in 2005.

It was directed by Tim Burton and written by John August. The movie was based on the 1964 British novel that goes by the same name, written by Roald Dahl. 

The story is about a young boy Charlie who finds a ticket with four other children to visit the chocolate factory owned by Willy Wonka. The film was a major box office hit and was received with love, especially among children.

Wonka gives away five golden tickets to visit the chocolate factory inside five different bars of Wonka Bars.

Four children easily obtain the first four bars, and Charlie Bucket obtains the fifth ticket after many emotional scenes and turmoil.

Charlie’s family was poor, and though he received monetary offers in exchange for the ticket, he declined it as he was so passionate about visiting the chocolate factory. He takes along with him his Grandpa Joe to accompany him on tour.

During the tour, the individual flaws of the children make them give in to temptation and are thus eliminated. With the fall of each person, the ‘Oompa-Loompas’ sing a song of morality.

The eliminated children left the place with the deformities that came as part of their fall for temptation, pride, and greed. The movie also introduces us to Willy Wonka’s troubled past and childhood.

Charlie was the only person remaining, and since he was the “least rotten”, he was offered to inherit the chocolate factory as it was time for Willy Wonka to retire, so he was invited to come and live with Wonka in the factory, on the condition that he leaves his family behind like Wonka.

Charlie declined the offer and said that his family is the most important possession that he has and will not give it up for anything.

Charlie then does quite well in his late a while later. Willy Wonka was too depressed to make candies like he used to, and his factory ran at a loss and declined.

He then goes to Charlie for advice, and Charlie helps him reconcile with his estranged father, after which he finally realizes the value of family.

Things go quite well with his father, and later on, Charlie is allowed to reside in the factory along with his family.

I like this film because of the mesmerizing visual treat it gives to the eyes and minds of the viewers. The storyline is beautiful and unique so is the acting, especially of Johnny Dep. the story teaches us the importance of families and how amazing it is to be in a family that loves you no matter what.

Through Charlie’s family, we get to know that money is not important in a family. It is the love and bond that they have, that makes it beautiful. It also teaches that greed and pride will only lead to downfall.

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