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Celebrated annually on the first Wednesday in November, Stress Awareness Day is an initiative started by the International Stress Management Association (ISMA) to educate the people with information on stress, help them identify the cause and inform them of the ways to address the issue and reduce stress in their lives.

Feeling pressure is quite a common phenomenon but getting overwhelmed with stress can lead to various health issues and mental problems.

Stress can be caused by many reasons like conflicts, performance pressure, challenges, balancing family, home, etc which in turn leads to emotional exhaustion and physical illness.

Stress Awareness Day includes various comprehensive programmes of events which include seminars, summits, chats, social media blogs, and international online seminars to communicate to people the disastrous consequences that can be caused by Stress.

The importance of this Stress Awareness day can be highlighted with the following quotes –

_Stress Awareness day is the day to find time on our lives to get informed about stress and how it affects us.

_On Stress Awareness Day unburden yourself from all the tension and stress by taking a peaceful walk and getting a relaxing massage.

_On Stress Awareness day take part in the initiative started by the International Stress Management Association (ISMA), raise awareness, create publicity and profile stress and its impacts to help reduce the stigma in the society.

_Stress can disrupt your mental health and harm you soul. On this Stress Awareness day find time in your busy routines and relax your mind.

_Stress Awareness Day is the perfect opportunity for you to develop a routine, lessen your tension and relax.

_On Stress Awareness Day, take a moment and think about your heath and well being and if you are stressed, find advice and support on managing it.

_Exercise, practice deep breathing and take a long, relaxing bath. On Stress awareness day leave all your worries behind.

_On Stress Awareness Day, create a Stress Awareness Space so you can share your thoughts and feelings with people around you when you are felling stressed.

_Stress Awareness day is about introspecting and finding out the reasons for your worries. Noticing the reason for your stress can help you learn how to deal with it and maintain your well being.

_On Stress Awareness day take a pledge to support your friends, family and co-workers in their time of stress with  expert and trusted information on mental health and well being.

_The main aim of Stress Awareness Day is to communicate the importance of well being, mental health and stress reduction for individuals and organizations.

_Stress can be caused in workplaces due to the huge workload and complicated working relationships. Stress Awareness Day helps you to identify such stress and deal with it in a proper manner to ensure the well being of all the employees.

_Suffering from Stress? Get some exercise, get some sleep, do deep breathing, take a long bath, Relax! On Stress Awareness Day learn to distress yourself and relax.

_On Stress Awareness day, International stress Management Association (ISMA) aims to educate people about the harms of stress and give helpful strategies for dealing with it.

_Stress Awareness Day is about taking steps to look after your mental health and well being and dealing with the pressure and reducing the impact that stress has on your life.

_Don‘t keep your feelings and worries bottled up. Share them with your friends and family. On Stress Awareness Day unburden yourself from all the tension eating you up and relax.

_Life is unpredictable and things happen which are out of your control. The stress Awareness day is all about learning practical ways to deal with the day to day pressure caused by such unpredictable events and ensuring that they don’t cause stress.

_International Stress Management Association (ISMA) aims to communicate the importance of sharing your feelings with your loved ones to get helpful advice and support to deal with your issues on Stress Awareness Day.

_Stress Awareness Day gives you an opportunity to look at yourself and your life to be able to breakdown the individual stressors in your life so you can manage them to ensure your well being.

_Stress Awareness day is a day that emphasizes on the self-feeding problem, Stress that can result in growing sickness by extension. It is important to control it to enjoy and live your lives happily.

_On Stress Awareness Day it is important to realize that failure to deal and manage stress in your life can affect your mental health.

_Stress Awareness Day helps to teach the people going through stress to understand how to deal with it and where to go for further help.

_The best way to celebrate Stress Awareness day is to take the opportunity to remove the stress from your life and enjoy it fully.

_International Stress Management Association (ISMA) on Stress Awareness Day aims to take their emotional intelligence and resilience training to people so they can identify their triggers to stress and help deal with it.

_Failure to deal with stress in your life can lead to serious health problems like increased blood pressure, susceptibility to heart disease and decline of the immune system. This Stress Awareness day take some time out to relax and cut stress out of your life.

_On Stress Awareness Day take some time out in your life to find out where all the stressors lie and take steps to remove them and find ways to mitigate them.

_Stress can cause various problems in your life and trying to remove it can be a stressful experience. On Stress Awareness Day organizations like the International Stress Management Association (ISMA) provide their assistance to help you look into strategies and support in how to manage the things that cause stress in your life.

_”Stress can be a killer, don’t let it take one more day from your life, act now and start living a stress free life.” Celebrate Stress Awareness Day by taking a day off and having a day of freedom.

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