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Star Wars Day is celebrated on May 4th in the honor of George Lucas’s birthday, creator of Star Wars. Started by the fans of this media franchise, this holiday is celebrated with great enthusiasm all across the world.

From the famous phrase, “May the force with you”, originated the phrase, “May the fourth be with you”, and the date fourth. Lucasfilm the producers of Star Wars have gladly embraced this annual celebration of Star Wars. The true spirit of Star Wars Day can be communicated in the following quotes:

STAR WARS DAY Messages, Quotes & Greetings

  • Star Wars day is the day for the true Trekkies, Fans of Star Wars.
  • Star Wars day is the day to pay your tributes to the Epic Space-Opera Media franchise made by George Lucas.

-Bring your favorite movie and movie characters to life. Celebrate Star Wars, Dress up and join various costume contests.

-Wish your loved ones Good luck. “May the Fourth be with you”, on this day.

-Star Wars have thought us that its good to be different than others because it makes you Unique.

-There is nothing better than a Movie Marathon. Especially if it’s Star Wars. Happy Star Wars day.

-On Star Wars day it is important to remember that it’s never too late to turn things around.

-Never Fear, always be Brave because “Fear is the path to the dark side”. Happy Star Wars day.

-Introduce your family, your kids to your heroes. Happy Star Wars day.

-We should broaden our perspective and try to understand every person because many of the truths we cling to greatly depend on our point of view. Happy Star Wars day.

-Star Wars always teaches you that you are talented and capable of achieving incredible things.

-Get lost in the world of rescuing a princess and training to be Jedi Knight. Enjoy Star Wars with a movie marathon.

-Always believe in hard work as rightly said in Star Wars, ‘there is no such thing as luck’. Happy Star Wars day.

-“Do or Don’t do. There is no try”. Happy Star Wars Day.

-May 4th is the day we celebrate Mr. George Lucas, the man who changed the whole sci-fi movie industry by bringing Star Wars franchise into production.

-Star Wars has thought about how you should stand tall in front of all your problems and face all your challenges.

-The occasion of Star Wars day always reminds you to overcome all the fears and doubts that you have within yourself.

-All the Jedi fans grab your lightsabers and fight in the name of the force. Happy Star Wars day.

-Celebrate what makes you special instead of complaining about being different. Happy Star Wars day.

-On Star Wars day we celebrate George Lucas who has always preached through his movies the importance of friendships.

-It’s important to respect other people and their point of view even when it’s different from yours. Happy Star Wars day.

-Star Wars teaches us to be loyal to our friends. To stand by them through thick and thin, happiness and sadness, success and failure.

-Fight your inner demons and don’t let them drive you to become a Sith Lord.

-Never underestimate a situation or a person. Never say, “It cannot get worse than this”.

-We learn from Star Wars the value of every single life, no matter how big or small.

-Star Wars also teach you to never be indebted to anyone and always repay your dues.

-Be open-minded toward new possibilities. Trying and experimenting with new stuff is always good for your soul. Happy Star Wars day.

-You should not believe in luck but always have faith in hope. A little hope and optimism can take you a long way. Happy Star Wars day.

-Life is always confusing and uncertain so like thought in Star Wars it is intelligent to make a plan, a choice and to stick with it without any regrets.

-Like Darth Vader, discourage the people who lack faith in you. Surround yourself in the company of people who support you and believe in you.

-Follow your Heart, the force and listen to your conscience. Don’t lie to yourself and always follow the right path. Happy Star Wars day.

-Don’t bother yourself with the odds of success. Give your best and try till you can like Hans Solo in the Star Wars.

-Hard work is the only way for success. So, remember the words of Obi, “Strike me down and I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine” and keep working hard.

-“Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” Happy Star Wars day.

-Always remember that victory can only be achieved through trial and error, pure dedication and ability to see setbacks. Happy Star Wars day.

-Star Wars teaches that your reality is determined by your focus. Your future is always dependent on your present. What you sow today, you reap tomorrow.

-Keeping the hate and the problems in your heart are never good for your soul. Like Luke Skywalker says, “It’s always best to let it go”.

-On Star Wars day you should all believe in yourself and have faith that anything is possible.

-Star Wars also teaches the deception that your eyes can create. It’s always important to remember that what you see is not always true.

-Patience is a virtue. As said by Yoda, Every man should learn patience.

-Star Wars also highlights the importance of a good, well educated and wise mentor. It’s important to find a wise mentor to guide you. Happy Star Wars day.

-On the occasion of Star Wars day, you should recognize and relish the force that you have in yourself. The force that helps you differentiate between right and wrong, the hero and the villain. Happy Star Wars day.

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