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The National Catfish Day is an annual day of observing the value of farm-raised Catfish all around the United States. This day got into recognition on June 25, 1987, under the presidential rule of then-President Ronald Reagan, who announced the observation of this day as the U.S. Congress issued interest for the establishment in  House Joint Resolution 178. 

Catfish Day Messages

-The day to celebrate a unique delicacy, farm-raised catfish. People of United States, come together to celebrate this dish.

-It’s a day where we can sit back and enjoy some tasty,fried catfish.

-A day where we can mark the proclamation of the culture of finned catfish.

-Celebrate the festival of catfish by making your favorite catfish recipes. 

-There can be no better day to warm your kitchen with some tasty and delicious dish of catfish.

-A day to respect the farms taken care for catfish and it’s production in large forms for people of the United States.

-A marquee day in American history to observe the day with appropriate ceremonies and activities. Go ahead and enjoy some catfish, do not forget to celebrate.

-Go and catch some whiskers like the catfish on this Catfish Day.

-Enjoy one of the finest finned fishes, the catfish, if you haven’t go ahead now! You don’t know what you are missing!

-Enjoy some Catfish caviar, from your nearest fish farm, worth a shot this Catfish Day.

-It’s healthy and it’s tasty. Enjoy the best among the fishes, taste the catfish to your favorite recipes.

-You won’t believe, the Americans were made to eat the catfish and make a celebration day for it.

-Here arrives June 25th, the day of the catfishes. Go on cook some Catfish and enjoy the day!

-Arrival of the day of observing the value of Catfishes, that feeds about one third times the other consumable fishes all round the United States. Respect!

-One of the finest eating fishes of the world served right at your table, the Catfish. Enjoy this remarkable dish as you observe the National Catfish Day.

-When the Cat goes out searching for the fish, why don’t you have a Catfish! Enjoy a tasty dish of Catfish, and if you have a cat let it try!

-Huge respect for the people working hard in mass production of farm based Catfishes. You certainly are the torchbearers of observation of this historical day. 

-The Catfish is certainly among the finest eating fishes of the world and the United States proudly represents it.

-An annual event of observation of the catfish, celebrate together having a nice meal of Catfish.

-The Catfish Day is not only the day to observe a tasty dish but also to show the nationwide production of fresh or frozen catfish, which are products of state of the arts methods of Aquaculture. Know the importance this Catfish Day. 

-Get more of the catfish cavaliar ‘cause you won’t get much the next day.

-Start gathering permission from the older ones, since Catfish day won’t come again and you’ll surely miss it.

Catfish Day Greetings

-A happy National Catfish Day to all people around the world.

-The United States proudly observes the June 25th as the National Catfish Day, wishing all the people around the world to celebrate and enjoy the day of a remarkable farm raised Catfish.

-Wishing everyone happy fishing this National Catfish Day.

-Go out and catch a fish, wish that it’s a Catfish because it’s National Catfish Day. Enjoy the Catfish Day over a meal of Catfish.

-Happy Fishing and Good luck. It’s National Catfish Day.

-Happy Catfish Day, enjoy the day with your favourite recipes of Catfish.

-On this honourable day, let’s celebrate and have festival of different kinds of Catfish dishes for a happy Catfish Day.

-Greetings for a perfect buffet of Catfish recipes on National Catfish Day.

-Make a perfect day of observing Catfish day by grabbing a meal of Catfish. You can also try some caviar. Happy Catfish Day!

-Wishing everyone their favourite dishes of Catfish, this Catfish day.Have a great day people! Enjoy your Catfish delicacy.

-What a great day to observe, to sit back, relax and have the best of Catfishes to enjoy from your plate. Happy Catfish Day.

-Arrival of the day of observing the value of Catfishes, that feeds about one third times the other consumable fishes all round the United States. Respect!

-Congratulations to all the farms raising Catfishes. You get a day to celebrate what you feed to a majority of people of United States and also most parts in the world. Happy National Catfish Day.

-Have a nutritious, low- calorie content of proteins and low in cholesterol diet of Catfish, because it’s a day to observe Catfish in a healthy way.

-Have a glorious , Cat fishy day. Enjoy a Catfish!

-Enjoy some Catfish caviar, from your nearest fish farm, worth a shot this Catfish Day.

-Having a catfish a day will increase your stength and will also give you much protein to increase energy. So make the most of the day and start eating.

Catfish Day Day Quotes

-“Catfish started to grow because row cropping became so unprofitable, and a lot of farmers quit row cropping and started catfish farming.”– Jamey Clary

-“The catfish is Plenty good enough fish for anyone”– Mark Twain

-“I wonder if there are any catfish in this pond? It seems like a perfect place for them.”– Richard Brautigan

-“If I go down in for anything in history, I would like to be known as the person who convinced the American people that catfish is one of the finest eating fishes in the world.”– Willard Scott

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