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National Trivia Day is observed across the United States on January 4th each year. People celebrate this day playing with some amazing facts and the game is called trivia game.  It is like a competition to see who knows more odd facts about the world.

You can play it at home or at a picnic with friends by discussing some interesting facts. There are arguments over the answers at the end and it becomes fun at the most end of the game.

The history of this day actually is not known but most of them say that this day is established in early 1965 when a weekly newspaper of Columbia published such trivia game. It is then become an instant hit.

This day is an opportunity to share your knowledge with others and get knowledge from others. For most of them, this trivia game is a hobby or a pastime.  Now this game has grown till competition! Wish someone today with that trivia which you always wanted to share with someone.

Trivia day Messages, Quotes and Greetings

-Kangaroos cannot walk backward! Have a great trivia day.

– Lipsticks are not vegan! Most of them contain fish scales! Wishing you all a national trivia day.

– It’s questioning time! Ask me! Let’s have fun. Happy national trivia day.

– Do not consider yourself smart. Let’s have a trivia and find! Happy national trivia day.

– Just because I’m not talking doesn’t mean, I’m stupid. Celebrate this national trivia day with me.

– Let’s gather for some more fun with a trivia quiz. National Trivia Day.

– I’m not a fool, I know that there is no expiry date to honey. Did you know? National Trivia Day.

– You cannot fool me, because I know that Albert Einstein’s eyes are preserved safely in New York! National Trivia Day.

– Share your historical facts with all. Wishing all a happy national trivia day.

– I won ‘Did you know’ game. Good job my brain! Have fun on Trivia Day.

– Most of us love the blue color. But did you know that there is no natural blue color food available! Make sense?

– Nutmeg is extremely poisonous if injected intravenously. Did you know that? I might avoid using it in my food! Happy national trivia day.

– It is a weird and crazy world! Amazing too! Play a trivia game today! National trivia day.

– Ask me tricky questions today. I would definitely be a smart bee. Have a great trivia day.

– Unfold your brain today. Have a great puzzled trivia day.

– Who is wise? Let’s have fun on National trivia day.

– Reclaim your brains with fun-filled trivia questions. I’m gonna have an amazing day and so you! National trivia day.

– A quirky quiz can make you feel wise. Stumble upon great facts! National trivia day.

– Thanks for celebrating  National Trivia Day with me! Here’s your question.

– You might be on your holidays, but we still need you to give your brain some work. National trivia day.

– Do you know? HelloKitty’s grandma’s name is Margaret. National trivia day.

– A wise man always fills his brains. But a fool fills the mouth. National trivia day.

– Everyone has brains, but with limited usage. Let’s use it and make it sharp on National trivia day.

– A man believes you when you say there are 300 billion stars in the universe, but when you say that the bench is wet, man will not believe you, but touch it and make sure before sitting on it.

– When you realize that you are wrong, still you try to win the conversation. National trivia day.

– I’m fat because I have all those good personalities which a tiny body can’t hold. Did you know that? Have fun on Trivia day.

– Mental decay can be avoided by playing a brain-teasing game for just 2 hours! Have a great trivia day.

– People have too many opinions with half the facts. I wish all happy Nationa trivia day.

– Beliefs should make a way for facts. National trivia day.

– Facts are always ignored. Let’s have the knowledge of facts. Celebrating Trivia day.

– National Trivia Day. Stories always remembered and the facts are forgotten. Do you feel the same?

– Take the quiz, put your brain on work! National trivia day.

-Get your thinking on..before that wish everyone a happy trivia day.

– How well do you know about me?  The toughest question on Trivia day.

– January 4th is National Trivia Day, a day to share little-known facts and doubtful knowledge. Have fun.

– Are you ready to accept the trivia challenge today? Give a try.

-I love trivia, I’m definitely doing a quiz tonight.

-The more you know, the more trivia days to see..Happy national trivia day.

-It’s National trivia day. So, how about some wine trivia?

-There will be loads of events and things to happen on trivia day. Just waiting to have some quiz.

-Second marriages are less likely to get divorced because they gained experience from first marriage. Is it true? National trivia day.

-Trivia quiz is on the way. Hope you all enjoy it. National Trivia Day.

-If every answer has a bonus, then this trivia is gonna fun for me. Happy National trivia day.

-How many plant varieties you can name? 10? or 100?. Answer me on this trivia day. It’s going to be more fun.

-A Giraffe can clean its ears using its 21-inch tongue. Happy National Trivia Day.

-One of the vital organ in our body that never grows from birth until death! And some parts grow even after death! Scratch your head on this National Trivia Day.

– Did you know? You cannot fold a paper of any size more than seven times. Try it!

– A bee visits more than 2 million flowers just to produce a single pound of honey. Let’s make this National Trivia Day sweet as honey. Share the fun.

-Do you know? Snoring and dreaming cannot happen simultaneously.Share amazing facts with your family and friends and make their day! Happy national trivia day.

-Did you know? Salt is an anti-ant thing! Sprinkle salt and get rid of ants. Isn’t this tip is an amazing fact for sweet people? Wishing all a happy national trivia day.

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