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Eyelash day is celebrated on 24th September of every year. It was started in 2015 with the primary aim of encouraging the lash industry and help them to get their identity.

It also aims to make a woman comfortable getting a makeover as most of the time, the women who wear makeup are looked down upon by society.

World Lash Stylist’s day greetings:

– May you get a perfect stylist for your eyelash. Enjoy your day.

– Styled and groomed eyelash makes everything looks good. Keep blinking happily.

– Nothing cheers up a girl more than her well-groomed lashes. Happy eyelashes day.

– Keep your standards high and lashes long. Keep slaying your extended lashes.

– A good lashes a day to keep the stress away. Happy eyelash designing day.

– Pay attention to your lashes as much as you pay attention to other body parts—a happy FABULOUS day.

– Your eyes are the first thing that people notice, make it worth seeing. Happy lash stylists day.

– Keep your friends close and your lash stylists closer. Have STYLUSIOUS DAY.

–  A little liner is worth everything. Happy eyelash day.

– A fierce lash makes the eyes more fierce—ferocious happy day.

– Don’t be a lady boss. Be a flashy boss. Happy eyelash stylist’s day.

– The world needs more lash products than war instruments. 

– Lashes protect your eyes; it’s your responsibility to protect them. Happy eye protector day.

– Eyelashes are proof; your size doesn’t matter. Your work does—happy world eyelash stylist’s day.

– Its world eyelash stylists day give them the care they deserve. Let you enjoy your lashes a bit of care.

– A good lash keeps your mood and make your day bright—happy world stylist’s day.

– The need more happy places like lash stylists salon. Happy world lash day.

– Cheap lashes aren’t lovely, nice lashes aren’t cheap. Choose wisely.

– Sleep a lot; your eyes deserve every bit of care.

– Life would be too good if everyone had an extra pair of lashes with them.

– You have no idea how blessed you are of you have a long natural lash. You are living the wish of every girl on earth.

– Give the girl stylists of her choice and then look at her confidence. Keep styling; keep slaying.

– What food is too hungry, sleep is to lashes. Don’t forget to give them the rest they deserve.

– Whenever a girl is staring in your eyes, it does not always love; maybe she is thinking about your lashes and wondering how the hell they are so perfect.

– Once you start styling your lashes, then there is no going back. Keep styling.

– Your confidence increases by 90% if your lashes are perfect. Happy lash stylists day.

– Don’t let your lashes feel left out. Keep them happy and safe.

– Everything feels good if you have your lashes are on point. Happy lash stylists day.

– Don’t be an alcoholic. Be lashoholic. Happy, feel me a good day.

World Lash Stylist’s Day messages:

 –  You are never too old to have a makeover of your lashes. Keep them young.

– Those who say money can’t buy happiness probably never went to a stylish eyelash salon.

– If lash styling makes you feel beautiful, then you need to do it right now.

– Keep your lashes so long so that you can’t see your haters.

– Let your lashes say the emotions that you can’t.

– Don’t cry over silly people. Your lashes are more expensive than them. 

– Good lashes give a better vision of your life.

– Doesn’t matter how my life is, my lashes should be perfect.

– What dance is to dancer, music is to the singer, lashes are to eyelash stylist.

– Beautiful lashes are everyone’s right.

– Lash artists are no lesser than any other artists.

– Don’t be dull and boring; be flashy and sassy.

– Nothing else matters, but lashes are most important.

– Maybe my life is not fabulous, but my lashes, I have a great experience.

– Because your eyes don’t deserve anything less than best.

– I may not be flawless, but my lashes are.

– Brilliant eyelashes didn’t happen by chance; they need care and patience.

– The longer the lashes are, the deeper the eyes appear.

– Keep your lashes long, not the expectations.

– People may hurt but not your lash stylist.

– Lashes are the ways of eyes to speak.

– Lashes are the ingredients that add a taste to your personality.

– You glow differently when your lashes look good.

– Find someone who protects you, the way lashes protect the eyes.

– Show me a better combination than eyes and liner I will wait.

– Since therapy is too dull, can we change it with eye stylist therapy.

– The world needs more eyelash stylist than soldiers.

At least once in life, everyone should go to a stylist to understand why it is required.

– Once you start going to lash stylist, it becomes addictive, and then there is no going back.

– Be strong like lashes no matter what the situation doesn’t fall.

– There is nothing wrong with getting eyelash extensions, people can fake their personalities, and you’re just faking your lashes.

– Lash in, and let your frustration lash out.

– The amazing the lashes are, the happier the girl.

– Champions are not allowed to have small lashes.

– If someone says they don’t like long lashes, close your eyes and move away from such negativity.

World Lash Stylist’s Quotes:

-”In war you either win or lose, live or die and the difference is just an eyelash.”

 – Douglas MacArthur

– “The soul, fortunately, has an interpreter – often an unconscious but still a faithful interpreter – in the eye.” 

– Charlotte Bronte 

-”Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.”

 – Paramahansa Yogananda

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