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National meteor day is observed on the 30th of June every year. This day is celebrated the astonishing cosmic and celestial bodies stunning to see. They are too lucky and sparkling. They are composed of many metals and nonmetals, which are further combined with a hot noble gas. 

National Meteor Watch Day: Messages

-Meteors are nothing but celestial bodies, often called stardust; they are the small parts of stars and other astronomical bodies that fall.

-Meteors, when heat up, glows with different colors. The noble gas that they are made up of charges up and the electrons get excited, producing different lighting colors while falling.

-The sparkling red and orange color we see on the nights are nothing but the hot air or the molecules of noble gases that heats up; sometimes, the gases combine with the rock or dust particles. 

-It’s fascinating to see such a wonderful and spooky creation of nature. Meteors and asteroids give such a wonderland feeling to all of us.

-People worldwide believe that, while a material or any stardust celestial particle falls and we wish anything upon it, then the wish gets fulfilled. 

– Well, meteor watching may seem like a superstition to many of us. But it is a harmless belief, and it’s easy too.

-Meteor is believed to fall into Earth’s crust and travel layers deep into it, without disintegrating or disturbing any crust of it.

-The different sparking colors we see in a meteor shower are nothing but the hot air.

-Meteors are big and small. Most of them are like pebbles, and they are mostly seen in starry nights.

– Meteors are visible when they are around 70 miles above the Earth. Let’s plan to watch some today.

-Due to ever-growing pollution in cities, it’s hard to find and spot materials. 

– You can probably see a transparent, glowy material on a clear sky in the countryside. I’ll definintely spot a meteor tonight.

-Meteors are made up of many kinds of metals and minerals like calcium, silicate, copper, potassium, and iron, along with noble gases like helium and argon.

-The largest meteorite found on the Earth is Hoba Meteor. Let’s try to spot that tonight.

-People often call meteors as the “shooting star.”

-Rainy season is the perfect timing to have a meteor watching party.

-You can always plan a trip to the Northern Hemisphere where you can see all the beautiful cosmic things., You can enjoy the northern lights in Alaska as well as staring at those sparkling meteors.

-National meteor watch day is a day of hope and endless possibilities that a life of humans can have. It makes us think that we can always have a dream and a wish that can be full-filled.

-Have a rooftop dinner date night with your particular person and spend the whole night gazing and making wishes on the “shooting-stars”.

National Meteor Watch Day quotes

“Tonight I feel like a shooting star, but I hope my shine will last much longer.”
― Bernard Jan

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