13+ Speech on Women’s Empowerment, Rights & Roles in Society!

In a world marked by progress and diversity, discussions about women’s roles, rights, and empowerment have become paramount.

This compilation of speeches delves into the various facets of women’s lives, shedding light on critical issues such as empowerment, media portrayal, rights, and societal expectations.

From advocating for equality in pay rates to exploring the potential of women as leaders, these speeches encapsulate the ongoing dialogue aimed at fostering a more inclusive and just society for all genders.

Women Empowerment Speech

Hello, and very good morning to everyone. Today I am here to deliver my speech on women’s empowerment.

Our culture gives women the utmost respect. Women play a very important role in our society as well as our country. In most instances, the whole family is dependent on women for their daily needs and activities. They play various roles like mother, wife, homemaker, cook, teacher, friend, and Nurse all at the same time while caring and giving attention to everybody’s needs.

The women who are employed in a company also have to fulfill the job responsibilities of the company while managing the home & family. The life of the woman is very hard, but sometimes she gets little or no appreciation from his family members. There are a lot of women in our society who are very talented and hard-working but have no recognition or respect in society.

Gender Inequality

Gender inequality is one of the major causes that block the growth and advancement of the situation of women. This means that we treat and consider the situation of males and females unequally for the same task. This is generally in the case of societies with no or minimum education.

A male child is always encouraged by their family to study and chase after their dreams, while the female child is told to learn household work and take care of the household.

Domestic Violence

Many women are suffering from abusive marriages in your country due to the fear of insecurity. As they are unemployed, they fear standing up and fighting for their right. If we want to clean up this insecurity of women and offer them proper support, then domestic violence has to be stopped by our government at any cost.

Economic Independence

As females were given poor or no education, they were unable to get proper jobs, thus, increasing their financial insecurity. Either they have to work hard at home or do lesser-paid jobs, which results in their struggles. Thus, the male always gets the upper hand by becoming the family’s bread earner.

So the women hardly get economic independence and have to face the frustration and violent attitude of the male members of the family. It is essential to empower women socially and economically. 

Proper education is one of the major factors in women’s empowerment. With the increase in literacy level and awareness, society has started giving importance to education to help in the growth of any country.

Many parents today wish to educate their daughters equally as their sons and make them respectable citizens of the country.

Women empowerment speech

You are a powerful woman. You have the strength to change the world. You, and you alone, can stand for yourself and be the change. And you dare to do what’s right, even when it’s hard. I know because I’ve seen you in action. I’ve seen you fight for what you believe in, even when the odds are stacked against you. I’ve seen you stand up for what’s right, even when it means going against the grain.

I want to celebrate your strength, courage, and passion in this speech. I want to remind you of how powerful you are and all the fantastic things you can achieve. So please join me as we celebrate women’s empowerment and everything it stands for. You can make a real impact by standing up for your beliefs. When we work together, we can create change and make a difference.

So stand up, speak out, and be heard. Womankind needs all of us by its side, so hold hands and make it through. 

Short speech on women’s empowerment

Dear principals, teachers, and dear friends!

As our school organized this gathering to address the importance of women’s empowerment in our country, I would like to say a few words. Many crimes involving girls, such as rape, fetuses, trafficking, and domestic violence, are still declining. However, due to the influence of a patriarchal society, many girls across the country cannot attend school even if it is free.

Women can and do excel in all areas of expertise. All women need is equal rights and freedom from crimes against them. Most of the time, fear of something terrible prevents them from taking a step in life, and because of this fear, parents sometimes prevent them from going outside. The concept of female empowerment only applies and succeeds when women have the same rights as men in real life, not just what is described in books. Women’s empowerment is about drawing inspiration from all the successful women worldwide and focusing on uniting and empowering each other.

Thank you very much!

Ten Lines for Women Empowerment speech

“You can create a difference in the world.”

“You have within you the power to change the course of history.”

“And I hope that you will use that power to empower other women.”

“We need your voice. We need your courage. We need your strength. We need your thirst for freedom.”

“We need you to be the leaders of tomorrow. And we need you to start today.”

“These gender roles are very narrow and do not really reflect today, where women are equal to and superior to men.”

“Gender pay gaps are also a problem, especially those that empower women in society.”

