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Sourest Day is one of the new days celebrated on the 25th of October, every year. Sourest Day celebrates all the bad things we see or eats in our daily lives and has some attitude towards it. It includes all the food options, which may be your favorite of all times.

Sourest Day Messages, Greetings, and Quotes

Sourest Day messages

– The Sourest Day may be a new day for you, but bad things need to be appreciated, and hence the Sourest Day is commemorated.

– The Sourest Day is also to celebrate the sour attitude we have or show them to others, and so the day it needs to be observed by us.

– Sourest things are always best for our health because they are the real source of vitamin c, which is required by our body. So, the Sourest Day needs to be marked.

– To celebrate the Sourest Day, you need to carry a positive attitude for the whole day. As the day signifies, we need not take sour mood for the entire day.

– Sour things usually do not get appreciation by the people though having many usages, to highlight its importance, the Sourest Day is celebrated.

– The Sourest Day was made into an account in 1977 by a great man named – Richard Ankle of Michigan’s Ann Arbor.

– Richard Ankle, the great man, targeted the day to show respect to his friend who had the surname ‘ Sauer ‘ and from then started the celebration of the day.

– To celebrate the day, we need to thank nature for providing us with sour things and thank the sour things for providing essential vitamins required by our body.

– There are several options to find when we look out in search of sour food items and readily available. So to mark the easy way of the available source of vitamins, the Sourest Day is celebrated.

– Some sources of the sour food items are the lemons, oranges, sone types of vine fruits, and if found in, detailed many more food or fruit items.

Sourest Day Greetings

– Other artificially used sour things we generally use are pickles, sour drinks, buttermilk, or sour teas to provide the right amount of citric acid in our own body.

– On the occasion of the Sourest Day, we can celebrate it by eating some sour items and work with sour humor to have a sour attitude and deal with it.

– We can gift others with a packet of sour things or basket full of sour fruits to celebrate the Sourest Day with everyone we know at present.

– We can learn sour recipes, try it out with sour whiskeys to enjoy it with all our dear friends and family members on the Sourest Day occasion.

– The day is usually having our new introduction, so we should celebrate it by treating our taste buds with sour things. It also will increase your appetite and urge you to consume other food items.

Sourest Day quotes

“The first strawberry is the sourest.” ― Owllover

“For all his sourness, he was ruled by his heart.” ― Kim Harrison

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