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World Food Safety Day is celebrated on the 7th of June every year. The day was organized by WHO in alliance with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations to facilitate, gain, prevent and secure human health by coming up with prosperous prudence, growth in agricultural vend and tourism.

World Food Safety Day – greetings

-World Food Safety Day is a day about which most of the public is unaware of a new planned day by WHO and FAO. So wishing everyone Happy World Food Safety Day everyone around the world.

-The joint venture project by WHO and FAO is brought into existence on that day naming it as World Food Safety Day to block the diseases spread by food-borne risks. So Happy World Food Safety Day.

-Everyone’s safety matters with good health, so everybody needs to urge themselves in the day and contribute to the day wishing all people near and far Happy World Food Safety Day.

-On this day, list out what you need to do or list of things you need to share to spread social awareness among people and a mandatory note of wishing with cheers Happy World Food Safety Day.

-Again, on this day, list out the food safety measures we need to take to block out the risks of food borne diseases. This is the primary step to do and celebrate the Happy World Food Safety Day.

-Wishing my friends and family members Happy World Food Safety Day. The next step is to check out the food we are ingesting is purely safe or not. Your and your close ones’ safety is always in your hands.

-We should invite our friends and together eat with friends and family members, keeping in mind to esteem and admire the food we are taking because it serves as health. Hence, Happy World Food Safety Day.

-We should plan out to reprocess the food items which are being wasted. Happy world food safety day.

-We can also look after the reprocessing of the things in which foods are being packed to celebrate and wish Happy World Food Safety Day to everyone.

-Distance should not be a fact to cause hindrance in celebrating the day; send excellent and healthy foods made by you to your close ones who live a bit far away with a note of wishing Happy World Food Safety Day.

-Go to your cuisine, cook healthy recipes for you and your family members. Teach them the necessity to add healthy food to their daily lives and wish Happy World Food Safety Day.

-Food waste is a significant problem, which should be looked after, food is for everyone, and everyone has their right to have it. So don’t waste food on this day as it is Happy World Food Safety Day.

-Learn about the day with accurate data, flaunt it to your people and society. Wish Happy World Food Safety Day and share the data with greetings and messages to develop a piece of knowledge about the day.

-As you have cooked yourself the healthy food, share pictures of that food enjoying with your friends and family members with several hashtags of the day and wishing Happy World Food Safety Day.

World Food Safety Day – messages

-Many of the public worldwide is unaware of the World Food Safety Day; take steps to spread it to everyone to participate every year and follow the steps stated.

-The first celebration of the World Food Safety Day was on the 7th of June, 2019. Since then, the day is celebrated with full fledge.

-The day is organized by WHO and FAO as a joint venture. The theme made out by them is ‘ Food safety, everyone’s business.’ They also started various crusade to promote the music in a globally oriented basis.

-Though WHO and FAO take the initiative, the liability should be rational and maintained by all people worldwide as a symbol of their participation on the World Food Safety Day.

-The measurements are followed by the organizations and the locals as food well being is a liability and responsibility to everyone – the authorities, manufacturers, and consumers.

-Make sure that the food we are consuming directly from the local fields or the stored food is with prevention and is also with proper safety measures. Our safety is our endurance.

-Authorities also must take legal actions to check that the products are safe by cultivating it with safety, transporting it with security, stored with safety measures, and distributed with all safety measures.

-The fundamental propositions of food safety is our goal world wide. Every single human being needs to participate in this to prevent widespread adulterants and risks from foodborne diseases.

– In and around 2018, WHO and FAO released the idea of the day, and in 2019, the 7th of June, all plannings were put into action.

-WHO has released several articles and memos regarding food safety. On this day, let us pledge together to stick to those rules and plan for a safer future.

-The intelligent and smart person will always look after the safety of food and hygiene.

-The first World Food Safety Day was celebrated along with everyone encourage proper health care.

-If we look around, we find millions of cases caused due to the food borne diseases. So we should not allow this to damage our lifestyle and all together participate in the day and follow the authorities’ steps.

World Food Safety Day – quotes

– “We are going to do every possible to make sure thar food safety is always paramount, and that we work with the industry as aggresively as we can.”

– Mike Johanns.

-”The food that enters the mind must be watched as closely as the food that enters the body.”

 – Pat Buchanan.

“ Let your own food be your medicine and also your medicine be your own food.”

 – Hippocrates.

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