“We need to open our hearts and accept women as equals and not destructive.”

“Become smarter and stronger. Women boost the economy when they are treated with respect and equality and are well compensated.”

“Education is the right place to start. It makes them self-reliant, self-sufficient, and gives them an opinion on their worldview that empowers them.”

Examples of great speeches on women’s empowerment

If you’re looking for inspiration, consider these four great speeches on women’s empowerment.

~ Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own.” 

In this 1928 speech, Woolf argues that women will not achieve social and creative emancipation until they are granted equal access to education and economic independence. This speech has gone down long in history as one of the most effective campaigns for women’s equality. Wolfe herself said she grew up without a formal education because her father didn’t believe in the need to educate women. Still, she rebelled against her father’s ideas, said she was one of the most remarkable men of all time, and became one of her writers. 

~ Julia Gillard- “The Misogyny Speech”

She argued that the two institutions were the biggest obstacles to women’s education and fought hard to abolish the two attacks against them. This speech, which has come to be known as Her Misogyny Speech, spoke about the struggles women face in the workplace and the ongoing fight against discrimination.

Speech about women’s empowerment rights

When it comes to women’s empowerment, there’s a lot to say. But where do you start?

For one, it’s important to remember that all women are different. So what works for one woman might not work for another. You need to be open to listening and learning about the individual woman you’re speaking with.

That said, there are some general principles that hold true for all women. We deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, and we should be given the same opportunities as men. We need to be able to make our own choices about our lives, and we should never be afraid to speak up for ourselves.

These are some of the things we must keep in mind as we work towards gender equality. And it’s up to each and every one of us to play our part in making this vision a reality.

Women Empowerment Conclusion

Nowadays, the government and some organizations are trying to empower women by creating awareness and proper use of knowledge. The government is running some projects to help the women of our country. Therefore we all have to give women proper respect and the same space in society as well as in the family to help our country to grow and succeed properly.

Thank you again.

A Speech on “Women Are Not Fairly Portrayed by The Media”

Picture a CEO, a president, a Hollywood chief, a top researcher, a lead trainer, a male specialist, a legend, or simply a solid, sound, great individual. Not a particular individual but rather somebody who might fit these jobs or depictions. What rings a bell? What does he resemble? I state “he” on the grounds that there’s a decent possibility that you imagined a he (which means a man).

There’s additionally a respectable possibility that the individual you imagined isn’t Black, Asian, Native American, or Latino. Why? As entertainer Geena Davis disclosed during an ongoing discussion, “That is the thing that the media, amusement, and publicizing have would in general depict. There have been far fewer doors for females at different gatherings to play various characters. All things considered, the lady has regularly been the sweetheart or the spouse of the lead character. 

An essential manner by which media misshape the truth is in under-representing women. Regardless of whether it is early evening TV, in which there are three-fold the number of white men as women, or youngsters’ modifying, where guys dwarf females by two to one, or broadcasts, in which women make up 16% of news analysts and in which tales about men are incorporated multiple times more frequently than ones about women, the media distort genuine extents of people in the population.

This consistent mutilation entices us to accept that there truly are a larger number of men than women and, further, that men are the social norm. As indicated by media depictions: White guys make up 66% of the population. The women are less in number, maybe in light of the fact that less than 10% live past 35. The individuals who do, similar to their more youthful and male partners, are virtually all white and hetero. Notwithstanding being youthful, most of the women are wonderful, dainty, latent, and basically worried about connections and getting rings out of collars and chests.

There are a couple of obnoxious women, and they are not all that beautiful, not all that mindful as the great women. The vast majority of the awful ones work outside of the home, which is most likely why they are solidified and unwanted. The more impressive, driven men possess significant violence protection and protection ward females, whom they frequently attack explicitly.

Since we have seen that media decidedly depict hostility in guys and detachment in females, it’s essential to ask whether media messages add to the maltreatment of and brutality against women. There is at this point genuinely persuading proof that the presentation of sexual savagery through media is connected to more noteworthy tolerance, or even endorsement, of viciousness. Weight Watchers contemplated that the more they watch positive depictions of sexual brutality, the more probable women are to see this as a characteristic involved with men, and the more uncertain they are to protest viciousness or to safeguard themselves from it.

So, that hefty presentation of media violence inside connections will in general standardize it so that misuse and viciousness are viewed as common pieces of affection and sex.

