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National Storytelling Festival is mainly celebrated in Jonesborough, Tennesse. This festival is celebrated primarily on the first full weekend of October. This festival is held mostly at the International Storytelling Center.

This festival’s popularity has increased over the years, making it one of the most successful festivals. 

National Storytelling Festival greetings, Messages and Quotes

National Storytelling Festival greetings

-Happy storytelling day to all storytellers all across the globe. 

-Warm wishes to all the storytellers. It is because of you all that we could come across such beautiful stories. 

-On this great day, I would like to take this moment to wish all the storytellers a joyful storytelling day. 

-I, on this beautiful day, would like to wish you all a pleasing storytelling festival. I hope you will keep providing us with such great stories. 

-Thank you for all the beautiful stories that you have provided us. It is because of you we could come across such beautiful words.

-This day should be dedicated to all the grandmothers of the world, who are the best storytellers.

-Sending tons of good wishes to all the storytellers on this beautiful day. I hope you all will achieve more success in your lives and also in your profession. 

-Storytelling is not an easy art to have, but it is because of you people we are growing our interest in. Thank you for making it that easy for all of us. 

-I hope you all are enjoying this great day. I wish you all the best for your future on this special day.

-No doubt you all have been doing a fantastic job. Because of you all, we all could come across such beautiful tales—wishing you all a pleased National Storytelling Festival. 

-Lots of good wishes to all the storytellers on this beautiful festival of storytelling.  

-Happy storytelling festival to all the storytellers in the world, because of them, we get to listen to such lovely stories.

-Just because of your beautiful skill of storytelling, we get to relive our memories and can imagine beautiful facts.-Happy Storytelling festival.

-Thanks to you all for the beautiful stories you storytellers have shared with us because of you people our childhood was awesome and we can share those memories with our younger ones.

-The characters, the setting, the plots, the conflicts, the themes, everything portrays such a soothing picture in our mind and heart as well…Thank you, storytellers.

-The climax of your stories makes us wait eagerly and we carry on listening, leaving all other work aside…that’s the beauty of the art of storytelling.-Hope you and your family enjoy this storytelling festival.

National Storytelling Festival messages

-Let us all unite in wishing all the storytellers a pleased National Storytelling Festival. We all hope that you are enjoying this week your family and friends, 

-It is because of your beautiful stories we all could have such an excellent imagination. Thank you, storytellers. 

-The stories you have told have helped us so much; it is because of your records we never felt bored and could enjoy our childhood. 

-The best part about your stories is that it also engages us in our imagination and develops new thoughts and ideas. 

-Thank you, storytellers, for helping us to imagine beautiful facts by listening to your stories. No doubt, we are blessed to have you all in our lives. 

-It’s entirely because of your storytelling. We could come across various types of stories and enjoy all of them. 

-On this beautiful festival of storytelling, I would like to congratulate you for telling us such wonderful stories. 

-No doubt it’s your storytelling that has helped us in so many ways. Thank you for all the beautiful stories that you have told all of us, and it is because of those stories we have such beautiful images.

-Let everybody unite to wish all the storytellers and their families across the globe a very happy storytelling festival and thank them for painting such beautiful images in our minds.

-Happy storytelling festival to all the grandfathers and grandmothers who are ‘the best’ storytellers to their grandchildren.

-On the occasion of the Storytelling Festival, let’s pledge to help those storytellers, the artists across the world who are in financial crisis nowadays.

-I hope you people will continue making our lives awesome by providing such wonderful stories…Have a pleasing storytelling festival.

-The storytellers have helped us so much with the stories they told, let’s make sure that this festival is celebrated with great joy and all the artists of storytelling are praised with beautiful compliments.

Quotes for National Storytelling Festival

“Stories make amazing personalities.” –Anonymous.

“Stories will take you to another world.” –Anonymous.

“Paint imagination fragments with amazing stories.” –Anonymous.

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