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You may be shocked to hear that there is a day called Static Electricity day. Yes, the National Static Electricity Day is observed on January 9th every year. Static electricity is totally different from the electrical current through wires at home or industries.

Static electricity occurs when the positive electric charges accumulate on an object’s surface. It is called static because the positive charges stay on the surface until it comes into contact with negative charges of another surface.

January 9 is celebrated as Static Electricity Day to honor this unexpected,  unpleasant, and a hair rising phenomenon. Celebrating the Static Electricity Day is fun!

You can celebrate it with your friends and family, or you can help everyone avoid the unpleasant phenomena. Leather soles can reduce static electricity and keeping hands on keys or a metal thing can help to release the static charge painlessly.

Do not forget to wish your crazy family and friends on Static Electricity day with following awesome quotes and greetings.

Static electricity day Messages, Quotes and Greetings

-Rub a balloon on your head and create that static electricity. It’s fun. Happy National Static Electricity Day.

– Get static electricity by brushing your dry hair with a comb made of rubber! Happy National Static Electricity Day.

– Stay tuned for more shocks on National Static Electricity Day.

– I’m raising my hairs today with Static electricity, it’s quite shocking. But it’s National Static Electricity Day.

– Static electricity is amazing and sometimes really weird fun. Marking the Static electricity day.

– I felt the tingling effect on my head and that’s because my friend created static electricity to my hairs. National Static electricity day.

– My office seems to be a lab today, everywhere static electricity waves! It is because it’s National Static Electricity Day today.

– Static Electricity Day! The only day to enjoy static electricity around you.

– I miss those woolen, synthetic balls to create that static cling in the laundry dryer. Celebrating National Static Electricity Day.

– I was shocked to hear it’s National Static Electricity Day!

– Today National Static Electricity Day and the leftover balloons after the birthday party has come in use.

– My pup was static after watching me with those stood up hairs!

– The imbalance of charges on the surface of a material has created history today. National Static Electricity Day!

– We hope it’s not too shocking to know that today is Static Electricity Day!

– Rock today with those shocking hairs because it’s Static Electricity Day!

– A spark of Static electricity has thousands of volts but with low current and for a shorter period. Happy National Static Electricity Day.

– Amazing science behind lightning. Static Electricity! Enjoy the day.

– Add a little spark to your day. Today is Static electricity day. It’s a real thing!

– Let some static electricity add a shocking spark into your life today. National Static Electricity Day.

– We hope the Static Electricity add spark to your interest in learning more on this energy.

– Electrify her today with your best wishes. Happy National Static Electricity Day.

– No wonder. It is a shocking news! Today is Static Electricity Day.

– Today is National Static Electricity Day. This day is very near to my heart because I have enough static electricity in my hairs in the winter.

– National Static Electricity Day. It’s a Hair-raising day and we look great in that new hairdo!

– Charge yourself with those positive charges to attract those negative charges you always wanted to have by your side. Happy National Static Electricity Day.

– Give someone a shock today with your loving wishes. National Static Electricity Day.

– Charge yourself and spread your energy all around. Happy National Static Electricity Day.

– I shock people every time, not with static energy but with my static happiness! National Static Electricity Day.

– I’m feeling electrified today because it’s National Static Electricity Day.

– Experimenting the static electricity to show kids would be the meaningful celebration today. National Static Electricity Day.

– The results of static electricity experiment is shocking! Happy Static Electricity Day.

– Today is Static Electricity Day! The static charge stays in one area and doesn’t flow or move.  Balloons are the best way to show static electricity in action!

– Don’t be scared. Lightning works on same principle as static electricity. It’s an imbalance of electrical charges.

– Give someone a little shock just to remind them that today is Static Electricity Day.

– Dry skin, dry air and an electric shock! That is the technical definition for Static Electricity Day.  

– Static Electricity Day. To prevent static electricity during the winter months, use a humidifier to keep moisture into your home’s air.

– How can I stop shocking my pets! National Static Electricity Day.

– Whether I want to or not, I should celebrate the static electricity day as I got a shock while waking up in the morning.

– I applied a static charge onto my hairs and they stood up straight. Feels like I’m on the space without gravity.

– Lightning is one of the most powerful form of Static electricity. Sharing knowledge on Static Electricity day.

– Try science at home and share it with children because it’s static electricity day.

– Time to rub your socks feet to the carpet and then shock an unsuspecting person. Static electricity day.

– Have a hair-raising experience today because today is Static Electricity Day.

-Shocking news made me rise from the bed. Don’t be scared! It’s National Static electricity day.

-Grab others hair by a balloon! Shocked? Today is national static electricity day.

-Cold weather, dry skin, dry hairs, and the dry air. Beware of static electricity.

-National Static electricity day. My cat is preparinhg to zap you.

-My cat looks weird and scary today. This is why I hate Static electricity day.

-Balloons stuck to cat and it ran away with it. What fun! National static electricity day.

-No wires, no power supply, still my cat got shocked! Because it’s static electricity day.

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