A Speech on “sexist Images of Women Should Be Banned.”

A prohibition on adverts highlighting “unsafe sexual orientation stereotypes” or those that are probably going to cause “genuine or inescapable offense” has come into power. The UK’s promoting guard dog presented the boycott since it discovered a few depictions could have an influence in “restricting individuals’ latent capacity.”

It said it was satisfied with how promoters had reacted. The new guideline follows an audit of sex generalizing in adverts by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) – the association that controls the UK Advertising Codes, which cover both transmission and non-broadcast adverts, including on the web and online media. In Berlin, propositions have been advanced to boycott misogynist promotion on bulletins all over the city (and a boycott has just been set up in any event one neighborhood since 2014).

Is this a reformist advance toward sexual orientation balance? Or on the other hand, neo-strictness masked as women’s rights? Where do the limits lie between awful taste and altogether sexism? 

Advertising is universal, regardless of whether we experience it in making the rounds while sitting in front of the TV, or riding on the web. Since it’s so all-unavoidable, we will in general turn off and give a valiant effort to disregard it, which is the reason stripped bodies are so regularly sent to attempt to yank our consideration back once more. In any case, what amount of incitement is permitted? The British Advertising Standards Authority has declared it expects to boycott sexist publicizing.

The ASA likewise distributed a survey on the results of sexual stereotypes in promotion, reasoning that youngsters specifically disguise the jobs they see introduced. Accordingly, they expect to get serious about advertisements in which the lady alone is liable for caring for the home, while the man is portrayed as incompetent at cleaning or family the board. 

I accept that a prohibition on misogynist promotion can improve the status of ladies. The inquiry is whether we need such a boycott or whether there are different approaches to bring issues to light in the public eye. Pink Stinks, for instance, has dispatched the application Werbemelder with the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, with which one can report misogynist publicizing. At that point, it’s looked into by us and conceivably named misogynist or generalizing.

Likewise, we additionally offer mindfulness bringing exercises up in the type of instructive materials, guiding, and materials to discuss sexism. So organizations presently don’t need to put their yogurt, fishhooks, and canine food close to an exposed lady. 

Adverts must quit diminishing ladies to sex protests simply intended to sell items. That is the reason we needed to implement a related prohibition on misogynist publicizing in this assembly. Sadly, that was unrealistic with our alliance accomplice [Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats]. The picture of ladies in the general public likewise unavoidably shapes individuals’ conduct. That is the reason it’s significant that ladies are treated with respect, particularly in promotion. 

It’s not our goal to boycott ladies’ bodies being appeared, for example, for clothing or shower gel advertisements. In any case, the standard of ‘sex sells’ with which everything is publicized is misogynistic and mortifying for all ladies.

A Speech on “Position of Women and Children in War-Torn Societies and Countries”

All around the developed and still developing world, conflict is a never-ending threat to the psychological and physical well-being of a Nation.  Not only does it waste our limited resources but also results in an increase in investment in the process of health care and disease prevention, which creates new and frightening health problems. 

As an example, we can say that, in Bosnia, the amount of military and civilian surgeries resulting from war-related trauma rose from 22% to 78% in the city’s many important hospitals during the first 6 months of the devastating war in 1992. This large increase can overwhelm the medical services. During the same time, infant and child mortality increased at a great speed, and the newly diagnosed tuberculosis cases quadrupled.

During the 20th century, forty-four out of every one thousand people died due to many direct and indirect war-related causes.  Such a huge amount of casualties can be the result of newly formed warfare tactics—civil conflicts within many countries have no clear boundaries, and fighters can always target civilians to kill, rape, and terrorize as per their wishes.  These works have been witnessed throughout the entire world, particularly in the conflicts of the Congo, Sierra Leone, and Rwanda.

It is very important to consider the different factors that impact the well-being and health during war.  The World Health Organization defines health as not only the abolishment of disease but also the presence of a country’s social well-being, and physical and mental health. This view implies that environmental and other important social factors such as housing, food, education, and a sense of being safe from sexual and physical violence are important factors of health and well-being.

 A shocking report on the effect of armed conflict on children established the issue before our eyes at the United Nations, that many young people in many places around the globe were still being tortured, maimed and killed, recruited by some armed groups, and are exposed to many other threats as a result of massive conflicts.

