99+ M&M Quotes And Sayings

Candy is an incredible way to share a delight with a companion and leave a weird message on it for giggles. Given below are some good M&M sayings that can be utilized on your candy bouquet.

M&M Quotes

-Nothing happens without a RIESEN. You are on my mind.

-Best wishes for the anniversary! Join me AFTER EIGHT to acknowledge an enjoyable activity.

-Good wishes for your Birthday! Have a WHOPPER of a positive time!

-Have an amazing Birthday! I wish you had MOUNDS of entertainment on this special day.

-Positive wishes for your born day. TAKE 5 and celebrate the spoiling.

-Happy Born Day. Take a FAST BREAK and celebrate. 

-Sometimes, I can be such an AIRHEAD. I apologize. 

-I have to PIECES when I realize you’re not pleased. 

-I learned that you are suffering from a SOUR PATCH. Remember, you are on my mind. 

-I understand it’s been a ROCKY ROAD recently. I am apologetic.

-I like that I can still be able to ROLO-ver next to you every morning.

-You are adored by me more than a 100 GRAND!”

-I adore you forever. 

-A WHOPPER of an error was made by me. I’m very ashamed.

-I’m apologetic! I don’t MINT to break your heart.

– Sorry, I just felt I’d BREAK THE ICE.

-Existence can be difficult, enabling you to ROLO with the punctures.

Existence is not BUTTER without you! So pleased to see this ring on my FINGER!

-Our affection is PLENTY & GOOD.

-So fortunate to have united with a BIG HUNK like you!

-Periodically, I can be a true WHAT-CHA-MA-CALL-IT. 

-There are a lot of REESES why I adore you.

-U-NO, you are adored by me. I am requesting you forgive me.

-We were not MINT to be separated.

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