A Speech on Bigfoot Is Real – Speech (598 Words)

There is some interesting and mysterious story or incident, whatever you call it, which is the topic of today’s discussion. The Bigfoot is real. What is this Bigfoot? Obviously, this question arises in your mind. Now the story begins. It was very small footage, which was captured by a 16 mm Cine Kodak camera; just someone was having fun with his new camera and something very strange was captured at that time.

In that footage, a very big ape-like structure man had been captured in this camera footage. In many areas of the United States, especially Texas, this footage was captured. In a moment, that creature was directly looking into the camera. The first footage of this ape-like creature is in 1967, in a deep dark wooden forest somewhere in Northern California and it became the most calculating video footage in this world.

Some people said that this was real footage of the Bigfoot or Yeti man. Some people said that this was a big mountain Gorilla or ghost something. 

This big structured creature is called by many names in different countries. In some countries people call it Sasquatch; some people called it Yowie. Many people called it Yeti also.  By the mythology of the Kwakiutl tribe once on the western coast of British Columbia, this creature is described as a big, hairy female that lives deep in the mountainous forests named Dzunukwa. 

Actually this ape-like structured creature is mainly seen in the hilly region of everywhere, in the heavy deep forest. The story of Sasquatch can take you back centuries. The Story Tales of mythological giant apes lurk in the oral traditions of most American tribal persons, and in Europe and Asia also. The Himalayas has the large clumsy horrible snowman or the Yeti.  Bigfoot is known as the Yowie Man in the center part of Australia.

Bigfoot advocates believe that there are almost two thousand ape men walking upright in North America’s woods in recent days. 

An adult male is said to be about eight feet tall and has weigh eight hundred pounds which is approximately three hundred and sixty kilograms, and they have feet that are twice the size of human feet.  The apes are very much shy and tenebrose, and they eat mostly berries and fruits.

Money-maker lives at Dana Point in the southern part of California. He is a lawyer. He runs his own agency of marketing business and spares his time; he plays an important role in the Field of Bigfoot Researchers Organization. There is another network of a maximum of three thousand people who claim to have seen the Sasquatch.

 And at last, the scientist has reached the conclusion that this ape-like structured creature, have various types of names, given by various people of different countries is actually a real matter. There are very few movies were made on it. In the end, it is clear that “Bigfoot” is actually a real and interesting matter.

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