More than half of the world’s refugees were women and children; this fact has stressed the urgent need to target the root causes of displacement and for an effective and powerful answer to the violence that often targets children and the women of a nation.

The long-term impact of a war on women and girls may be exacerbated by their serious social vulnerability. The harm done to the women and girls at the time and also after a war is very harmful, and often exposes them to further harm and excessive violence. Sexual violence such as rape, forced marriage, forced impregnation, forced abortion, trafficking, sexual slavery, and the intentional spread of STDs, are some frightening results of many of today’s armed conflicts.

Women are victims of merciless genocide and enslaved for labor. Women are exploited because of their maternal attachments, which increase their chances of being abused.

A Speech on “Women’s Rights Must Be Advanced”

Gender equality imbalance has been a characterizing highlight of human culture for centuries. It leaks down into a culture from the institutional level and is strengthened on the relational level. Even though incredible advances have been made through testimonial and social liberties developments and the everyday battle of women advocates, much actually must be done.

Around the world, young women and women are denied equivalent instruction, vocation, and life openings, sufficient assets, and reasonable treatment inside and outside the home. For a long time, women’s privileges developments have contended energetically to address this disparity, battling to change laws or rioting to request their privileges.

Furthermore, new developments have prospered in the computerized age, for example, the #MeToo lobby which features the predominance of gender-based viciousness. The mission is #NotThere and is essential for No Ceilings to be a source of inspiration to individuals wherever to keep chipping away at this basic reason.

Women around the globe routinely endure infringement of their common freedoms for the duration of their lives, and understanding women’s basic liberties has not generally been a need. Accomplishing uniformity among women and men requires an extensive comprehension of the manners by which women experience separation and are denied fairness in order to create proper methodologies to take out such segregation.

The United Nations has a long history of tending to women’s basic freedoms and much advancement has been made in making sure about women’s privileges over the world in many years. Nonetheless, significant holes remain, and women’s truths are continually changing, with new appearances of victimization consistently rising. A few gatherings of women face extra types of separation dependent on their age, identity, ethnicity, religion, well-being status, conjugal status, instruction, handicap, and financial status, among other grounds.

These crossing types of separation must be considered when creating measures and reactions to battle the oppression of women. Gender orientation developments are dynamic; they change over the long haul and can be diverse in various societies.  Women’s part in many social orders has generally been to deal with the family unit and the kids, while the function of men has been to accommodate the family by working outside the home.

These traditional views on gender positions have changed and are rapidly changing in most societies. It is important to examine international law and international human rights law from a gender perspective because gender inequality allows us to understand how women and men view violations of human rights differently, as well as the effect of many such disparities such as age, class, religion, culture, and place.

It illustrates and discusses hierarchical and unequal relationships and responsibilities between many men and women, the discriminatory value of women’s jobs, and the unequal access of women to power and decision-making, as well as assets and resources. It is appropriate to know how to interpret feminism when looking at women’s rights. Feminism is the philosophy that women are entitled to political, economic, and social equality. It is a gradual commitment to ensure that both men and women can reach high with their full potential.

A Speech on “The Most Powerful Women of Politics”

In the world of politics, men still lead the way, but some very powerful women do know how to make waves and bring changes in the world of politics.

Many powerful women in the world of politics are changing our views in many ways than one. Now are not the days when only men were in charge. Women are finally taking the power and have already reached where no man has been able to go before. They are building empires, regulating economies, also enhancing the future of their areas and the entire world. Though the road for women in the political world is often thorny and also treacherous, their great achievements appear even more surprising. This is the proven fact that these powerful women are fighting to make their existence known in the world of politics.

If you want to know exactly how powerful a politician Theresa May is, you need only to remember how many times you’ve heard the word “Brexit” in the past few months. She is Britain’s second-ever female Prime Minister who is in charge currently. Before her appointment in the year of 2016 to this office, May spent her career working in many different fields of the United Kingdom’s government including parliament, and also played the role of Home Secretary.

On the other hand, May is very active in speaking out against some dominant injustices like wage inequality and was one of the first in her party to offer her support for same-sex marriage; this Prime Minister is an example of a very powerful woman.

