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To observe and celebrate a day for the essential part of our body that is our feet, there is an annual celebration made on the 23rd of January. The feet are a vital part of our body, and we stabilize upon it. The day is to help us remember the importance of our feet and take care of it the whole day.

Measure Your Feet Day – greetings

-Did you clean your feet? Take time to take care of your feet. It is a day to celebrate and wish everyone Happy Measure Your Feet Day annually.

-Take your own time and measure the exact length of your feet. Many of us don’t know the right measurements of our feet, and hence on that day, we should do it and wish us Happy Measure Your Feet Day.

-Buy new shoes for yourself, which is of the perfect size, wear it and flaunt it.

-It is the day to give your foot the actual care and love we usually forget and think it as an unessential part of our body. But do this today as it is Happy Measure Your Day.

-Wash your feet with foot care shops, foot wash, cleansing your feet with the products, shop for your feet to nourish it, and make its performance absolutely better. Wish your feet Happy Measure Your feet day.

-Choose the socks of accurate size and which supplies care and softness to your feet. Measure your length of the feet by measuring tape before taking any step to buy the products as it is Happy Measure Your Feet Day.

-We take care of all our body parts, so give your feet a little more attention as it is a vital part of our body and our daily lives. Wish Happy Measure Your Feet Day to your feet and others to whom you know.

-We usually measure our foot with measuring tape or scale, placing our foot in a plane. Have a great day ahead.

-Still, we can also use the Brannock device for the accurate measurements of our foot, especially on that day, because it is Happy Measure Your Feet Day.-

-If you don’t get accurate measurements, don’t give up, wear comfy shoes or slippers and try to avoid heels or other shoes which hurt your feet. 

-You need to dedicate the day to your feet with utmost care as it is Happy Measure Your Feet Day.

-Cut your ingrown nails with proper care as they usually hurt your feet. Wash the nail corners and take adequate care of them and wish yourself and your feet Happy Measure Your Feet Day.

-Remind your friends to take proper care of their feet, list them the measures to take care of their feet.

-Wish your friends, help them, also, if possible, gift them a measuring device with notes of wishing Happy Measure Your Feet Day.

-Gift your family members with foot care, shoes, and shocks. 

-Help you loved ones to measure their actual foot length and share greetings to them on the occasion of Measure Your Feet Day. Wish them Happy Measure Your Feet Day and tell them to wish others socially.

-Click pictures of yours taking care of the feet or your family members or friends taking care of their feet.

-Share hashtags and pictures as a social awareness to others to take care of their feet on that day and tell everyone to celebrate it by wishing them Happy Measure Your Feet Day.

Measure Your Feet Day – messages

-The Measure Your Feet Day is a great day, but to our sorrows, we still don’t know who is the great inventor of this great day.

-Even the sorrows of the day should not bother our celebration, and we all together should celebrate the Measure Your Feet Day.

-Getting shoes of perfect size and length is a tough task. I hope on this day, you will measure your feet properly and get a perfect shoe for yourself.

-The history of the Measure Your Feet Day is still inkling, but we have a little bit of knowledge about it. 

-The day was originated in ancient Iceland as they spent most of their time shelving or high fiving with their feet. They celebrated it by measuring their feet on rainstorms and pairing off.

-If you are experiencing any pain or vision in your feet, you should immediately consult your doctor for better medication and without the risk of any further damage to your feet. 

-It is a necessary measure that should be taken on that day without any further delays.

-As we force our feet to any shoes for different styles, it results in a bent position by wearing high heels and might decrease the toe’s muscles and form hammertoe for an extended period. 

-Other difficulties like cramps too might be faced, so take care of your feet not only on Measure Your Feet Day but also on different days.

-This is a traditional day to celebrate the rainstorms, and from there, all it started. 

-We should celebrate the rain by measuring our feet, and then it became famous throughout the world and in all corners. The Measure Your Feet Day became a thing beyond Ancient Iceland.

Measure Your Feet Day – quotes

-”We may well value our minds and esteem our brain power. But let us respect our feet as well. They might be down to earth for sure, but do allow us to go forward and steam ahead in life.” 

– Erik Pevernagie.

“The white waves rolling free, where the earth beneath my feet and stars make my heart whole again in long and priceless moments of shared solitude.” 

– Oksana Rus.

-”I have always regarded the feet as the most initimate and the personal part of our bodies, and not the genitals, not the heart, or even the brain, organs of no great significance that are too highly valued.”

 – Olga Tokarczuk. 

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