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World Contraception Day is an annual event observed on 26th September to raise awareness regarding the use of contraception amongst young people. Contraceptives methods are widely used to avoid unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and abortions.

Many times contraception has been proven to optimize the health of a woman prior to pregnancy by stabilizing her medical condition. This particular event tries to fight for equal accessibility of contraception to young people so that they make informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health.

In the year 2007, World Contraception was first observed which was initiated by ten international family planning organizations with a vision to see a world where every pregnancy is wanted.

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Messages for World Contraception Day

_Nothing should ever come in between you and your healthy life, not even unwanted pregnancies. Wish you a warm and peaceful life on World Contraception Day.

_If you look at it as a mistake then you are the one who will affected the most in making the correct choice. I wish you a happy life ahead on the occasion of World Contraception Day.

_The statistics about the usage of contraception says a lot about the awareness regarding this particular issue. So let fight this on a very special World Contraception Day.

_There is no good time to discuss contraception; rather every woman should visit their health care provider regularly to increase awareness. Have an inspiring World Contraception Day.

_You women have got to take more care about your health issues and knowing about contraception is a great first step. May you get to inspire one person on World Contraception Day.

_Many esteemed men have spoken against the use of contraceptives for young women and that’s the argument we all are fighting on this World Contraception Day.

_The lack of knowledge has made many humans to suffer health wise. So don’t be that human and learn everything about contraception on the eve of World Contraception Day.

_Pregnancies are meant to be gift when it happens during the perfect time but otherwise contraceptive methods are bliss. So, help more individuals by raising awareness on this World Contraception Day.

_On the occasion of World Contraception Day, May the women of this beautiful world are able to bring a positive change in the ratio of contraceptive usage.

_The younger ones have the right to be well-informed regarding the contraceptive methods and it is our job to teach them on this important occasion of World Contraception Day.

_By educating both the genders about the issue of contraception, we are only limiting the ratio of un-awareness. May you get to share some knowledge on World Contraception Day.

_On the eve of World Contraception Day, I hope many selfless individuals are doing their best to bring awareness regarding the issue of contraception.

_Nobody can take away your right to use contraceptives on every possible conceivable occasion. May you have a rewarding World Contraception Day.

_No individual can oppose the rights of women wanting to be in charge of their own body. So stay healthy and share the use of contraceptives on World Contraception Day.

_Don’t ever let the negativity of people make you feel small regarding the decision to use contraceptives. I hope you always love yourself first and have a lovely World Contraception Day.

_In the case of adolescent girls, the accessibility of contraception is even harder which has led to many STD diseases and teen pregnancies. Let us all fight for this on World Contraception Day.

_A freedom of knowledge that hasn’t been acquired by many women in the matter of using contraception is of no worth. I hope we spread the knowledge on World Contraception Day.

_On the eve of World Contraception Day Let us try to increase the awareness of contraception so that the young women can have more access to all the contraceptive methods.

_The world would be a better place if we raise awareness about the health issues faced by many women for not using contraceptives. So let’s make ourselves useful on this World Contraception Day.

World Contraception Day Wishes

-Happy World Contraceptive Day to those adolescent girls and their families, who have fought against Sex Transmitted Diseases and teen pregnancies by using contraception at the proper time.

-Contraception is a choice and a woman has the right to make correct choices for herself without caring about other people’s thoughts.

-On this remarkable day, we should keep in mind that our fight is against the old school ideology of people talking against the usage of contraceptives for young women.

-Pregnancy is undoubtedly a gift for any woman, but only during the perfect time, otherwise you can opt for contraception and this is absolutely NORMAL.

-On this significant occasion of World Contraceptive Day, let’s propagate the message to every individual that our younger ones must have a good knowledge about sex education and contraceptive methods as well.

-‘Proper use of contraceptives is an easy and effective way of birth control’, may this message reach every individual on this remarkable day.

-May each and every women of our society convey cautiousness as we celebrate a very important cause on this World Contraceptive Day.

-On this World Contraceptive Day, let’s take the oath to abolish all kinds of superstitions and beliefs of religious people negating the use of contraceptives.

-Let’s pledge our support on the right of every women to have a proper knowledge about the utility of contraceptives on this World Contraception Day.

-Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Stay Strong and avoid unnecessary stress of unwanted pregnancy by simply opting for contraception and thus, wishing everybody a Happy World Contraception Day.

Greetings for World Contraception Day

_Unsafe abortions are a result of not using contraceptives at the proper time. I hope we can spread the knowledge of the benefits of using contraceptive on World Contraception Day.

_Every women have the right to be well informed on how contraceptives are just more than a birth control. So let’s pledge our support on World Contraception Day.

_Despite being a worthy inclusion, contraceptives still remain to be an unpopular option for women in their fights against STDs and unwanted pregnancies. Let’s change that on World Contraception Day.

_It is very important to have an educative family values for your children to see the truth of world. Wishing such likeminded individuals a warm World Contraception Day.

_I just want you to know that you are not an evil person for avoiding pregnancy. It is your absolute right and that is what we both fight for on World Contraception Day.

_On the eve of World Contraception Day, let’s commemorate those selfless individuals who have spared no expense on their efforts to generalize the use of contraception.

_By helping one life at a time we are trying to make a little change in the world. May you do the same on the eve of World Contraception Day.

_If you ever felt that contraceptive methods are a great inclusion, then you should never shy away from letting all the women know about it. Have an amazing World Contraception Day.

_Birth control is one of the most important steps a woman has to take in achieving her goal of freedom. Hope this voice reaches everyone on World Contraception Day.

_On the important occasion World Contraception Day Let us try to evade the beliefs of religious people regarding the right to use contraceptive.

_May the awareness filled voices of million women be heard again today as we celebrate an important occasion of World Contraception Day.

_Contraceptives are an important option in reducing the matter of global hunger. Let our noises of awareness be heard today on the eve of World Contraception Day.

_The use of contraceptives has become a basic health care necessity even for the women who wants to have children. May more people know about this on World Contraception Day

_If we can keep our ears open to hear about what a pregnant women has to say about contraceptives then half of the problem would be resolved.

_On this World Contraception Day, It is our job as humans to let the significant population of women know about the benefits of using contraceptives.

_Women used to get oppressed but in this world no one can take away their reproductive choice and freedom. Celebrate and publicize the eve of World Contraception Day.

_A woman gets to decide what she is going to do with her own body so the thoughts of other people regarding the use of contraceptives don’t really matter.

Quotes for World Contraception Day

“Contraception doesn’t define a woman.” -Nikki Haley

“I’m pro responsible choice. You know, there is choice to abstain, choice to do contraception. There are all kinds of good choices.” -Sharron Angle

“I have four kids. They are two years apart, and contraception has been very, very good to me.” -Foster Friess

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