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The popcorn day is celebrated every year on January 19th across America. Popcorn is not only children’s favorite but everyone of all ages likes popcorn and it has many significances on Halloween as well as on Christmas.

 And as all of we know, popcorn is the popular snacks at movies. The corn plant was discovered by New World people when they shifted from Old Country. These people also discovered that the corn kernels when heated where popped and found it tasty.  

Now we can find popcorn in every corner of the world. Popcorn is used in many snack items. The normal popcorn at movie theatres is now available with a variety of flavored coatings.

The national popcorn board decided to have a separate day for the tasty popcorn and thus the popcorn day is born.

Almost all of us like popcorn and we enjoy while having this. So why to simply sit and have a bowl of popcorn? Wish everyone with the following cute greetings and quotes on National popcorn day.

Popcorn Day Best Messages, Greetings. and Quotes

It’s National Popcorn Day! Try a new recipe with popcorn today!

Microwave popcorn tastes best! Try it and celebrate the national popcorn day today.

The yummiest day of the year is here! Grab your pack of popcorn and celebrate life!

Pop-up your mood with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy a movie! Because it is National Popcorn Day!

Call your friends and relatives to share your bucket of popcorn. Today is National popcorn day.

Stop craving for popcorn, just grab it and enjoy it today as today is the national popcorn day.

There is a new popcorn seasoning called ‘sneakies’. It is finger licking good. I’m having it today as it is popcorn day.

Sending some smiles across miles on National popcorn day.

Send a popcorn card to have little popping fun on National popcorn day.

Happy National popcorn day. I wish your day may fill with favorite pops.

Don’t mess up your tummy with gluten-filled popcorn. Try organic popcorn on National Popcorn Day.

Book and the popcorn are best friends. Celebrating National popcorn day.

Popcorn loved by all and even puppies! So I call it National pupcorn day!

Pop up the corns and celebrate National popcorn day.

On this national popcorn day, use any healthy option to celebrate.

Be a part of the National Popcorn Day. Excited to try other flavors in popcorn.

There are a variety of popcorn seasonings to snuck into the movie theatres.

Ice cream and popcorn both our favorite. When you can get frozen popcorn, the day is celebrated happily.

Learn the different ways to pop up the corns this National popcorn day!

Share your popcorn and spread your love on National popcorn day!

I’m trying caramel coated popcorn this National popcorn day!

If you start eating it, you won’t be able to stop, what is it? A popcorn!

I love keeping a bowl of popcorn handy. Who knows when my mood pop-ups!

Even if the coating hurts my mouth, I can’t stop eating those flavored popcorns. Happy National popcorn day!

I love popcorn because I can make it in just a minute or so and enjoy it!

Don’t run out of popcorn when you watch a movie, you might lose the suspense of the movie!

Finger foods are always best while reading a book or watching a movie. This is why the most preference goes to Popcorn!

Popcorn is the favorite and healthy time pass. Let’s enjoy it on National Popcorn Day!

No party without a cocktail and no movie without popcorn!

Eat more without gaining calories! Enjoy popcorn day with a bowl of popcorn.

The gentle smell of those freshly popped corns! Oh, we love it. Happy National Popcorn Day.

I would go to watch a movie just for popcorn! Wishing everyone a happy national popcorn day.

I cherish those moments when I used to have the whole bag of popcorn and hide the thing when mum comes home. National popcorn day.

If you want all kernels should pop-up, try microwave to prepare popcorn. Enjoy the yummiest popcorn ever.

Kids took popcorn for making a craft, but the craft was without any popcorn!

Easy to make, easy to eat, what else we want when watching a movie? Enjoy the National Popcorn day.

People eat popcorn while on entertainment, but the popping of the corn seeds only entertainment for me!

The movie started and the popcorn bucket emptied!

Big dreams and changes come from inside, just like popcorn from corn seed.

I can’t wait to eat popcorn until the movie starts! National popcorn day.

Popcorn when you pop, I really cannot stop. National popcorn day.

A little salty, a little buttery, a little puffy, I love you poppy!

Happiness is when the corn seeds pop in the kennel!

If you offer me a bow of popcorn I’m ready to be lazy until it lasts.

The lifetime of popcorn is very less, why? Eat them and see.

He was ready to share his love but not the popcorn!

If you are stressed with some thought, just pop popcorn.

The doctor told to keep away the medicine from kids, but I keep away my popcorn too from them!

The only easily available food is popcorn, in every corner. Enjoying it on National popcorn day.

This Christmas I want Santa to get me a bag full of popcorn!

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