Before working as a well-known politician, Angela Merkel was a research scientist. She became one of the most famous and powerful women in the world of politics after the fall of the Berlin Wall in the year of 1989. At that time, she joined the Christian Democratic Party and became a minister for women and youth. After that, she became a minister for environment and nuclear protection.

In 2005 Angela Merkel defeated Chancellor Gerhard Schroder by only three seats and was nominated as the first female chancellor in the history of Germany. She was elected again in 2009 and also in 2013. Merkel is one of the most powerful and well-known leaders in the history of Europe. She was successful in keeping her country in good condition during the global economic crisis.

Hillary first showed her remarkable political skills when she was of a very young age. As her father was a well-known Republican, Hillary was an active member of the Young Republicans group. She was also very active while campaigning for Republican candidate Barry Goldwater in the election of the year 1964. Hillary attended the Yale Law School, where she first interacted with Bill Clinton. She started to pursue a legal career and surprisingly excelled at it; Hillary twice came on the list of “The 100 Most Influential Lawyers in America.”

After the time her husband was nominated as the president, Hillary took an active role in a political position. Her politically notable works during her husband’s presidency were many in number; some of them are her achievements as a New York Senator and Secretary of State.

There are many more female politicians who deserve to get our surprise and immense respect for their various achievements.

A Speech on “Women’s Pay Rates Should Be Equal to Men’s”

In the ceremony of Equal Pay Day (March thirty-one, two thousand twenty ), the Pay Scale has revised our heavily prominent Gender Pay Gap Report for the year two thousand twenty. Since we have started up tracing the gender pay gap, the discrepancy between the income of women and men has decreased, but only by an accumulative quantity each year.

There is a discrepancy in how men and women are paid back, just when all compensable characteristics are regulated; important that women are still being paid back less than men unpaid to no attributable justification other than gender. As our information will demonstrate, the gender pay gap is larger for women of color, women in manager-level positions, women in specific occupations and businesses, and in some states of the United States of America.

Lately, pay capital has been jab under obvious media attention. The # MeToo movement of 2018, which started up as an expedition of sexual harassment and sexual aggression, flooded into estimation of gender inequality in the workplace in the year 2019, including not only reimburse disservice but also obstacles to advancement and articulation of women in supervision. In addition, various high-profile grade effort cases have made pay capital a hot issue in administrative boardrooms across the nation.

Our study indicates that the disorderly gender pay gap, which puts up with the ratio of the middle income of women to men without regulating several compensable components, has only lessened by zero point zero seven dollars since the year two thousand fifteen. In the year of thousand twenty, women earn only zero point eighty-one dollars for each and every dollar a man brings in.

The accountable gender pay gap, which regulates job title, years of knowledge, business, area, and other compensable components, has also lessened, but only by zero point zero one dollar since the year two thousand fifteen. Women in the monitored community earn zero points ninety-eight dollars for every dollar a man earns.

Pay capital is a sticky topic for a lot of institutions. Most industries do not like to compensate women insufficient than men but performing a gender-based pay equity audit can be frightening. This is real both logistically and lawfully. The tragic fact is that most institutions do not have sufficient insight into their income information to bring out any findings as to whether they might be expending some workers unfairly.

Terrible; if institutions manage to increase this understanding and discover that they have been systemically short-changing specific communities on income, particularly demographic organizations that are lawfully conserved by EEOC law, they evolve legally credible to fix the difficulties — and fast. Many institutions do not have procedures for this.

Nonetheless, employers do not have the choice to resist pay equity indefinitely, particularly if they believe there might be a difficulty. The constitution compels organizations to reimburse men and women equally where they do equal labor. In expansion, there are many nations shoving for constitutions to compel pay translucency in order to give rise to wage equity.

Typical Social Roles We Expect from Men and Women in Society

We say that everything is subjective and a person’s feelings and actions are his/her own choice and perception. But is it so? Aren’t we all subject to society’s construction of what to and what not to do? What to think and what not to think?

At the end of the day don’t we all submit to these norms and do what others might think is right? Aren’t we all chained to the destiny that this collective population creates for us?

People say they believe in equality and not in feminism. That itself shows how much the concept has deviated from its original purpose.

According to many people, which include both men and women, women have to be submissive and respect men without back-answering and questioning them.

