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Peanut butter is a household food and liked by many of them.  In 1890, a food maker George Bayle had invented peanut butter and in 1923, Heinz company has made spreadable peanut butter.

Since peanuts are the source of protein, it is used mainly in the breakfast recipes. National peanut butter day is celebrated every year on January 24th. Until the 20th century, the goodness of peanut butter was not known and hence used by few people.

Once the nutritional facts of peanut butter were out, people started using it more and more.  These days, there are loads of recipes are made from peanut butter which is tasty yet nutritional.

On this day, many of the schools and organizations distribute peanut butter sandwiches to their students and employees. You can celebrate this day in your unique way by having peanut butter with other recipes or simply having a spoonful of it.

When you celebrate this day, wish your family and friends with the following quotes and greetings to make their day more buttery

Peanut Butter Day Messages, Quotes and Greetings

Creamy or crunchy, just enjoy a scoop of peanut butter today as it is national peanut butter day!

What is your favorite peanut butter combination? Share on social media. Happy peanut butter day.

Peanut butter is not only the favorite of people but also dogs! For every doggie out there wishing a happy peanut butter day.

I’m a peanut butter addict and will be taking the full advantage of the Peanut butter day.

Peanut butter and the chocolate, what a tasty combination!

If you are super excited about the peanut butter day, its time to make some delicious cookies and share.

To get the slow and sustained energy, peanut butter is the better option as it contains fat, protein, and fiber.

The grilled peanut butter sandwiches are my favorite not only on peanut butter day but almost every day!

It is national peanut butter day. Spread the word about the goodness of peanut butter.

Every day should be peanut butter day because I cannot have breakfast without it!

Amazing peanut butter recipes are on the way. Get ready for National peanut butter day.

Spread the peanut butter, spread the love!

Make a healthy dessert for breakfast with peanut butter. Get going with a fresh appetite.

A mug cake or a brownie, celebrate the peanut butter day in a unique way!

It is peanut butter day. How do you eat your peanut butter?

If you have not tried the Peanut butter cream cheese spread, today is the ideal day to try it.

Save the date January 24 for it is national peanut butter day and you have the perfect way to celebrate it!

Inspire someone today with your delicious peanut butter recipe.

Enjoying creamy, crunchy, natural, jelly, chocolaty peanut butter today as it is national peanut butter day.

Whether you like it smooth or crunchy, mix it with your favorite dish and have it! It is national peanut butter day.

January month itself is a yummy month! All foodies like to celebrate the month with all their favorite dishes. Happy peanut butter day.

The dish I had today justify the day! Peanut butter day!

When you and your friends love peanut butter, it is the time to celebrate with a variety of peanut butter dishes!

This day is almost going to end and I already had peanut butter two times! Happy peanut butter day.

Take care of your dental health while having peanut butter. Wishing all of you a happy peanut butter day.

It is baking day today because it is peanut butter day.

Do not count the calories but make memories today. It is peanut butter day.

My life won’t be moving until I have peanut butter. Have a crunchy peanut butter day.

Be yourself today because you might not want to share those tasty peanut butter cookies. Happy peanut butter day.

In honor of world peanut butter day, let’s have some peanut butter smoothie.

Celebrate this day with protein rich peanut butter.

Enough is enough. No excuses! Today I’m going to have a peanut butter cake!

In reality I do not eat peanut butter every day. But today I must eat it because it is peanut butter day.

There are no perfect days, but there are perfect peanut butter days!

The Lava cake I had today was bursting with creamy peanut butter!

Bananas and berries are the perfect combination with peanut butter sandwich! What a day to cherish!

We had peanuts, powdered peanuts, and peanut butter. Why?! I heard it is peanut butter day.

We cannot live with bread alone, should need peanut butter too!

I had so much peanut butter today, all my body smells like peanut butter!

You cannot please all as you are not a peanut butter!

Talent is eating peanut butter all day along on peanut butter day.

Peanut butter with jelly is the best tasty combination one can ever have for breakfast.

You are like peanut butter into my life, always delicious!

Sorround yourself with positivity, that should not be always peanut butter!

Mom said one table spoon and I heard one bowl full! Happy peanut butter day!

I do not have a boy friend, but I have peanut butter!

Do not expect to control your life unless you control peanut butter.

I do not know my blodd group but I do know the peanut butter group!

A good day starts with peanut butter. Enjoy the peanut butter day!

One t-shirt said, peanut butter build this body!

I buy bread only for peanut butter. Wishing you all a happy peanut butter day.

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