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Read a Book Day is annually observed on September 6th to celebrate the joy of reading and encourage reading amongst the young guns. While these bookish days may seem familiar, Read a Book Day invites everyone to grab a book and enjoy a day of reading.

On this day, it is not compulsory to finish a whole book but you can just read aloud something to children or read any kind of book you like.

Read a Book Day was celebrated around the first decade of the 2000s ideated by a librarian who was trying to get more youngsters to read books and why not as books are the only medium where one can find education, entertainment, and a time machine.

The main objective was to encourage reading no matter the genres of the books.

So sit back and take this opportunity to relax and enjoy a good old therapy of reading for your soul and mind.

list of Read a Book Day Messages, Quotes and Greetings

Something magical is bound to happen when you read a good book. Wishing you a very happy Read a Book Day

Enjoy this day’s weather with a book in your hand along with your favorite food and beverages. Wishing you the best of Read a Book Day.

Rest your mind and body from the use of technological devices and read a book today. Because a book never runs out of batteries.

read book day messages

Remember, your child will take it upon you. Go ahead and make each other a good reader. Wish you a happy Read a Book Day.

On this Read a Book Day, you only need to keep calm and read a book. All the best for your reading adventure.

The more you read, the more you will know about things. Have an enchanting Read a Book Day ahead of you.

Take it from a reader; the best place to be is between the pages of a beautiful book. Best wishes to you on this year’s Read a Book Day.

All you need is a comfortable reading position and a delightful book to spend this year’s Read a Book Day.

You can go on a journey on your own by simply turning the page of an amazing book. Wishing you an auspicious journey within the books on this year’s Read a Book Day.

What sword is to a whetstone, your mind is to books. A little sharpening from time to time. Have an inspiring Read a Book Day.

Sometimes you can find a special thing in a book which is missing from your life. Hope you have a great Read a Book Day.

On this Read a Book Day, I wish you to read a book so special that changes your perception towards life.

Books hold the power to never let go of you, even if the universe wants you to. Wish you an amazing day of reading a book.

If we keep waiting for the right moment to read, then we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives. On this year’s Read a Book Day I wish you the moment you will choose to read.

Reading is like therapy, some may not agree but they do need it sometimes. Wishing you therapeutic joy on the eve of Read a Book Day.

Sometimes reading provides a portal to a world where people are so much unlike from the world. Explore the different dimensions a book can provide on this year’s Read a Book Day.

You can learn more from a novel than any other material of that size. On this Read a Book Day, I hope to see you become an avid reader.

One must be grateful to the words inside a book, for it holds the power to change us. Have a happy Read a Book Day.

When reality checks are bounced often too much, opening a book seems like a better idea. Wishing you that the reality can never bring you down on this Read a Book Day.

What is life, without a touch of books exploring the world. Best wishes on this amazing Read a Book Day.

The reality of life may hit you hard after the beautiful journey of exploration through the books. Wish you a day of happy reading.

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I hope you find books more educating than the cacophony of Television. Enjoy a great Read a Book Day.

Like eating and sleeping, reading should also be a part of one’s daily drill. Wishing all the passionate readers of the world, a very happy Read a Book Day.

I hope there is a day in your life where one book will surely change your life. Have a beautiful Read a Book Day.

I hope something magical will happen to you while reading a book. Have a happy Read a book Day.

The best thing about books is they let you travel without moving your feet. On the eve of Read a Book Day, wish you a fruitful journey through the books.

A devoted reader lives the life of many before he dies, while a man who doesn’t read lives only one. Wishing everyone to make the most out of this year’s Read a Book Day.

Once you have mastered the art of reading, you will be set free forever. Wishing the beautiful readers a very happy Read a Book Day.

Even if you can’t buy happiness, you can surely buy books. Best wishes to you on a Read a Book Day.

There isn’t much difference between finding happiness and reading books. I hope you are able to see the similarities on this Read a Book Day.

Sometimes we lose ourselves in the books. Although that is the only place we can also find ourselves. Wishing you a joyful Read a Book Day.

Reading a book can almost be like breathing air. We have to survive in order to live. Here’s to day of book reading.

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Sometimes, a coffee and a book make the best companions. Wishing you a wonderful day of Reading a Book. Have a happy Read a Book day.

Until and unless every living human starts reading books, the world will always remain an incomplete one. I hope you have a good Read a Book Day.

read book day messages

Books are the constant friends, wisest counselors, and the most patient teachers. So go ahead and read a book or two on this special eve of Read a Book Day.

Reading is one of the most marvelous adventures one could have. On this special Read a Book Day, I hope to see you never get tired of reading.

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