If you are a woman, I’m sure you must have heard the phrases “Girls should get up early in the morning,” “Girls shouldn’t sit cross-legged or with their legs open,” “You are a girl so you should know how to cook and clean,” “Girls shouldn’t go out at night,” “Girls shouldn’t laugh or talk loud,” and so many more, on repeat. When we were children, did we ever think of anyone as a man or woman and treat them differently?

Everyone was the same for us. What changed us so drastically? I can say it is the work of the society which includes you and me to perfectly shape the society giving very specific roles to men and women and dividing them into two groups, where one dominates the other. Is that the ultimate aim of a woman’s life to get married to a wealthy strong man, be his child-bearer, and spend the rest of her life in his kitchen? Women are supposed to have dreams of their own.

Pursue your career and stand on your own. Don’t wait for your Prince Charming to come and rescue you. Wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing. 

Men are also subjected to various social roles. They are supposed to be the breadwinners of the family take care of the household and provide for their wives and children. They should also have a physique that shows that they are capable of doing so.

They must have huge muscles and be well-built whereas women should be lean like an hourglass.

Men are expected to be mentally strong and should never cry. They should not be interested in matters like the choice of clothes or colors like women as it will make them less manly.

They should prove their dominance over women otherwise they will be mocked and made to feel inferior by others. They are supposed to be subtle to emotions but should be angry.

It is also okay to shout at their woman in public because after all, they are men and they should be doing that. No one has the right to tell you what you should do. Break these immature stereotypes and live the way you want. Thank you.

Are Women Better Managers than Men? a Speech

A very warm welcome to one and all present here. I want to start by thanking everyone who gave me this opportunity to present my views on whether women are better managers than men.

Even though men occupy the majority of managerial positions in most organizations across the globe, the facts that were derived from multiple studies conducted by various institutions state that women make better managers than men.

Many people have openly admitted that they prefer working for a male boss to a female boss because they feel they are hard to work with. Still, much to their dismay, studies have proven that employees working under a female boss show consistent development in their employee job performance.

There are various areas of performance where women prove to be better than men as managers.

The main quality that a manager should possess is the ability to listen to their employees. Contrary to popular belief, managers should not just lead the show but should be able to take ideas from their teams and make their ventures a result of collective ideas and efforts.

Women are better listeners than men, and this helps as a major boost in their managerial qualities.

A good leader is someone who can understand the pace of their team, and to understand this pace, it is important to hold a healthy conversation and have an effective communication chain within the team. Managers should also be able to empathize with their team, and women have this quality in abundance in them.

To develop a team, it is important for the manager to make sure that their team has the ability to handle stress in a very healthy manner.

Someone coming from a place with mental health issues may not be able to function as well as someone having peace in their minds.

So, it becomes really essential to understand and approach each employee with the right set of methods and to make sure that the workload is not weighing down; rather they are driven to work better to achieve their goals. Women managers make better bosses to work under for the exact same reason.

They can understand the dynamic nature of the human mind and can make changes within their mode of operation to accommodate these changes within individual employees to make them feel better about themselves, which will eventually lead to better employee job performance, and this will, in turn, benefit the organization.

It might come to us as a surprise, but women have proved to have better analytical abilities and can adapt to the fast-paced growth of technology, which is quite essential to remain in the competition in today’s world.

In conclusion, I would like to say that even though women are proving to be better, they are not given a chance to grow as much as men are given chances, and it is important to overcome this.

Apart from this, Let me Share some relevant statistics for your inspiration.

Diversity and Financial Performance: According to a study by McKinsey & Company, companies in the top quartile for gender diversity in their executive teams were 21% more likely to experience above-average profitability compared to companies with lower diversity.

Leadership Effectiveness: A global survey conducted by Zenger Folkman found that women outperformed men in 12 out of 16 key leadership competencies, including taking initiative, displaying integrity, and driving for results.

Education and Management Roles: Women have been achieving higher levels of education, with more women earning college and advanced degrees than men in many countries. This educational attainment has led to increased representation of women in management roles.

Management Styles: Research suggests that women tend to adopt more transformational leadership styles, characterized by fostering collaboration, empowering team members, and promoting employee development. These leadership approaches have been associated with positive organizational outcomes.

