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Basil of Caesarea, who is also known as St. Basil the Great was the bishop of Caesarea Mazaca in Cappadocia. St. Basil’s Day is celebrated on January 1 or New Year’s Day every year. It is also called St. Basil’s feast day. Saint Basil is popular for his philanthropic activities and love for poor children.

Every year people celebrate St. Basil’s Day all over the world by singing carols and distributing gifts. It is a traditional festival in Greece.

St. Basil’s Day Messages, Quotes and Greetings

_As all of us are busy celebrating New Year with our friends and family members, we must also remember that it is the occasion of St. Basil’s Day, one of the greatest preachers of Christianity till date.

_Nothing can be compared to the holiness of St. Basil’s Day. Let us all gather together and pray to St. Basil for showering His blessings on us.

_On St. Basil’s Day let us recognize the importance of taking care of the oppressed and doing some charitable activity.

_May the preaching of St. Basil continues to guide all the aspects of our lives in the near future.  

_We feel so happy to start the year with St. Basil’s Day; it is undoubtedly a big occasion for all of us.

_On St. Basil’s Day let us reach out to those children who are in need of food, water, shelter and most importantly love. It is the best way to pay our respects and tribute to St. Basil.

_St. Basil’s Day is back again and we should start dressing up in our new clothes to enjoy the occasion with our loved ones.

_May your day be filled with happiness and joy on this wonderful occasion of St. Basil’s Day.

_On St. Basil’s Day, let us all take the oath of walking in the path of righteousness as shown by our guiding father St. Basil.

_Let us start rehearsing our favorite carols before St. Basil’s Day. Our duty should be to spread the message of love and friendship in different parts of the world.

_On St. Basil’s Day, let us remember one of the famous teachings of the great personality, he asked us to take what was adequate to meet our needs and donate the rest to the poor and impoverished.

_Human beings should not be judged by their appearance or look instead they should be known by their actions and contributions to the society.

_Today is St. Basil’s Day, the day on which we should pay our respect to one of the greatest Saints of the world.

_On St. Basil’s Day, we should try to forget all our enmities and make more friends.

_Let us inculcate the virtues of honesty and kindness on this wonderful occasion of St. Basil’s Day.

_The source of all divine actions is the Almighty Lord and this is the reason why we should dedicate all our achievements in life to God on St. Basil’s Day.

_Just like sunlight illuminates our life each day, the blessings of the Lord should radiate our souls on St. Basil’s Day.

_You can never claim yourself to be the son of Lord Jesus if you fail to dedicate your life for society and practice charity.

_On St. Basil’s Day we should learn how to control our anger and temptations because an excess of these two emotions can ruin our lives.

_Let us all realize the fact that it is not enough to read the Holy Scripture but we should also follow and practice what we read in them.

_St. Basil’s Day is the perfect occasion to spread the message that we should not tolerate injustice at any level in society. Let us all have the courage to speak out against any form of oppression.

_May the Lord shower His blessings on you this year and may all your wishes come true. Wish you a happy St. Basil’s Day.

_If you have faced rejections and failures recently and you are looking for some kind of motivation to carry on in life then St. Basil’s Day is the ideal occasion for you to rise up and claim what is yours.

_We should all learn to face and accept what is true on St. Basil’s Day.

_Let all the positive things fill our hearts on St. Basil’s Day. We should avoid talking to people who spread negative vibes.

_Today is 1st January, the day on which we visit all the houses in our locality and sing carols to spread good wishes for the rest of the year. No, it’s not about New Year it’s about St. Basil’s Day.

_We should never disrespect a man for his weaknesses instead we should try to inspire him through positive actions on St. Basil’s Day.

_Let us all seek freedom from blind faith and superstitions on St. Basil’s Day.

_We should consider ourselves to be lucky that God has given us good health and an abundance of resources. St. Basil’s Day gives us the opportunity to thank Him for everything.

_If you are not compassionate towards your fellow beings then you should never expect mercy in return. Hence, we should open up our minds and hearts on St. Basil’s Day.

_Let us distribute some our clothes to the naked, food to the hungry and stand beside the needy people on St. Basil’s Day.

_Stop being concerned about your own benefit and work tirelessly for the benefit of the poor people on St. Basil’s Day.

_Your character gets reflected by the words you speak. So, learn the art of speaking decently with your friends, family members, and strangers.

_Sharing is one of the biggest virtues of humanity without which we live a life that lacks any kind of meaning and value.

_Before we show respect to God, we must show respect to the fellow human beings as the Almighty Lord is omnipresent and resides in all of our hearts. Happy St. Basil’s Day.

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