25+ Great Starburst Sayings

Starburst is a fruit-flavored sweet taffy candy produced by the Wrigley Company. Acquired by Mars and launched in 1960, given below are some of the most remarkable great Starburst sayings that are fun to utilize.

Here are great Starburst sayings for you

-Wish you an academy year that’s BURSTING with happiness.

-Wish you an academy year that’s BURSTING with happiness.

-Each time you disclose your announcement – a star BURSTS out in music.

-He is BURSTING with joy that I am his companion.

-Thank you for being a STAR soldier.

-Hope this enables BRIGHTEN your morning.

-Be-TWIX me you. You are truly missed by me.

-My HOT TAMALE is missed by me.

-You are O-FISH-ally missed by me like crazy.

-I fall to PIECES without you.

-He can be such an AIRHEAD sometimes.

-A WHOPPER of a fault is made by me. I’m very apologetic.

-I am aware it’s been a ROCKY ROAD recently.

-He is sorry. He never mints to ill-treat you.”

-Nothing happens without a RIESEN.

-I learned you’re undergoing a SOUR PATCH. Remember, I’m thinking of you.

-Hope you get BUTTER quickly. Avoid lifting a FINGER ’till you’re fine.

-I am always here to assist when you are in a CRUNCH.”

-Existence can be difficult; I hope this assists you, ROLO, with the energies.

-Happy Born Day. Have a WHOPPER of an amazing time.

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