Board Representation: Women’s representation on corporate boards has been steadily increasing in recent years, signaling a growing recognition of their value in leadership roles. According to a study by Catalyst, companies with more women on their boards experienced higher financial returns on equity, sales, and invested capital.

Should Women Be Allowed to Be Priests?

Galatians 3:28 says, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there’s neither bond nor free, there’s neither male nor female for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” I strongly believe that women should be allowed to be priests. The notion that only men should be allowed to be priests is an age-old tradition when women were looked down upon by society. Now that things have changed and women are empowered to do anything they want in life, this tradition of making only men priests should also change.

Barbara Harris, the first woman to hold such a position in the 470-year history of the Episcopal Church, a black woman, was recently ordained suffragan (or assistant) bishop for the state of Massachusetts. Any person who knows the Bible well and feels that they have the calling of God to spread the goodness of God among the people should be allowed to be a priest, irrespective of their gender. It is not fair to women that they should ignore this call of God just because God created them as a woman. 

I do not see a reason as to why a woman should not hold a high-ranking religious position. Many may claim that it will break the tradition. We humans have been evolving over the years.

This also means that we break the traditions which seem useless and irrelevant to us. Do we go around eating raw meat, wearing rugs for clothes, and staying in caves like the tradition of our ancestors? No. We broke this tradition as it makes no sense to us considering how much we have evolved. Similarly, traditions such as these should also be broken as it doesn’t make sense anymore. If a woman can run for vice president, what should stop her from being a priest? I consider this as an absurd tradition that needs immediate correction. 

In most churches, women are encouraged to teach in the Sunday schools and be in the nursery, but it is unthinkable for them to let women be priests and Bishops. We are still a long way from the goal of total equality, but with small stepping stones, like Barbara Harris’ ordination, we move closer than ever to its goal. Women should be allowed to carry the position of priest. As long as they need to work hard and need to hold such an edge, they ought to be allowed to try to do so. If any tradition castigates a girl to an inferior position, then those traditions should be changed.

Women are obtaining more advanced educations and developing better leadership qualities than in the past. Women who work even as hard as men do deserve even as much of an opportunity for a political office, a knowledgeable job, or a spiritual position. The globe shouldn’t reduce personal achievement to a girl or man fighting for power; it’s two people striving for a better goal. Women who have manifested their leadership qualities should be allowed to stand as role models in their fields. Thank you.

A Speech on Considerable Shortage of Women in Alaska

A very hearty welcome to each and everyone present. I feel it is a delight to partake in this gathering. On this occasion, I would like to share pointers about The considerable shortage of women in Alaska.

In this presentation, I will be sharing the reasons and the problems the ratio of women being less in Alaska creates. It is also a fact that not many around the world know that the number of men is greater than that of women in Alaska, where for every ten men there is only one woman available. Living in this kind of community will increase the crime rate against women and also will increase illegal activities like human trafficking and abduction increase.

Most of the natives in Alaska are Eskimos who by nature live in remote villages of their own far away from the city; they also entirely depend on hunting to live. When we look back at history, We can see that about two-thirds of the Alaskan population are natives who lived in remote bushes. As discussed, the main occupation was hunting animals, for their meals and to trade their skin and earn money.

While men set out into the woods for hunting, women would stay back and take care of the family just like any other family in society. As hunting was dangerous, it was found that most of the men had faced tragic deaths either due to accidents or killed by ferocious animals. As a result, there was a subsequent decrease in the male rate and women’s count began to grow.

The tables turned when the people began noticing a visible reduction in the male count and to pass down their genes to the next generations they preferred men over women. Adding to it, as said earlier it was the men in the family who would go out into the woods to earn a living for a family; this lead to female infanticide; this practice was carried down for many years, because of which we can see a rapid reduction in the count of women. Thus by looking into the history of the Alaskan culture, we can see it as a major cause of the difference in the sex ratio.

To start with the downside of having more men over women will increase the crime rate highly. A recent study said that due to high competition among men, the cases of rape have increased by thirty-one percent and also says that rape prevention is three times nationwide.

It also sometimes leads to women forcefully marrying and bearing kids. The women also face sexual violence by their partners; women are also forced to comfort the needs of other men who visit bars and pubs, which also become a source of income for them. With this alarming rise in violence against women, The government is trying to take measures to give them a safer place to live life on their own.

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