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Total Defence is the name given to Singapore’s defence strategy which has been adapted from countries like Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine and Russia.

And Total Defence day is an annual Remembrance Day occurs on February 15th to commemorate the event when British soldiers surrendered to the Japanese in the year 1942 on February 15. Since that day, the Japanese occupation took place in the country of Singapore for 3 years and 8 months.

Since then the country has left no stones unturned in making their Total defence system. The Total defence consists of six important pillars – economical, military, civil, psychological, digital defence and social defence.

Below is a list of Greetings and quotes with which the people of Singapore can celebrate this occasion of Total Defence Day with everyone

Total Defence Day Best Messages, Quotes and Greetings

_Every country needs a total defence system because generations of effort can be wiped out in days. Wishing the country of Singapore a very peaceful Total Defence Day.

_Nobody can take our freedom away if we take a pledge to stand strong. Unity has always been our strength. Let us all be united to commemorate the occasion of Total Defense Day.

_ Total Defence may begin with SAF but there is a part of everyone to contribute in the welfare of our nation. Wish you a very happy Total Defence Day.

_Our country has faced every challenge very boldly. On the eve of Total Defence Day, I hope that the country defence system enhances to the limit where we can protect our citizen diligently.

_If our beautiful nation can continue to remain adaptable and stay invested in improving the situations, then only we would be able to secure our country’s future. Have a wonderful Total Defence Day.

_Since the debacle of 1942, we have always been committed to protect our nation that we call home. On the eve of Total Defence Day, I hope we continue to do so.

_The moment we maintain our readiness is the moment when we have taken the first step in securing the future. I wish all the people Singapore a very warm and peaceful Total Defence Day.

_Everything can be achieved if we pledge to remain in unity. On the eve of Total Defence Day, I hope that in future it is our unity which becomes the trump card for defeating the enemies.

_On the eve of Total Defence Day let us all appreciate our total defence system, because without it we might as well welcome our enemy. Have an acknowledging Total Defence Day.

_As a citizen of Singapore we have some responsibilities as well. So on this occasion of Total Defence Day, let’s us all take a pledge to volunteer our time and effort to help strengthen public support for defence.

_Without the Total Defence system, no real success for our nation is possible. On the eve of Total Defence let us all appreciate the efforts done by our nation for the purpose total protection.

_Our Country’s supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. This is what we should feel proud about on the occasion of Total Defense Day.

_ On the eve of Total Defence Day let us all try to contribute in our own way in building up an economy strong enough to sustain through economical challenges.

_Loyalty and dedication are one of the most important parts of setting up a total defense system and as a citizen we should do everything we can to protect our lovely nation. Wishing everyone a warm Total Defense day.

_The importance of Total Defence should be conveyed to the kids of next generation so that we can safely and soundly secure our country’s future. Have a great Total Defence Day.

_Total defense is an integral part of country’s development and the best part about it is we can learn along with the little mistakes. Wishing the people of Singapore a very peaceful Total Defense Day.

_Having a faithful friendly country as part of our strong defence will send shivers down the enemies’ spine. On the occasion of Total Defence Day, I hope we can be as strong as America one day.

_Our country’s attempt to make a Total Defence system will only protect us. So, appreciate the nation’s efforts on a Total Defence Day.

_In the end our best weapon is the unity of the people residing in our beautiful country of Singapore. On this occasion of Total Defence Day, I wish everyone a n acknowledgement filled Total Defence Day.

_Patriotism is what makes our beautiful Singapore a strong and undivided nation. So, show your patriotism on this proud occasion of Total Defence Day.

_It is because of the Total Defence of our country that has kept the citizens of Singapore safe and sound and will continue to do so in the near future. Wish you and your family a lovely Total Defence Day.

_We have learned from our mistakes and hence the culmination of it is our country’s Total Defence System. Let us all appreciate the ones who are behind it on this occasion of Total Defence Day.

_The beautiful nation of ours will always need the help of normal citizens like us to strengthen the country’s defence system. On the eve of Total Defence Day, I urge everyone to help in their own way.

_Total defence has always kept our nation safe from numerous attacks be it cyber or physical. Son this occasion of Total Defence Day let us all thank our government for introducing such efficient system.

_On this occasion of Total Defence Day, as a citizen let us all implement the works of civil defence by taking care of our families, friends and people around us during the time of crisis.

_As a citizen of Singapore it is not only our responsibility but our religion to stay harmoniously with each other so that can keep our Social defence game on point, which is an important part of Total Defence.

_The air that we breathe is the air of freedom. The safe and sound life that we are spending is all because of our country’s Defence system. So let us all spend this Total Defence Day by not taking anything for granted.

_The past may have given our country some of the toughest years, but it had also made us learn from our mistakes and become stronger than ever. And it is all because of our Total Defence.

_Economic defence is having a resilient economy for our country that can be of great significance in enhancing the Total Defence System. On this Total Defence day, I hope we call contribute in some way.

_Our country’s important motto is Live and let live and if there is a nation who wants to infiltrate the motto of ours then they can face the wrath of our Total Defence. Have a great Total Defence Day.

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